Representatives - REPRESENTATIVES OF WHO?!

The recent joint-session that occurred this past hour, has ended in complete negligence.

Not to mention, it lasted for over an hour - and even started almost 20 minutes late because Senate did not show up. The citizens urged their representatives to Aye the bill to abolish the County Government, because of these reasons below:

  • The County has been reformed a countless amount of times, and it is still not fixed.

  • The County dismembered the SCFD reputation for false reasoning.

  • We have given them, as citizens, many of chances to run our county - but at this point, it is a joke.

The representatives completely neglected what we wanted. We have appointed obvious power hungry politicians who are in favor for THEM and their FRIENDS, not US. Not to mention the three individuals with the same last name, who show an obvious bias.

Statement from Sp_encer, who urged to Aye.

Statement from the County Sheriff, Straphos, who urged to Aye.

For the people, by the people. That is how the Representatives should work, as they represent US.

It is time to PUT DOWN the RUNT of the LITTER. We will not have our State be defaced once more.


I don’t represent you?

I thank the Speaker, and other representatives who spoke for the people.


I hope people can understand this does not represent the entirety of the house.


It’s hard to speak for the “people” if the people are divided. Stop generalizing your opinions.

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There’s a clear majority of people that support one side over the other.

If the bill is too “vague”, then fix it, and vote on it again.


Generalizing over 90 citizens? Please, it is obvious we do not need any more problems for this State. The County has given many chances, and it is time to get rid of it, it’s useless. All it does is cause controversy now.

Ninty citizens is not even a quarter of two-thousand…

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Not everyone’s option is the same. Also I will have you know I urged for it to be amendment when Congress ignored me. I am working hard to fix the problems I saw that were vague and diving the power of County Executive and County Council with Senate, House and Governor with the Constitution would need to be changed I believe as it only gives Senate & House power to elect and impeach state officials but I will check. If you wish to speak to me message me.

Active citizens who participate in local politics, not all of those 2000.

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Then that would not be majority would it?

I am an active citizen, and I am truly disappointed in our congress

A majority of active citizens? 90 citizens is quite a lot for the active party around the states politics.

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Our County is utterly trash, there is no need for it. I thought the representatives would have saw this with what happened yesterday. Council trying to impeach mack for “inactivity” when he was getting out of school, and all he wanted was a week. That was the council’s last straw and the PEOPLE want it removed I don’t know about your opinion, but you need to see the clear picture and listen to the PEOPLE.


Not everybody is involved in politics, nor does everybody use the forums or are actively involved in the community. If people did not want the bill to pass, they could’ve easily voiced their concerns on the specified document. These congressmen have clearly seen the opinions of the citizens, and haven’t cared about it. It happens all the time with nominations too, nobody cares and it’s incredibly pathetic, because everybody cries about “representing your opinion!1!” in their speech – then they forget that crap when they’re elected.


I urged and motioned for an amendment and Congress ignored me. I am fixing the mistakes I saw with Broix_RBLX as the power to appointed and remove Fire Chief and Sheriff was all without even House and Senate and was unclear how power was given as Congress could say we can shut down the County as we are now having the County Executive power.


And what about those that don’t want it to be abolished? I surely hope that’s not your philosphy as the Sheriff…

They can speak their opinion, but from a logical standpoint, most of the people who have spoke their opinion have been on the aye said. Go check the thread in regards to abolishing it and get me the ratio from supporters to people who are against it.


You just contradicted yourself, sir. You just stated that some don’t use the forums. How could we base a ratio off of that and some of the active citizens didn’t even post on it? I know I’m an active citizen, and I didn’t even post my opinion of the abolishment.

The people who are against it can vote the same way that the people who are supportive of it can.

Let me teach you a little bit about ratios. The ratio can be seen as the people on the forum, who are also the same people who are actively involved in politics. Most people who don’t contribute to politics don’t even know what the council does or what purpose it serves- thus them not caring. Sure, there’s people out there who may not want it abolished, but do you see them trying to voice their concerns? You are primarily seeing individuals who are supportive of it voice their concerns, because that’s the majority party. You can fight it all you want, but the ratio will keep increasing, even if you leave the forums.