These Truths: The Firestone State Congress

Hello, members of the State of Firestone. As my term as a State Senator and the President pro tempore comes to an end, I thought it would be appropriate to share my opinions on the way Congress has been operating these past 6 months. Contrary to the usual, I will not be holding back my genuine opinion on the following matters. I understand that some of you might see my standpoint as offensive or inflammatory, but it is simply not my place to apologize for it. These are simply my truths.

My term started on May 18th of 2022, and since I was elected, I’ve contemplated leaving this office over my term for many plausible reasons. One of these reasons includes the sheer incompetency of the individual’s that you all elect. Sometimes, it is not our fault that we elected someone that we thought would make a positive contribution to the state, and that is okay. Mistakes are made. It is not okay to purposefully elect incompetent individuals (even though it is humorous at times), on the sole basis of memes, jokes, (etc), and then expect Congress to function at full productivity and capacity. It simply does not work, and I’ll explain why.

When we elect incompetent individuals to these offices, competent congresspeople have to pay the price. Incompetent congresspeople usually go down one of four routes, these routes being

If for whatever reason, that incompetent congressperson remains in office, an apparent lack of constitutional and positional knowledge is shown through their actions, like proposing
the impeachment of the Governor as a Senator

There are infinitely more things that I can expand on, but I’m not intending to turn this post into a rant. When I ran, I already accepted the fact that there would be hardships that I’d have to overcome. The truth is, it is your responsibility to make sure that you’re electing those who are capable of hearing your (albeit reasonable) requests and taking appropriate action on them.

To those who plan to become a State Representative, your duty is quite literally to represent the people of the State, among other constitutional responsibilities. With this in mind, I suggest you execute your duties on behalf of the people of the State, instead of on behalf of yourself.

To those who plan to become a State Senator, your duty is to act in the best interest of the future of the State, which may not always reflect the best interest of the people. With this in mind, I suggest you exercise impartiality where appropriate, especially during an impeachment trial, and make educated decisions whilst remaining somewhat orderly… instead of this.

To the reader, the Firestone Government is in your hands. I don’t plan to return to Congress anytime soon, but I’d also appreciate it if we don’t elect complete and utter lugnuts into office.

Thank you for an okay 6 months, see you soon.


View the legislation that I’ve proposed this term:




give me the contributor role in legislature for this shit :fu:

anyways i was considering making a forum post about the power of voting, but you’ve done this well enough for me! (so ty)

but yes, i’m going to echo my continuous calls of use your fucking vote and use it responsibly.

When you waste your vote on senators like danny, scrib, or ethan you make ir harder for congress to do their job


quite frankly: you cant say shit if you dont RESPONSIBLY vote

fuck you, and thanks for listening



she’s saying vote me for senator


you’re among one of the good PPTs, welcome to the club


Thank you for this Caleb. You’ve done great in congress and I hope people continue to vote people like you into the State legislature. I hope every voter sees this and doesn’t make the mistake of voting the wrong people into congress.


o7 buddy, good points :hear_no_evil:


no one really cares enough to elect people, its a popularity stunt. also goodluck finding someone competent.

goes with the above, there isnt enough competent people to elect so either people vote or the majority don’t.

lugnuts to contrary belief actually are useful and needed, unlike the majority of congress


thanks for ur service




yall always say the same thing

incompetent people running for office!!!
theyre corrupt!!!

its like that spiderman meme where they point at eachother

all ive ever seen is forum posts made about it and they never get anywhere, i think i speak for everyone when i say nobody actually cares anymore

you people write the laws, if you are not happy with the quality of the representatives that are being elected or the election process, do something about it instead of throwing shit at eachother and complaining


The toughest part about all of this is that it’s been the case forever.

Congress has always been terrible, it always causes more problems and is just the lazy man’s resume filler.

I totally agree with everything stated, but unfortunately, politics in Firestone is not important enough to get people to make a change. Voting will always be a popularity contest and so is garnishing supporters to even qualify, the most popular people are usually people with little to no experience or competence, and there is nothing that can be changed about this.

I tried addressing it from the root with aptitude tests (which the community is half on half on) as to try avoiding idiots from getting their names to the ballot box in the first place, but it doesn’t look like it is going to happen. The only way in my opinion is to just protect the rest of Firestone from Congress, because it won’t be for a while till we see an effective competent congress.

There is two choices, either one, everyone unanimously accept congress is terrible and show it at the ballot box, instead of electing that guy who owns a business or the guy famous for roasting people in general, elect someone with experience and is smarter then a 12th grader, OR, we just accept that congress is ineffective, and the people in the community who care empower the competent people, rendering the “lugnuts” ineffective.

Thank you for your service


Exactly right, this has been the case forever in every single group. Nothing has changed and nothing likely will change, its kinda at a point where the system is built around it, and expectations are as well.




I somewhat agree with your perspective, for the most part.

You’re exactly right, not many people care anymore. Where the story changes is when you elect a clearly unfit government official to an office that they are not competent enough to be seated in, and then begin to complain about how unproductive that official is. We, as congresspersons, receive the collateral damage of meme elections.

Though I understand what you’re saying, there is almost no way that we can ensure proper competency within our government considering 1) we’re a democracy, and 2) I’m not able to imagine an effective process other than taking some sort of test, which would make election harder than it needs to be.


You can propose an expulsion or recall petition

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Please read the entirety of the original post.

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I did and I don’t see any reason why neither of those are possible

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I’ve already mentioned recalls and expulsion in the post, meaning I am fully aware of such. The issue resides mostly in the election of these individuals.

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