Stapleton County v2 Update Logs

Update Log 4.20.19 - 5:25 PM PST

  • Re-added Rain Control - enabled at Graphics 4 or above
  • Smoother transition between fog colors and movement
  • Placeables remove function fixed
  • Donation updated - Bank + Wallet must be greater than 5000 to donate instead of only Wallet
  • Money Teleporting Exploit semi-patched

Game was shutdown to push update to all servers.


Update Log 4.20.19 - 11:41 PM PST

  • Voxel Lighting Restored
  • DHS Vehicle Updated
  • Bank Robbery System Added (read Firestone announcements for more information)

Game was shutdown to push update to all servers.


Update Log 4.22.19 - 2:56 PM PST

  • Added Evidence Kit for Intelligence Office - Homeland Security

Game was shutdown to push update to all servers.

Detective Kit Usage

Placement of evidence markers will automatically increment the numbers by 1, starting from 1.
For placing police tape, you must click twice with your mouse. The first location of your mouse click and the second location of your mouse click will create a tape between those two said points.
For fingerprint scanners, they will only work for bank robberies. When the alarm is active, you will have the ability to go behind the counter and click “Scan fingerprint.” If the player who initiated the robbery has a previous arrest, you will see their name. If they didn’t have a previous arrest, you will not see a name.

You will find the evidence kit in the lockers at DHS HQ. Anyone who has access to the locker can grab said kit. Anyone who is of rank 70 or above in the group (Intelligence Office+) will have the ability to use the tool.

The kit will be updated later on to include fingerprints on money and updates in UI.


Update Log 4.22.19 - 9:02 PM PST

  • Wages Updated, read below for more information
  • CRT Helmet GUI added for toggleable lights, untested
  • DHS IO Kit permissions fixed. DHS Lockers access is set to anyone above rank of 30
  • DHS IO Kit fingerprint scan radius limited
  • Lighting updated to ShadowMap (Future is Bright v2)

Game was shutdown to push update to all servers.

Wage Update

Wages were updated in Stapleton County v2 to the following settings:

In accordance to the Fair Pay Act, the minimum wage for each team was set appropriately. As you move on the ranks, based on the tier you receive a certain bonus.

Tier Level

First Number Value: Lowest Role in Tier
Second Number Value: Highest Role in Tier
Third Number Value: % increase from base pay


First Number Value: Base Pay in accordance to Fair Pay Act
Second Number Value (if any): Group ID associated with

Citizen Pay

First Number Value: Firestone Group ID
Second Number Value: Rank Value
Third Number Value: Wage set to value

Below are all the ranks updated with respect to their tier levels.



Update Log 4.23.19 - 2:00 PM PST

  • You can now access ATM even with negative money in your wallet.
  • Black Market now sells a temporary license plate change for 60 minutes. It only accepts dirty money.
  • License Plate font change to differentiate 0 and O. Sorry criminals <3.
  • If dirty money value is set to 0, it will destroy automatically.
  • Legal Licenses should work now.
  • Handicapped Licenses should work now. They were broken as of 3 updates ago.
  • If you have dirty money on you and you rob the bank again, it will not create a new tool, it will add on to your previous dirty money.

Game was shutdown to push update to all servers.


Update Log 4.24.19 - 3:41 PM PST

  • BOLO GUI added for LEOs. See bottom right.
  • Gun Licenses finally fixed.
  • DOC Prisoner UI moved down slightly to account for join/leave notifications.

Game was shutdown to push update to all servers.


Update Log 4.25.19 - 2:15 PM PST

  • Arrest Tool Search will auto deny if suspect does not pick an option within 20 seconds.
  • Stapleton County Medical Center now offers treatment for $250.
  • DHS K9 vehicle’s rear windows are no longer caged.
  • Dirty Plate price changed to $6000 dirty money until donation becomes possible.
  • DHS Evidence Kits can now scan fingerprints on money.
  • DHS Evidence Kits was only able to scan fingerprints at bank only once, then they would never work. This was fixed.

Game was shutdown to push update to all servers.


Update Log 4.25.19 - 6:30 PM PST

  • Major security patch.

Game was shutdown to push update to all servers.


Update Log 4.25.19 - 6:51 PM PST

  • Join/Leave Notification will no longer be bugged and not show up completely
  • Phone UI theme was changed to match with v2’s theme
  • Phone UI moved towards the right side of the screen to be less instrusive

Update is live on newer servers only. Game was not shutdown.


