Why is NLR not a thing?

Here I am again, making another forum post.

This time I want to talk about NLR, and try and open up a friendly conversation/debate on if it should be established or not.
To give you some background, as far as I know, New Life Rule (NLR) has never been a thing in the State of Firestone, and I think it should be.

Today I tried doing another roleplay with my friend on bloxton cafe or whatever the name is.
We both ran in there with uzis to rob it. I got shot by a CFL and died.
My friend was able to kill the 2 CFLs that fought back and it turned into a hostage situation.

I ran back to the scene just to VIEW it, nothing else. I was just standing around to watch and I was not causing any chaos or havoc whatsoever.

AtlanticCanuck called me out as soon as I got back to the scene to a FSP Trooper and I was detained, and then arrested for attempted murder.
This pissed me off a pretty good bit as I was just trying to view the scene to see the outcome.

I believe NLR should be put in place as when we die, everything should be left behind. I shouldn’t have to be arrested for something I did and then be KILLED for it. Just be arrested later on.

I also want to point out a side topic of how 50% of my friends hostages ran out of the door mid scene without any commands given by him or the units on scene.
I think this should also be considered FRP as it is extremely unrealistic and gives the hostage taker(s) a disadvantage. Not to mention how extremely easy it was for them to just get up and run unharmed.

I’d like to see what your thoughts are in the comments, I’m open to discussion.


it would majorly screw the game if we added nlr :grin:

sounds like u lack knowledge

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There’d be no reliable way to keep up with who died. People will constantly abuse this and just say to officers, “I died you can’t arrest me!!” everytime they’re about to get arrested. I can also imagine that people will drive off the map during pursuits or kill themselves by any other means so they don’t get arrested. It will cause far more hassle than convenience.

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RTAA, so a week ban, or even more of they have prior ltaa and rtaa

yes post a unfunny GIF instead of actually explaining why you wouldn’t like it, the drawbacks, etc.


This sounds more like a ‘you’ problem, just because you experienced it, doesn’t mean the whole community has to knee down and accept your desires.

Then the courts would go out if businesses as everyone would say, “I was killed, NLR. You can’t prosecute”. This would make @Skye_Jones very sad.

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That would affect the FDoJ more.

i think its stupid how u can be killed by police then they just drive and arrest u but
the others do bring up good points


and the way every LEO rushes to you to get you arrested. its literal madness when you have 5 LEOs running at you for something that you got killed for already


Your case I could understand NLR, something simple.

But you have to remember this… LEOs don’t like to go on 30 minute pursuits or try to negotiate with a hostage taker for 20 minutes just for the guy to pull a gun, get shot, die, and face no consequences. That would get annoying and old fast. Or someone goes on a killing spree at CD, lead LEOs on a long chase, only to get shot and would face not consequences.


If NLR were a thing, no person would ever be arrested for murder/attempted murder.

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we already lose the 2.1k+, or 5k after getting killed, I don’t see what thrill they get from writing a arrest and sending them to jail, its not like it affects them in any way

firestone doesn’t have good enough RP for a NLR to be realistically implemented

it’s a positive in places where it can be done, but we aren’t one of those places


Did you even read the forum post?

When I write forum posts, its usually to open suggestions and opinions on certain matters. No where did I say NLR needs to happen. I made a suggestion, others replied to it with their opinions and I respect where some of them are coming from.

Pitiful attempt to use that against me, I did keep it friendly and gave my pure honest response on the merits of this thread. Sorry if it came off as offensive, but nonetheless there was no true intention to hurt you directly.

let me just eh reset, OH NEW LIFE. DON’T HAVE 30 WAR CRIME CHARGES ON ME

maybe in an rp death situation i’d agree but how is fs gonna have the rp capability to this rule

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