Opinions on a Mosque in Firestone

Hey reader,

I’m callme_kind. Some of you may not know me, some you might.

Recently I have been thinking about opening a mosque in Firestone.
It would create a wonderful environment for muslims like me to come together, have events together, prayers, and etc. Obviously, even if you are not a muslim, you can still come. Everyone would be welcome to attend.

It will also be benefitial for Firestone, since it contributes towards recognizing its members regardless of who they are, where they come from, their religion etc.

So, what do you think? Make sure to vote below!
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  • Great Idea, open a mosque
  • No, don’t open a mosque

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I find it kinda controversial adding religious places and educational areas in a game with firearms and a cops and robbers aspect. Obviously, it does recognize the members of which follow the religions of which the places represent, but I don’t support the inclusion of any religious function in Stapleton County, let alone a game with cops and robbers and firearms.

With the entire stigma against recent xenophobic attacks against religious peoples and people of different backgrounds, I would advise against the introduction of such religious place due to the premise that people may roleplay disgusting hostage situations in areas of worship.

Yes, there’s a church in V2. Yes, I know Firestone and Mayflower have churches, but I hope in v3, we don’t make the same mistake as there will be a large amount of community members that will get offended by the development team’s efforts in trying to provide a more inclusive community.

The inclusion of a mosque and a church may empathize that the development team prioritizes certain religions and I wouldn’t think I’d want to be called someone who’s anti so and so for providing religious members a place of worship.

If you would like to conduct religious practices, do it in real life, not in Stapleton County.

my views do not reflect the entire development team, but only reflects my own. do not put what i said in an account that represents the entire development team


Really appreciate your view on this, thank you.

I love my fellow Muslim brothers and Christian brothers in our state but, As a criminal who has been in many gangs and around toxic criminals I know for a fact that people will definitely shoot up schools, churches and mosques. Last time a gang shot up a church like a ton of people were angry. People will make pumped up kicks music video shooting up school and etc. We already have enough people trolling around in v2 church and doing violence inside it. However, there are times when it’s being use appropriately.

70% of the time it’s use inappropriately
30% of the time it’s use appropriately


This is very true, which is why we would also have Security Personnel – like Greendale church does.
I probably won’t create one as I don’t have the time to manage it and etc, hence why I had to transfer ownership of my last business to someone else. I’ve mainly made the poll to see the views of the community on the idea.

why not, if the criminals use the mosque in a way that goes against roblox tos ban them. I don’t see the problem of adding other religious structures in the game seeing that we already have a church in greendale.

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ummmmmmmmmm this is a lot to read i don’t feel like reading

if you have church of greendale then what’s wrong with a mosque in firestone

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I say we have no religious structures in firestone at all


i am a muslim, I DEMAND THIS

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sourced we legit have a church

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Its official, I’m gonna make it happen.
Please, if you are interested in helping to create the mosque, please let me know.

Commerce requires a built administration, and at least 4 people before we can apply for a license.
My dms are open as always.

Thank you.

yeah which i believe was a mistake by the developers of v2

i’m against religious structures in general for a game like v2, i feel like it isn’t necessary and it causes issues

i’m going to push for no religious structures in v3, because i genuinely don’t like having to represent one religion while not representing the other, and having all of the drama and stigma around religious structures

its not needed. if you want to pray and do religious things, do it in real life


Well, why do we have churches then…we can’t just represent one religion, and not another.

I’m not against mosquee’s, but like Philip_Forth i’m sure that alot of people will come to troll and do shoutouts.

I agree with SourcedInfinity, keep your religious practices elsewhere please. I know there’s nothing wrong with practicing a religion, but this is a game catered to many different people (though audiences are intended to be ages 12-18) who signed up for ROBLOX, they could possibly be against any sort of religious practice and mock such. It is best to practice in real life, whether it be at home or a sanctuary, or at least some private community on the internet if you are still doing self-quarantine due to the pandemic.


Then why do we have a church in Firestone then hm

jesus if an INDEPENDENT organization wants to have a church in Stapleton county there should be little to NO red tape on establishing this. the freer the market the freer the people

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are you fucking blind, we are saying the game was made BEFORE and the church was a filler.


i literally just fucking said that the church in v2 was a mistake

thats EXACTLY why i’m fucking against this shit because people like you are going to say “oh if we’re gonna support one religion why not support the other” and it’s an absolute fucking ridiculous topic to discuss