Bill of Rights

Last updated January Twentieth in the year Two Thousand and Eighteen


We, the People of the State of Firestone and our posterity, henceforth establish this Bill of Rights to ensure the Freedom and Liberty of Firestone and its citizens.


Citizens shall be free of prosecution when expressing an opinion. The impediment of freedom of speech is a crime. Defamation and slander are not illegal unless under special circumstances if set by Congress. The deletion of wall posts without the permission of the poster is forbidden; however a wall post may be deleted freely if it is spam, a scam, or is not official to the State of Firestone. Furthermore, press agencies have the freedom of press and the unalienable right to report news without fear of government interference or censorship: no legislation can impede on the right to publish. Freedom of Speech will only be restricted by the ROBLOX Rules of Conduct, Terms of Service, or Privacy Policy; although no individual may be prosecuted in a court of law for violating standards set by the ROBLOX Rules of Conduct, Terms of Service, or Privacy Policy. The use of external communications or sites, outside of ROBLOX, as evidence in a court of law for instances of slander, defamation and/or harassment is not valid and such evidence are to be dismissed. Law enforcement agencies and their officers are obligated to yield parts of their right to speech upon a citizen’s request to know their name, callsign, and/or badge number, and they must oblige; however they are not obligated to so in a situation deemed simply too intense and pressing for such, with reasoning plausible, and may delay its provision until the intense and pressing situation is ended.


Citizens have the right to peaceably assemble: their right to do so cannot be curtailed by law enforcement agencies, although private and restricted government property cannot be entered, and those inciting violence or rebellion shall be arrested and prosecuted accordingly.


Citizens have the right to petition against the government or any other business or agency without fear of punishment for doing so. The government is not obliged to act on petitions, although are obliged to give a response at thirty (30) signatures, and Congress shall be willing to consider creating appropriate legislation at one-hundred (100) signatures.


Citizens have the freedom of religion. They have the right to practice their religion free of government interference. However, religion which openly encourages or carries out crime shall have all relevant individuals prosecuted accordingly: although no individual can be prosecuted for simply associating themselves with a particular religion. There shall be a clear separation of church and state.


All individuals shall have the right to remain silent. No individual may be charged or prosecuted for retaining silence. No individual shall be forced or held to commit any act without the due process of law. No individual shall ever be forced or held to answer or speak to authorities, whether it be to prevent self-incrimination or for other reasoning. “Self-incrimination” refers to: “acts or declarations either as testimony at trial or prior to trial by which one implicates himself/herself in a crime, or having committed a crime.” All individuals have the right not to testify against themselves, and any testimony provided by an individual against themselves while being coerced by force or threats shall not be admissible as evidence for conviction of a crime.


Citizens shall have the right to keep and bear arms, although the government is not prohibited from regulating gun purchases or gun use in order to reduce crime rates. Different cities are not prohibited from regulating gun sales and use within their own city.


Citizens shall never face cruel and unusual punishment. Just punishments should only ever be given by the Judicial Branch, and citizens have the right to appeal when faced with a cruel and unusual punishment.


Citizens have the right to vote in all elections in the State of Firestone. Citizens may not campaign more than once per page on the State of Firestone wall. A citizen is defined as someone who is a Middle Class Citizen or above. Tourists are NOT citizens. However, all rights apply to tourists and guests, but do not have all privileges citizens do such as voting. Candidates who are in breach of election regulations shall be disqualified.


Citizens shall never be asked to pay any obligatory fees or taxes to the State of Firestone, neither shall businesses ever be asked by the Department of Commerce to pay any kind of rent or one-time payment.


All citizens have the freedom of information. Should a citizen request for information that is actively collected to be released, the relevant department, agency, entity, etc. shall be obligated to release the requested information, if possible. Classified information, however, must remain classified and not given to unauthorized entities until such a time it is deemed safe to release. All information and sorts of all courts must be accessible by the public; no information pertaining to any court of the State of Firestone may be made classified. All citizens have the right to know about courts and its processes, and judges are obligated to answer questions about the courts if possible. The Supreme Court is obligated to ensure all rulings, interpretations, and other decisions put forth by the Supreme Court are accessible by the public.


All persons within the State of Firestone being charged with a crime have the right to legal representation.


Should any person being charged with a crime wish for legal representation and be unable to afford or find legal representation, the State of Firestone shall be obliged to provide legal representation to that person if possible.


In order for testimony provided by any person against themselves while they are detained by law enforcement or any other individual to be admissible as evidence in a court of law, they must first be read the Miranda Rights. The Miranda Rights are merely a summary of some sections of the Bill of Rights, not legal text to be interpreted by their own merit. The Miranda Rights are as follows: ‘You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you’.


Citizens can be frisked or searched by law enforcement agencies only when a law enforcement officer has reasonable grounds to do so. It is illegal to not stop for law enforcement. Search or seizure on grounds of ethnicity, religion or political beliefs is illegal. Private properties cannot be searched by law enforcement without a search warrant, although in an emergency - where there is reasonable belief that life or property is in danger - law enforcement officers may enter private properties. Citizens cannot enter restricted government property before undergoing Homeland Security safety and security inspections. The Homeland Security shall not be restricted to deny any entrance of a citizen on a restricted government property if the officer has reasonable grounds.


Law enforcement officers within the State of Firestone shall be required to state a reason to an individual in question as to why he or she is being detained or is being placed under arrest. Citizens within the State of Firestone who are either placed under arrest or are detained shall have the right to question the law enforcement officer as to why he or she is being detained or arrested. Citizens within the State of Firestone shall have the right to prosecute a law enforcement officer if that particular law enforcement officer does not inform the individual in question of why he or she is being arrested or detained. However if an emergency situation exists, the officer may delay such notification until such a time that the emergency is no longer present.

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