Criminal Code Revision Act (R)


SECTION I: A Criminal Code shall be established. It shall exist on this Trello board - Trello. It may, in this Act, be referred to as “the Code,” “this Code,” etc.

SECTION IA: The Code shall be managed by a qualified legal professional- as nominated by the Chief Justice, and confirmed by the Senate. Such individual’s appointment shall serve under the Legislative Branch, as part of the Congressional Public Advisory Committee. Such individual shall be expected to maintain the Code, such maintenance prescribed solely by this legislation. Such individual may not be removed, rather they may be impeached, as prescribed by the constitution. Such Manager may hold any other positions within the State of Firestone. The Governor of the State of Firestone and the Chief Justice of the State of Firestone shall be on the board also- they shall both be admins- the Manager shall be a normal user. Adding members for non-admins shall be disabled. The board shall be public at all times. The Code may not be on a Trello Team- this would impair its sustainability. Managers confirmed by Congress shall not be removed from the board unless they are removed by impeachment or resign from their position. Should a situation arise where a Manager must be removed from the board for any reason, the Chief Justice and Governor may do so at their own discretion for a maximum of 48 hours. Should the time period pass and Congress fails to remove a Manager, the Manager shall be added back to the board.

SECTION IB: Such individual appointed to manage the Code shall not be permitted to edit any part of the Code that pertains to crimes or other Congressionally affixed topics- unless dictated in this legislation. Such Manager shall be permitted to edit the “Directory” list as they please, to help peace officers and justice officials better understand the Code. They may also change the background image of the Code as they please- along with any matters that pertain strictly to aesthetics. If Congress wishes to override an action by the Manager, they must agree to override such action with a simplemajority approval. This Code may move trello boards, however such move shall be approved by the Chief Justice and the Governor both consenting.

SECTION IC: The Code shall be organized into Chapters, Sections, and Subsections. A Chapter shall be a list on the Code. A Section shall be a card on the Code. Subsections shall be the definitions affixed to cards. Lists, cards, and definitions may exist on the Code whilst not being Chapters, Sections, or Subsections- when expressly dictated in this legislation. The “Directory” list shall not be a Chapter, the cards in the “Directory” list shall not be Sections, nor should the definitions of the cards on the “Directory” list be Subsections.

SECTION ID: Each article in the Code shall be cited as it is titled. Chapter titles and numbers shall be cited as the name of the list on the Code. Sections shall be cited as the number and name given after each § on a card. Subsections shall be cited by a ((LETTER)) on each card. For example, this article shall be cited as Chapter 1, Section 1, of the Firestone Criminal Code.

SECTION IE: Criminal offenses on this Code are categorized into two classes, 3 subcategories each- as described by the “CLASS” custom field on each offense.

They are as follows-


  • Class A Felonies
  • Class B Felonies
  • Class C Felonies


  • Class A Misdemeanor
  • Class B Misdemeanor
  • Class C Misdemeanor

IE1: Each class shall carry a specific sentencing restriction, as outlined below-

  • Class A Felonies shall carry a sentence no more than 4 hours in a correctional facility
  • Class B Felonies shall carry a sentence no more than 3 hours in a correctional facility
  • Class C Felonies shall carry a sentence no more than 2 hours in a correctional facility
  • Class A Misdemeanors shall carry a sentence no more than 1 hour and 30 minutes in a correctional facility
  • Class B Misdemeanors shall carry a sentence no more than 1 hour in a correctional facility
  • Class C Misdemeanors shall carry a sentence no more than 45 minutes in a correctional facility

IE2: Special factors that increase or decrease specific sentences may be included on each respective offense, and thus any sentence for the charge shall not be restricted by section IE1 of this legislation, given a substitute range or sentence is provided. Charges that can be used in an arrest may be stacked, per each charge. Should a game mechanic exist that restricts the punishment of crimes (meaning that if your crime total exceeds a number set by the game), subjects shall not be subject to the charge of Overcharging, or any offense of that nature. Each charge, sentenced, may also be stacked. Should a charge ‘stack’ exceed the Constitutional limit, it shall be maxed out at the limit.

IF: If Congress wishes to amend, remove, or otherwise change, or add offenses on the Code, they shall do so by legislation. When such legislation passes, the Manager of the Code shall have 48 hours to alter or create the respective Trello card that was changed. Congress shall be expected, when creating new offenses, to provide a class, a definition, a section, and a title for the new offense created. Congress shall also be permitted to assign labels that have special meanings- they must be established in legislation. Congress shall hold the sole authority to dictate what is and is not placed on the Code. The Manager may remove articles that have been found unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. The Manager may also remove any articles that have been declared null by an act of Congress.

IF1: A “COURTS ONLY” label on an offense shall dictate that only the Judiciary may punish subjects for the offense that it is placed on.

IG: The offenses that exist on the Code, as connotated by a §, in its present form shall be recognized as crimes, as defined in their respective cards, sentences, prison times, and otherwise, prescribed by this legislation. Congress may decide to add on crimes that already exist to this Code, at their discretion. Doctrines may also exist as law, connotated by the word “Doctrine.”

IG1: The “Class” custom field shall be the Class of the offense, as prescribed by section IE of this legislation.

IG2: The “Jail Time” custom field shall be the amount of time peace officers may arrest a subject, for the respective offense, in-game.

SECTION II: The following legislation shall be declared null and void

SECTION III: This legislation shall go into effect immediately after its passage of the Firestone Congress and signage of the Governor of Firestone. Should any provision of this legislation be found to be unconstitutional or unlawful, and such provision struck down, the remainder of this legislation shall retain amiability.


President Pro Tempore Hecxtro

Representative ElloNT


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