A Bill to Add Maritime Traffic Infractions

A Bill to Add Maritime Traffic Infractions

PREAMBLE: Maritime traffic infractions must be organized and established properly and promptly within the State of Firestone for the safety and security of the People.


SECTION I: The Firestone Traffic Act shall be amended, as recognized by this act

Firestone Traffic Revision Act [Part 4].

SECTION II: Chapter 8 shall be amended into the Firestone Traffic Act. It shall be titled “Chapter 8. Maritime Traffic Infractions” and shall state:


  1. ‘Driving a Watercraft Without Headlights’ shall be an unlawful traffic infraction in the State of Firestone. Driving a Watercraft Without Headlights shall be defined as: “driving a watercraft (above 0 SPS) at night or in poor weather conditions without a mounted light or headlights on the watercraft being switched on”.
    1A. ‘Poor weather conditions’ shall be defined as rain, fog, smog, mist, or snowfall.
  2. The Firestone Department of Corrections Marine Division and the Firestone National Guard Coast Guard shall be exempt from this should they be conducting an operation that requires them to turn off their headlights or mounted light for the success of the operation.
  3. Any person so in violation of this clause shall be issued either a monetary citation of between $80 and $130 in-game dollars or a warning issued to the violator by an LEO.”

SECTION III: The current Chapter 8, Chapter 9, and Chapter 10 of the Firestone Traffic Act shall be amended.

SECTION III.A: The current Chapter 8 titled “Chapter 8. Exceptions” of the Firestone Traffic Act shall be renamed to “Chapter 9. Exceptions”. The current Chapter 9 titled “Chapter 9. Nullifications” of the Firestone Traffic Act shall be renamed to “Chapter 10. Nullifications”. The current Chapter 10 titled “Chapter 10. Conclusionary Information” of the Firestone Traffic Act shall be renamed to “Chapter 11. Conclusionary Information”.

SECTION IV: This legislation shall go into effect after following the constitutional procedure required.

SECTION V: Should any provision of this legislation be found to be unconstitutional, and such provision stuck down, the remainder of this legislation shall remain in full force unless this legislation is struck down in its entirety.

Respectfully submitted to the congress of the State of Firestone,

Chief Sponsor:

The Honorable Stamose, Senator


The Honorable Clonemep, Secretary of the Department of Boating and Waterways

The Honorable LieutenantGeneral, Representative

The Honorable GeneralCount, Representative

The Honorable JohnDRyans, Representative

The Honorable AlexTheAviatorRBLX, Representative

The Honorable Kind_Yada, Representative

The Honorable Ash1835, Representative

The Honorable Brentvx, Representative

The Honorable CongressionalDefend, Senator

The Honorable CoolPilotCaio1, Senator

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