A Bill to Establish Employment Regulations


SECTION 1: Citizens of the State of Firestone may only hold one (1) job in a State of Firestone major department or within the State of Firestone/County Level Government, and one (1) other position in any other area of the State of Firestone.

SECTION 2A: State of Firestone shall be defined as: State of Firestone - Roblox

County of Stapleton shall be defined as: Stapleton County - Roblox

Any counties/cities to be directly associated with Firestone in the future shall be defined as their web link.

SECTION 2B: A major department shall be defined as any of the following departments: Firestone State Patrol, Firestone Department of Transportation, Firestone Department of Homeland Security, Firestone Department of Corrections, Firestone Department of Public Works, Firestone Department of Health, Firestone State Legislature, Firestone Department of State, Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office, Stapleton County Fire Department and any other municipal, county, or state emergency services department/agency that should be approved in the future.

SECTION 2C: An emergency services department/agency shall be defined as: the public organizations that respond to and deal with emergencies when they occur, especially those that provide police, ambulance, and firefighting services.

SECTION 2D: Anyone holding one of the following positions within the government of the State of Firestone or the Government of any County within the State of Firestone may not hold a position in a major department unless that department is directly affiliated with their position (i.e. Senator and Firestone State Legislature): Governor of the State of Firestone, Lieutenant Governor of the State of Firestone, County Executive, Chief Court Justice of the State of Firestone, the Speaker of the House of the State of Firestone, County Chairperson, Supreme Court Justice of the State of Firestone, Cabinet, Senator, House of Representatives, County Executive, City Mayor, County Government Officials, County Administration, County Justice, District Attorney, Appeals Justice, or District Court Justice. Department directors cannot hold another position regardless if they head a major department or not.

SECTION 2E: A Foreign Diplomat/Ambassador from another Country/State/County/City that represents their respective group in the State of Firestone may not join any Major Department or hold any of the government positions listed above, as they are not a citizen of Firestone.

SECTION 2F: If someone holds a position that requires them to hold a rank in multiple groups, this law does not prohibit that so long as the position is the same in each of the groups. (i.e. Governor and Commander of the National Guard)

SECTION 3: The directors of the above departments and the Governor of the State of Firestone shall enforce this legislation.

SECTION 4: Upon passage, this legislation shall go into effect immediately.

SECTION 5: All previous employment regulation laws in conflict with this bill are hereby declared null and void.


Amended Here A Bill for Secondary Jobs


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