What is this community anymore?

Before I even start this, I want to say a few things.

Before you go start commenting shit about anything I say in this rant, step back and see it from both sides. Think about criminals and Law Enforcement, no matter what side you are on.

And, for me, I have experience of both sides. I was involved in FS careers for a year and a half and being a criminal on and off for the past 9 months or so.

Anyways, here’s to our lovely community.

For me, V2 is unplayable.
I used to be a LEO and loved every second of it, because I had no worries, nothing to ever happened to me. Yes criminals we’re toxic, but who was I to care? I’m the law, I just to get to put them in jail for 15 minutes and not have to worry about it, knowing they we’re probably raging in their cell.

When I turned criminal after getting convicted in a court case that was proven wrong 3 months after me being convicted, I noticed how completely unbearable the Firestone community is. I was so oblivious as a LEO to never understand how much shit goes on.

The constant toxicity, corruption, bias, oblivious, and retarded shit that comes from the community is just quite unbearable.

And don’t get me wrong, it comes from both sides. LEO and Criminals.

I don’t even see how V2 is playable on either side, there is so much FRP that comes from LEOs to criminals and criminals to LEOs that it’s not even a roleplay state anymore.

And to have a FOUNDER that does what seems to be absolutely nothing except roll around in robux and brag about his job irl, it doesn’t help anything.
And to have co-founders that have no motivation anymore to do anything in the state? It doesn’t help.

I don’t blame the co-founders, the community seems to be broken and never fixable.

You always see forum posts about this just like mine, but what is actually done behind the scenes to try and fix these problems?

Most criminals have the mindset to keep to themselves and never speak up due to the fact they will most likely be shit on by any singular cop in the state. Calling them “incompetent” or “wrong”.

Most cops don’t roleplay anymore. It’s monkey see monkey do.
A new cop comes into Firestone wanting to roleplay just to see a tactical unit gas a bank robbery with a criminal trying to have fun with negotation and hostages just to be struck down.
That same exact cop looks up to that tactical unit and rushes the next bank robbery.

I’ve seen multiple good uniformed officers try and roleplay, just to have a tactical unit arrive, take over and completely say fuck you to the uniformed officer who was trying to roleplay.

I know I’m making this sound VERY one sided right now, but you should know I’m just throwing facts down.

For months now I have been on and off with playing Firestone. I have tried to quit multiple times because of all the reasons I am stating right now, but then I just see pictures and videos from friends who are active in the community and then I join again, HOPING for some sort of new content to have fun with. But nothing ever changes. Nothing, ever.

To me, Firestone is a lost hope, I don’t even see how people can’t come to the realization of that.
It pisses me off to see the same people who have caused so much shit in FS still be in a department, or still roam the streets as a criminal.

I’m not pointing names, but by god we all know some people who are just toxic 100% of the time and theyre superiors just walk around like the 3 blind mice.

There is so much shit thrown to LEOs from criminals and vise versa. It’s like a never ending food fight.
The game is so unbalanced and developers don’t care to fix it for the simple fact of “V3”. Developers focus on V3, which is fine, but it’s as if they don’t see the crumpling community they have because they aren’t updating it anymore.

I’m not saying development is going to fix everything, because it’s more so the people than the heavily unbalances game when it comes to development features for either side.

80% of my brain just wants to quit Firestone, leave it as it is and never look back, leave it as the toxic and crumbling community it is. The other 20% wants me to stay and at least push for a change.
But in reality change won’t happen because I’m just another criminal and apparently I have no say in what goes on in the community.

So many people have been driven out of this community, which I used to think had potential. For the sole fact of everything that goes on, yet people are still oblivious to all of it.

I don’t know what I’m even getting out of this forum post, no change will happen because again, we have a founder that doesn’t do anything, co-founders with no motivation, MOST LIKELY BECAUSE THE COMMUNITY HAS FAILED ON THEM, and we don’t have anyone else to do anything significant.

We may have people that can do temporary changes, but what are temporary changes going to do in the long run?

Firestones development is nice, its not top tier, but it’s good enough to be used in the right way for good roleplay, roleplay the state was intended for, but it was flooded by a toxic community, and that flood took everything with it, all the hope of a good game you could ever imagine. Gone, swept away.

And you’ll probably never see the things of the flood ever again because of the fact it’s a broken community.

I don’t have much else to say.
I’ll probably still stay in the community some-what when I’m trying to quit and make my own state.

I feel as if the state I am creating was made because I wanted to experience a good community, I wanted something that was just quite literally perfect. But I’ll still continue with and stick with it because maybe, just maybe something good will come out of it and I’ll be able to find and create a good community where we can all roleplay and just have the time of our lives.

I do want to make it clear that wasn’t self promotion, before I give y’all something else to bitch about in the comments.

I don’t even know if we could consider it a “community” anymore.

Something needs to happen, or we’re still going to be left with a “community” that we all hate but some-what enjoy at the same time.




