Discrimination, Injustice & Sexism

As I have joined Firestone for couple years there has been people who have shown lack of politeness, attentiveness & prejudice towards “race” and “religion”. Firestone truly needs a fix and I have many names of people who truly do not care about community. Mostly starts off with Firestone VC as people bash on other users for no reason…
I would like the Office of the Governors to seek some interest into looking into these situations a long with Firestone National Guard on Atlantic who was not showing professionalism wearing a his respective Uniform but not showing ownership in what he wears.

And to have a FOUNDER that does what seems to be absolutely nothing except roll around in robux and brag about his job irl, it doesn’t help anything. The post “what is this community anymore” truly explains a lot of how users need help & need to follow simple rules.

In today’s Senate session they discussed a bill about, “An Amendment to Secure Equal Protection Under Law”.

Here is some photos that came out of the session today. It feels that they are trying to bash another “person” aka gender about what they can and can’t believe in. Yes, there is a person in FNG who dresses up like a female but they are a male. If some people want to act like a “meme” go ahead not going to prove anything just showing you are ignorant and incompetent.

I would like a simple discussion on how to fix this because this is unacceptable it will keep happing in the future and it will not stop!


Don’t forget the part where he compared being trans to fucking Schizophrenia. I am disgusted that Ash would actually deny everyone civil rights to fuel his own religious agenda. This theocracy needs to stop, it’s more annoying than the Jihadists.

I hereby publicly call for Ash’s resignation


Lost hope


This is gonna get interesting real quick. Just gonna be over here with my popcorn. :popcorn:


Wow. Just wow.


I am sorry, I have lost hope within Senate on certain individuals a long with a male who has been free-ranked by the same individual it is like they are a two man team. I wonder what he does really in State Patrol expect show he has a “position”.


some people just need to shut the hell up and keep things to themselves. because they think it’s funny when at the end of the day. it can result in something like this. just wait till it gets worse. this is just the beginning loves :heart::v:t4:.


i’m concerned for your health :nerd_face:


I second the call for Ash1835’s resignation.


ash brings real life partisan politics to firestone, when we disagree on something he calls it the “radical left” this is absolute bullshit, all he does is shit on people who disagree with him and call it “destroying liberals”

for example, when a bill was proposed to nullify a resolution to stop legislative spam, and danny told everyone to nay cuz it was a powergrab, ash immidientely said that the “radical left” was controlling our speech. that’s complete bullshit, and freedom of speech doesn’t even apply in this instance

furthermore, ash completely misused the term of gender dysphoria, giving a complete fuck you to the lgbtq community we appreciate today. he compared being trans to a MENTAL ILLNESS. im sorry, but i understand if you have your religous beliefs (we had a discussion about it days back) but this is completely and utterly homophobic and rude.

fix yourself, this is getting ridiculous.


As a former longtime supporter of Ash and as a member of the LGBTQ community myself, I am disappointed of what Ash said during the Senate session. It’s sad to say but he isn’t the only one that is either homophobic or transphobic.

Quite saddening this is what Firestone has come to.


Here we go folks. grabs popcorn


oh lord jesus


Who are you talking about here?


I also hope Ash never needs a private attorney, most of the legal community is LGBTQ+ /shrug


Yes, I get you have the right to say your opinion and all that blah blah. But if you really think the community is trash just leave. Save yourself the time and effort.


well this is how ash’s excuse of a career comes to an end. How was this man our governor? lmao #votebear


You know I’m trans… right? It’s not exactly a secret, I’ve been out as trans since last April.

Also yeah, I’ll jump on the bandwagon. Ash seriously needs to resign; his actions shouldn’t be what represent the senate, they should be represented by the actions of people like @DannyboyJurist (who I somewhat still dislike, but respect), who put forward this bill to protect the citizens of Firestone from discrimination. Legally, rather than simply by regulations which tend not to either get ignored or be enforced only when extreme pressure is applied.


I call for Ash’s resignations for the reasoning above. I can’t take it, and I believe our state can’t either. If we continue to have people in power who can’t even respect a sexuality, and in addition shits on them, our state will completely fall apart. These people hold our state up. Respect them.