Firestone State Foreign Policy, October 2019

                       FOREIGN POLICY 2019



(The Firestone Department of State has the overseeing capacity to assist in foreign-diplomatic
relations, sign peace-treaties with ro-states, and allow for civil democratic relations during the
sectors terms. As the State of Firestone does not have a set-in-stone foreign policy outline, the
Department of State hereby establishes the Foreign Policy of 2019 on the behalf of the State of

Foreign Policy within the State of Firestone is here to balance the everlasting relationships with
foreign entities, and establish more in the future. All Citizens are to read on advisement from the
State Department to when state/nation threats are current, and to provide state-security information to
those when given out.

If you’re a foreign state/nation seeking relations with the State of Firestone, this is where you should be! Please read through our foreign policy, and submit to ally with us if you believe that you meet
the criteria.

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FP.1 - Declaration of State Policy

The State of Firestone Foreign Policy shall now be established by the Firestone
Department of State, in order to preserve state-level security to the State of Firestone, promote
state-level peace with foreign states, maintain a balance of power among states, work on foreign
relations to solve diplomatic tensions, and to examine State Department goals throughout the
Secretary of States tenure.

FP.1a - State Security of the Governor

The Firestone Department of State is represented on a foreign-diplomatic state by the
State of Firestone’s Governor. The State Governor of the State of Firestone is tasked with
signing peace-treaties, promoting public awareness within the Department of State, and securing
safe-relations with ro-states/nations as on relations with the Department of State itself.

FP.1b - State Security of the Congress

The Firestone Department of State was created by the legislature, for the public use of
diplomatic relations, as well as overseeing state-security on a public level. The State of Firestone
Congress is asked to be updated on terroristic threats, or major state-level diplomatic tensions
being found by the Firestone Department of State. The State Congress of the State of Firestone is
also asked to represent the Firestone Department of State in times when needed.

FP.1c - State Security of the Secretary of State

The Firestone Department of State is ran by the governing body of the Secretary of State.
The Secretary of State is responsible for foreign-meetings, diplomatic relations, and the
assistance besides the governor in allying with closely related states. The Secretary of State has
the authority to update and edit the Foreign Policy of the State of Firestone upon approval of the
State Governor.

FP.1d - State Security Council

The Firestone Department of State wishes to reach out to the State Security Council on a
bi-weekly basis in order to provide updated efforts in the foreign relations of ro-states/nations close in
relation to the State of Firestone. The State Security Council, responsible for civil and state-level
security of Firestone Civilians, will be asked to advise the State Department on any terroristic
threats, important information, or security issues that the public should be made aware of.

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FP.2 - State Department Relations

FP.2a - Governing Interference

The Firestone Department of State cannot ally with a ro-state in-which has been found to have had any sort of interference with it’s government operations; including executive, legislative, judicial, and county government operations of said entity. The Secretary of State of the Firestone Department of State has the authority to investigate, and approve of any said operations being deemed as government interference. If said investigation is found by the Secretary of State as plausible, the State Department shall refrain from a diplomatic-relation with said entity. The task of promoting cabinet members, county officials, or executive branch members by developers, or state-founders, shall be deemed illegal by the Firestone Department of State, and a relation must come to a halt if this occurs.

FP.2b - Congressional Bypassing

The Firestone Department of State cannot ally with a ro-state in-which has a bypassing system implemented into its legislature. If said legislature does not have an establishment by a constitution made by the congress, then the legislature should not be able to perform its duties without said establishment. Exceptions to the congress working on a constitutional establishment by a state-developer, or founder would be; the beginning of a state, where founded, and basic rules shall be applied; congress should not be setup unless done by elections by the people.

FP.2c - Department of State

The Firestone Department of State requires the foreign entity to have a Department of State established in order to provide legal relations with the State of Firestone. If said ro-state, does not have a Department of State established, the Firestone Secretary of State can be made of an agreement such as relationships with the following contacts;

a.) Governor or Lieutenant Governor

b.) Attorney General or Chief Justice of the State

c.) Foreign Ambassador to the State of Firestone (Governor Nominated)

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FP.3 - Terms of Alliance

FP.3a - Overview

In order to ensure state-security being our number one priority over diplomatic relations with foreign entities, it is our job to first and foremost provide a standing ground of alliance policies before allowing an alliance with the State of Firestone. For too long have we seen governments, and Ro-States break state-security measures, and get away with it. As of this policy, alliances will be terminated if deemed fit by the Secretary of State.

FP.3b - Requirements

  • The State/Nation must have at no less than 150 members.
  • The State/Nation must have a government recognized by its Citizens.
  • The Population of said state/nation must be made up of citizens, and not bots.
  • The State/Nation’s Government has not given a political threatening standpoint in the past.
  • The State/Nation is required to meet at least once a month with the Department of State
  • The State/Nation leaders must not have criminal history in Firestone at any given time

The State/Nation in-which is looking to have an alliance with the State of Firestone is required to have a standing ground of no-less than 150 members, a government recognized by its citizens, a population made up of real citizens, no previous tensions with their government and Firestone’s, as well as the requirement of holding a foreign meeting with the State of Firestone monthly. To ensure communication is not lacking, and both Ro-States/Nations are up to date with public information, as well as how their State/Nation is doing, functionality, we’re to host foreign meetings monthly.

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FP.4 - Foreign Meetings

The Department of State recognizes the meeting of Department of State with anybody in accordance to FP.2c to legally host a foreign meeting with the State of Firestone. Without direct contact to the State of Firestone’s ambassadors, Secretary of State, or Department of State staff, there is no line of communication readily available to host a foreign meeting. We wish to allow foreign meetings to discuss over the topics of diplomatic relations, possible tensions, breaching of foreign policy, and updates as to State Government in their entity, as well as the State of Firestone’s.

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FP.5 - Types of Alliances

FP.5a - Diplomatic Alliance

The Department of State may seek a diplomatic alliance with approval from the Secretary of State and/or the Governor. Diplomatic alliances shall be considered as relations between the State of Firestone and any other ro-state that is on good terms with the state.

FP.5b - Strategic Alliance

The Department of State may seek a strategic alliance with consent from the FNG Major General, on a foreign entity deemed fit for response. The State Department using a Strategic Alliance will allow for the State of Firestone to deploy their military personnel in the line of military duty when the foreign entity of a strategic alliance deploys. This alliance calls for the backing of states when allied, and the force of deployment will work both ways when either of the states are deployed. Deployment of the Firestone National Guard may only be approved by the Firestone National Guard Major General once called for by a state-security threat. The military of the State of Firestone will be required to deploy on such event, as long as the foreign entity is of a strategic alliance with the State of Firestone; and such entity has not breached the Foreign Policy hereby in place. No exceptions can be made unless clarification for future prevention, or alliance protocols were created in the initial alliance, before being signed by the Governor, Secretary of State, and Major General.

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FP.6 - Breach of Foreign Policy

Breaching of the Firestone Foreign Policy will result in a termination of either your states diplomatic, or strategic alliance that you have with the State of Firestone. If your state breaches the foreign policy and is not of an alliance with the Firestone Department of State, your state’s diplomatic relations with the State of Firestone will be no longer. Breach of the Foreign Policy can be deemed valid by the Governor of the State of Firestone, or by the Firestone Secretary of State.

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