District of Prominence Voting March 2020

Position: District of Prominence District (City) Council
Positions Available: [4]
Voting Deadline: March 2nd, 2020 at 7:00 PM EST
Election Sponsor: Prominence Mayor Titanicsky123
Fwd: County Chairman dauntfulness
Vote for who you would like as the new District Council members of the District of Prominence. The top four (4) people with the most votes shall take the position of District Council. If you do not have a forums account, DM titanicsky123#7738 your vote and it will be added to the final count.

  • Chill_Bunniez
  • AlexTheAviatorRBLX
  • Xcles125
  • IrrelevantCosmic
  • TrevorFaint
  • taterGad
  • PublicArsenal
  • Airshipflea

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