I give 10 minutes till it gets taken down and/or locked


this is what I actually feel like majority of the time from the community members itself such aseither saying “no criminals allowed” to events such as Custume events which have cash rewards


Probably, I just needed to say something. And if mods take this down because they don’t want to see someone speak their opinion, so be it.


fully support this post, very needed


all lives don’t matter until criminal lives matter


Sorry my brother, that is one mega F


I can proudly say I’m one of the most liked criminals in Firestone, but that is because I keep everything to myself and only a @Cuxle @b0org @scriblelz @crayxtro @Conxtro @Actvl and a few others are the only ones that has seen me explode, mainly b0org (sorry borg) I always feared that if I let my opinion or anything like that out I’ll be hated by the community and pushed into a corner and when people find 1 moment to get me banned they’ll try to get me banned. I have witness this happening as well. @SerZhukov I do have to say, you have inspired me to be more open, you don’t care how you’re seen you call out bullshit when you see it.

I’m actually here because I like the community as well.

I can agree with this and I think uniformed cops can agree with this as well. (but some tactical units do rp)


(screenshot of what i’ve said in other threads)

I agree with a lot of points in this game. V2 is a toxic shitshow. I agree, which is why I’ve been staying away from even touching the game. However, V2 is gone. We’re trying to steam ahead in V3, and that’s the full point of why V2 doesn’t see as many updates other than fixing major bugs and such (similar to how DICE dropped Battlefield V and Battlefront 2, we are no longer prioritizing old content when we’re working on new stuff)

What you’re feeling right now, this ever-encompassing sinkhole that drags you down everyday, is disappointment, and I agree. Toxicity is growing and it’s out of our hands. Since we reached around 70k members, the community has gone downhill, and there hasn’t been much progress trying to fix it.

This community was built on the core roleplaying factor. There is a blatant lack of gameplay that arises when it comes to V2, and I’m sure we’re planning to fix that. It just takes time.

I know the feeling of being helpless, having such a big problem going unnoticed, but I can assure you that the development team is aware. We speak about it nearly every time we gather to develop. The current situation in V2 is noticable, and we are looking forwards for V3 to work out so that we can improve the community overall.

It sucks, but you have to hold on.

my words dont represent the entire dev team, just my point of view. don’t use my words as a representation of the entire dev team’s opinion.


Database has been broken for weeks now and nothing done to fix it.


I just want to make it clear that I wasn’t trying to state anything bad about V3. Again you’re focusing on V3 which is completely fine. The things I talked about on the post on the development aspect we’re more so on the unbalanced V2 we all know.

I wasn’t trying to direct this post towards development but more so the community and the players.
Thanks for your input however, and I can completely understand where you are coming from.


honestly, saying “don’t frp” isn’t going to stop frp. The issue could’ve been solved years ago

If flipping feature was removed then no more of that issue

-1 frp down

Batoning a moving car issue? If the car was solid like they’re in mayflower no more of that issue

-1 more frp down


I see fedora in the vc a lot hosting development streams, just because you dont see him spam tagging everyone in general announcements as much doesnt mean that he does nothing


1h till its removed, i feel you man. I’m going to go to eb.


I do find this statement quite unfair for myself and I can only assume, a lot of others. However, I’m speaking on my behalf here as I don’t often see how other tactical units handle hostage situations. But whenever I arrive on scene, I genuinely try to RP negotiations and stuff like that. However, it is actually often cut short because 90% of the time the gunman/bank robber just runs out of the bank and drives to storage to dump his money. So please try to also look at bank robbery hostage situations from another perspective. Don’t try and shine every tactical unit in a bad light and say that they all instantly gas the bank, rush in and kill all the hostages and the gunman.

However, the rest of your post I completely agree with; you made some solid points about the shithole this community has been moulded into by a lot of toxic people.


I agree. I literally negotiated a hostage situation yesterday but this post made me feel thrown into a category simply because I’m a “tactical unit” and accused of ruining the fun. FYI, @Zytholax, the hostage taker and “hostages” ran out in the midst of me attempting to roleplay with them and be fair.

I try to be so fair and roleplay with criminals wherever I can, yet all I ever see is the generalisation of “tactical units” as those who ignore roleplay and laser down suspects with automatic guns.

We aren’t all like that. Stop generalising us all. Just because a few spoil it for the rest doesn’t mean that we’re all like those few.

(just to be clear, i’m being general about all the posts i’ve seen regarding tactical units, not just yours @Zytholax)

  1. i think the problem with the tactical units are that there are a few toxic and bad people, a few bad incident that make us generalize all of them
  2. i don’t think this is community wide, at DOC we’re known as a family and we get along and have fun pretty well, the times when we do argue it’s just for a few hours, and the next day everything is fine. the criminals that give us action are pretty nice tbh (sometimes annoying though), there only are a few toxic ones.

Unfortunately, we can’t just terminate anyone we like on the basis we know they’re toxic. Usually, employers are quite aware of an employee being toxic or they have a hunch, but employment laws are quite restrictive. It’s not possible to do anything about people you know are toxic, because you need proof and it has to be sufficient for a termination. If you just start handing out terminations, you’ll end up with a lot of court cases that cost time and that you’ll probably lose.


rostates as a community need to get away from the narrative that criminals are also bad ppl irl. they are a human being too.



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