Why Firestone is on a Decline, majorly

The State of Firestone has 100k members, yet it’s crippling, it’s unable to sustain a natural environment within the LEO fields, the Emergency Services, and most importantly - the government.

I’m going to speak on each aspect in which this group holds, and explain how it’s deteriorating its player base, and why it won’t last much longer if it keeps going down the path you’re making it destined to be.

State Government

The State Government is just repeating itself each Governor’s term, its basically a useless aspect right now. It does nothing but repeat Executive Orders, repeat policy, update and renew legislation. The Government is essentially broken down into 3 pieces; The Executive, The Judicial, and the Legislative.

  • Executive

The Executive Branch is practically babysitting, the Governor sits there and just oversees everything, watches over like a hawk for someone to fuck up, and then take action and take all credit, and apologizes for it - it’s like watching a newborn or a toddler. You sit, wait, and then nurture it when it requires it.

The Lieutenant Governor just attends the Senate Session, and or has the President Pro Tempore do it for him/her. The Executive Branch needs to spice things up, fairs are cool and all; but Jesus christ after 3 or 5 of them its simply the same crap every time one is held. I guess it can be a lack of development, when you have the same people over and over in Office unable to do jack crap to make it fun other than just having it be where LEOs and Criminals run the entertaining part, then what is the point of a Government that just watches it all happen?

The Executive Branch is failing, it’s crumbling. There is simply no motivation to be unique, and make any sort of change or advancement to set further precedents for the next Governor, and so on. Every new Governor should raise the bar, and it is okay to have some just as a placeholder - but every Governor can’t be a placeholder.


The Legislative is just utter shit, and I can’t express it enough. There is literally a “Health Insurance” legislation up, Jesus christ Health Insurance? I didn’t know I was coming here to apply for adultery issues. The Legislature needs to focus on legislation that is actually beneficial, further elaborating on the uniqueness and change back in the Executive Branch. The Legislature is filled with the same people every term, and that is what kills it. If you have the same brains producing legislation you aren’t gonna get much farther than where they got the last term. It’s time to stop picking the favorites or the well-knowns - that is what essentially kills brainstorming, the same bunch of brains with no thoughts or ideas can’t produce a good outcome.

And the Legislative Sessions are boring, Jesus Christ, host sessions where the citizenry base is able to be called up to take hold the floor and speak to Congressional Members with their undivided attention because doing it over discord or some google forum is utter crap. There are so many distractions and you just want it over with. And I can speak of that due to the instance that I have felt that before. You need to adapt and overcome barriers in which hold you back from being a great Representative, or a Senator. We spend so much time focusing on what we want, or what people that matter wants - we commonly forget those who voted us into the positions we hold.

An Elected Office isn’t a position in which you think for yourself, or for a few people. Your job description is listening to the entire population/citizenry base, not your friends, the ones whom you may call close, not the ones who made be the Superintendent of the State Patrol, Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office Sheriff, Fire Department Chief, Secret Service Director - whatever position they hold, they’re equally as important as a regular citizen or criminal.

And associating with criminals is not always a bad thing, the Judiciary does it all the time, they work with criminals to stop more crime in its tracks. Plus, they see a different side of the spectrum, not in which the one you only see due to your “I’m a good boy” persona. Use the “dumb criminals” to your advantage, because they see more flaws than any appointed or elected official does, even Developers.


I can’t even speak on the Judiciary because I haven’t seen anything stupid, its ordinary Judicial work that is respected by myself. Not to be biased or show favoritism.

The only thing I can really speak about is how long it takes for the court cases to take due to the lack of response from either the Defense, the Prosecution, and or the Judges themselves. There are so many things on the Judge’s dockets it gives strains my eyes. I think finding a way to get faster responses may work, but it is hard when you deal with speds in different timezones or just don’t care.

Judiciary can’t be crapped on if they don’t give anyone to speak crap about.

County Level

The County level is just so, so, so ignored and I can see every point why, the County Executive, Chairman, and County Council oversee the useless “City Mayors and City Council” who hold positions that are very irrelevant. I see no point in a Municipal level government that is unable to produce any sort of legislation, and that is rarely enforced by Law Enforcement Officers. LEOs aren’t held accountable for not enforcing city legislation. Any law that the Cities pass it is not even heard of, I haven’t heard of a single officer enforcing a City law, or nonetheless - see a city law announced to be enforced.

The County Government is only there to approve people for District Attorney, Fire Chief, and the Sheriff. And the Sheriff is an elected position which it isn’t even here, its an appointed position. Allow people to vote for who they want the Sheriff to be, and put electoral policy and laws in place to minimize the chances of some random ass person being Sheriff and causing a hell hole. I’m sure this has been spoken about before, but what is the stupid big risk that holds you back? Require previous SCSO experience, require at least to be a resident in Stapleton County (being in the SC group), dumb stuff like that, that will allow for a reasonable elected Sheriff to be chosen by the Residents.