Update Log 4.26.19 - 11:00 AM PST

  • Radar Signs now work. A couple extra signs were placed along RW Blvd towards Greendale.
  • NPCs (hospital, money launderer, and black market) are now godded so you can’t kill them.
  • Security patch for some exploits.

Game was shutdown to push updates on all servers. Last update for the next couple of days <3


Update Log 4.26.19 - 6:22 PM PST

  • Search and Rescue F-150 added
  • Marine Division F-150 added

Game was not shutdown to push updates.


Update Log 4.27.19 - 8:43 AM PST

  • SCFD SAR F-150 livery inverted.
  • DOC MD F-150 slight livery update.
  • Citation tool now has the ability to cite vehicles. Just click on the vehicle to cite the owner.
  • DOC has received their citation tool again.
  • Each BOLO addition will now alert everyone in PRMY channel.
  • BOLO officer section now displays callsign instead of officer name.

Game was shutdown to push update to all servers.


Update Log 4.27.19 - 9:22 AM PST

  • National Guard Covered Cargo Humvee now provides ammo to any LEO.
  • CRT F-150 Ammo Box now provides ammo to any LEO.

Game was not shutdown.


Update Log 4.28.19 - 2:03 AM PST

  • Department of Corrections Prison Bus added
  • National Guard Medical Humvee added
  • National Guard Covered Humvee added

Game was not shutdown.


Update Log 4.28.19 - 1:02 PM PST

  • Department of Corrections Prison Bus Updated
    • When inside door is open, the bus is anchored.
    • Scanner option added to UI. When door is red, it will remove all tools from anyone citizen or visitor team that touches it.
    • Horn sound updated.

Game was not shutdown.


Update Log 4.29.19 - 12:50 PM PST

  • Department of Transportation Transit Bus added.
    • Read below for more information.
  • Coast Guard received the same grenades (flashbangs, smokes, etc.) as regular National Guard members.
  • Secret Service Folding Chair fixed.

Game was shutdown to push updates to all servers.

Transit Bus Information

Some key information you should know about the Transit Bus:

  1. They spawn at the Bus Depot, but the dealer for that is the same as all your other vehicles. You will be teleported to the driver’s seat.
  2. There is only one spawn pad for the bus depot, so try not to spawn multiple at the same time.
  3. The driver seat will god anyone who sits in it. When you exit the seat, you will no longer be godded.
  4. The route has been specified for DoT by the administration. Any other regulations is to be set by DoT or anyone who has the ability to.
  5. The GUI will show “anchor.” This is for you to use when passengers are boarding or deboarding to prevent the bus from flinging. When you anchor the bus, you should not exit the driver seat, otherwise you will no longer be able to enter back into it and drive.

Update Log 4.30.19 - 12:03 PM PST

  • Speed Radar signs temporarily disabled until lag issue is resolved.
  • Bus Stop removed from Hospital and placed on the sidewalk prior to entering 401 (before the stop sign).
  • Traffic Light at Heliport intersection was fixed.

Game was not shutdown.


Update Log 5.01.19 - 12:50 PM PST

  • Guns were updated. Read below for more information.
  • Chunk system removed. This does not include interior chunks.

Game was shutdown to push updates to all servers.

Gun System Update

Previously, when an individual shoots a gun, they would experience a delay in their shots. In this update, the individual will experience a faster response time between their shots and appearance on the server. However, because the server still handles everything, there will still be a slight delay of where the shots actually end up. A user should typically aim to where their target is walking in the next half a second or less.


Update Log 5.01.19 - 2:42 PM PST

  • M870 was buffed to 70 damage per hit with a range of 40 studs.
  • Non-automatic weapon raycasting was fixed.
  • Flashbang no longer makes a noise when leaving the server or dying.
  • Smoke Bomb and Tear Gas particles were updated so they are useful for once.
  • Flashbang, Smoke Bomb, and Tear Gas throwing velocity was buffed to 150. All wielders now have a stronger arm.

Game was not shutdown.


Update Log 5.02.19 - 1:02 AM EST

  • Traffic Signal Lights now have the ability to be altered from regular operating lights to blinking maintenance lights.
  • DoT have the ability to control between light changes through control box.
  • Every 300-600 seconds, a maximum of 4 signal outages may occur, forcing the lights to be blinking. This only occurs with 2 DoT on. Should all DoT go off-duty, they will all return to regular operating lights (that went to outage) within 300-600 seconds.
  • Patched join/leave notifications overlapping.

Game was shutdown to push updates to all servers.