A Bill to Fix Employment Regulations (Revised)

SECTION 1: Citizens of the State of Firestone may only hold a max of one (1) primary job and may hold a max of two (2) secondary jobs within the State of Firestone.
SECTION 2A: State of Firestone shall be defined as: State of Firestone - Roblox 1
County of Stapleton shall be defined as: Stapleton County - Roblox
Any counties/cities to be directly associated with Firestone in the future shall be defined as their web link.
SECTION 2B: A primary department/job shall be defined as any of the following departments: Firestone State Patrol, Firestone Department of Homeland Security, Firestone State Legislature, Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office, Stapleton County Fire Department and any state emergency services department/agency that should be approved in the future.
SECTION 2C: An emergency services department/agency shall be defined as: the public organizations that respond to and deal with emergencies when they occur, especially those that provide police, ambulance, and firefighting services.
SECTION 2D: Anyone holding one of the following positions within the government of the State of Firestone or the Government of any County within the State of Firestone may not hold a position in a primary department/job unless that department is directly affiliated with their position (i.e. Senator and Firestone State Legislature): Governor of the State of Firestone, Lieutenant Governor of the State of Firestone, County Executive, Chief Court Justice of the State of Firestone, the Speaker of the House of the State of Firestone, Supreme Court Justice of the State of Firestone, Cabinet, Senator, House of Representatives, County Executive, County Justice, Appeals Justice, or District Court Justice. Department directors of primary jobs/departments can hold up to a max of one (1) secondary job/position; not being any administrative position; however, can hold a supervisory position (i.e Supervisor). They may also hold up to one (1) primary job; being the department they head. Department directors of secondary jobs/departments may also hold a max of one (1) primary job/department; being the department they head. Department Directors of secondary jobs/departments can hold up to a max of one (1) primary job; not being able to hold any administrative position (i.e Lieutenant Colonel) whilst being able to hold a supervisory rank (i.e Sergeant) while also being able to hold a position in one (1) secondary job; being the department they head.
SECTION 2E: A Foreign Diplomat/Ambassador from another Country/State/County/City that represents their respective group in the State of Firestone may not join any Major Department or hold any of the government positions listed above, as they are not a citizen of Firestone.
SECTION 2F: If someone holds a position that requires them to hold a rank in multiple groups, this law does not prohibit that so long as the position is the same in each of the groups. (i.e. Governor and Commander of the National Guard)
SECTION 3: All positions within the following departments, and governments excluding the exceptions
mentioned, shall be considered a ‘secondary’ job:
i. Department of Health (except: Secretary of Health)
ii. Department of Transportation (except: Secretary of Transportation)
iii. Department of Public Works (except: Secretary of Public Works)
iv. Department of Commerce (except: Secretary of Commerce)
v. Department of Corrections (except: Warden)
vi.The Stapleton County Government (except: County Executive)
vii. Department of State (except: Secretary of State, Ambassador, Diplomatic Staff )
viii. Department of Public Safety (except: Secretary of Public Safety)
ix. Any other department or position regarded as a “secondary” job as set by the
state legislature”
SECTION 3A: This bill will also make it so that members of the Department of Corrections required to only accept applicants who have graduated from P.O.S.T.
SECTION 3B: All members currently in Department of Corrections will have 1 month after this bill is signed to pass graduate from the Firestone Peace Officers and Standards Training (POST). If the one(1) month passes the Department of Corrections shall relieve them of their duties.
SECTION 4: Should a group be recognized as an “academy” of the State of Firestone, it shall be under the Executive Branch of Firestone.
SECTION 4A: Academies shall be not counted as primary or secondary and may be in all academies.
SECTION 4B: The Governor shall be considered the official Head of each academy, and is able to make administrative decisions within each academy as such.
SECTION 4C: The Firestone Peace Officer Standards and Training academy shall be managed by a Director, nominated by the Governor and confirmed of (with a simple majority) by the Senate.
SECTION 4D: The Firestone Infantry Training and Education academy shall be managed by the
Firestone National Guard Major General.
SECTION 4E: Firestone Fire Academy shall be managed by the Fire Chief of Stapleton County Fire Department.
SECTION 5: The Firestone National Guard shall be considered volunteer-based employment, and as such, shall not be considered a real job within the State. Due to the Firestone National Guard being volunteer-based, it shall not mandate the POST program for enlistees. They shall not be considered a primary and/or secondary job.
SECTION 6: The directors of the departments of Firestone and the Governor of the State of Firestone shall enforce this legislation.
SECTION 7: All laws in conflict with this legislation are hereby declared null and void.
SECTION 7A: Theses legislations shall be declared null and void, found here:

Respectfully submitted to the Congress of the State of Firestone,
Chief Sponsor(s):
Former Representative Rinextel
Former Governor OfficerVideoGame

Darknight1503 (revised and edited)


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