The Government for the County is pure dog crap, I haven’t seen it so poorly inefficient since, forever. The last time I see it doing honest work was QuickHead or even Ash, and when Dinoxtro (whatever his name is I guess.) was County Chairman. If you’re unable to get it working, then don’t become the Executive for the hell of it. Give it to someone that actually has some god damn bright ideas that just might work.

Groups Administration

Let me give a few points to the Founder, the Co-Founders, and anyone else in-charge of running Firestone at this point, and for everyone that might hold a position of Authority.

  • Know whom it is that you work for, and be comfortable with them. If you’re afraid to question, criticize, curse, or dissent-if you lack the courage of your own convictions in working for them-you require a different job.

  • The Constitution only provides for one Governor, there are no secret articles or sections - that Im aware of - that makes you equal to the Governor or Executive, in any power, shape, or form.

  • Go back and ask the people before you in your position, and learn. They were probably in the golden age of the EB, LB, and or even JB. Make original mistakes, not repeating ones that were already made.

  • Be precise, if there is margins of error that are small, then there is a lack of precision hurting most.

  • Be sure you lay out all your options, not the two important ones. You might need to take a different option.

  • In a position of power, those who you put around you will adopt your tone, your message, and your ideas. It will become a projection of in which you want, not what they want. If negativity is present - negativity will consume. If positivity is present - positivity will show.

  • Don’t go in the temptation to become the “it’s us against them” mentality, because truly, they have their jobs in which they’re required to do, and you have yours.

  • Set the goals you want to achieve, and do it the best you can. Its on you to get it done at teh end of the day.

  • If you mess up, tell someone immediately. Because it can spiral into hell and you might end up just forgotten.

  • Enjoy your time here in whatever position you hold, make it worthwhile. Because sooner than later; it will be gone.

  • You’re replaceable, don’t think you are - look at the past, people got replaced. What makes you think you’re immune to that?

  • Micromanaging will put you in a doorstop immediately, the founders and co-founders need to recognize this. Don’t micromanage, that is for anyone. If you micromanage, you lose sight of the bigger picture. You focus so much on the little things, you lose track and you find yourself heading backward rather than forward.

  • If you’re planning to do something, its crucial the execution is flawless too.

  • Presentation of an idea matters, a bad idea that is presented fairly well is likelier to be accepted than a good idea that is presented poorly.

  • People have egos, ignore their egos. It is a reality.

  • If an issue can be solved without County or State, or even Founder interference, then let it be solved without those individuals involved. It is the last resort, not the first. You have chosen people to deal with that, and yet you forced yourself to be the one to solve it and delegate it.

  • You need to trust those whom you put in the positions you appointed them to, if you cannot trust them - then it is simple, do not put them in that position where your trust lies.

  • Don’t attempt to please everyone, you cannot please everyone, embrace that then ignore it.

  • Everything is on record, don’t think it is off the record. That person you call your friend may be your enemy tomorrow. Make decisions wisely.

  • The person you call your enemy, might be that needed friend the next day. Never settle on bad terms.

  • Ask yourself constantly, is this argument worth the hassle.

  • You all need to learn when to let go, think if you can impact the situation, if you cannot, stop involving yourself or trying to get involved.

Thank you.
Formally, Zeyahne.


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The Legislative is just utter shit, and I can’t express it enough. There is literally a “Health Insurance” legislation up, Jesus christ Health Insurance?

first off this is the HIPAA. search it up to learn more on it. it protects patients from getting information about them leaked to the public.

and multiple people in the medicine field of the state contacted me for this to be made.


how about we remove all government stuff and just do rp

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Well yes, Firestone does have 100k members but only like 500 people are actually active and take part in the community.

and ngl, not alot of people are actually not interested in Firestone, I myself had plans to stop taking part in Firestone but then corona and the lockdown caused me to stick around for a few more months.


also, this isnt that long idky why people are asking for a tl;dr

Before you start shitting on HIPAA, how about you read beyond the title?

Just read the entire thing you lazy bum


Where can I find the information regarding HIPAA?


Real Life: https://www.cdc.gov/phlp/publications/topic/hipaa.html

Firestone’s: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 2020

Just no. This state works on a system of popularity, not who does the best work. If we elected our Sheriff, the Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office would turn into rubble in a matter of weeks. In addition, this further decreases the little power the county government holds.

I am assuming you made this claim without having no knowledge on anything my administration has pushed for. We have sent a list of 11 things for the State to give the County authority over, and very little has actually gone through. Here’s the list:

You are comparing the current County to the previous County. The main difference between both is that the State government actually had trust within the County previously. In addition, the State would actually allow the County to make laws pertaining to their jurisdictions and other items that relate best to the County. After the whole Patchy and Markehabashi situations, the State has very little to no trust within the County. I do not like to boast myself, but I think keeping the County on a stable path and representing the interests of everyone to the best of my ability for 2 terms has assisted in rebuilding the broken trust. There is a long way to go, and I am doing my absolute best but it really gets hard when everyone shuts all offers merely because we are the County.

I firmly believe that the County government definitely is not the reason why Firestone is on a decline. Rather, the environment that the County government is placed in harms the County government significantly. What can we do with so much of our power stripped away because of 2 idiots abusing their authority?


Thank you.