SCFD: Final Attempt to save the Department

The Stapleton County Fire Department has never really had a good activity rate. There was a brief period under the leadership of CaptainClyde and vacancy of Mack, where the department had gotten active.

Ever since the event that lead to my termination and the active portion of the department command leaving, the department has deteriorated, as we once warned. Now to supplement the departments poor activity, they’ve made it a secondary department.

The current leadership has proven to be inadequate and incompetent in doing what they need to, in order to save the department. It’s time to put an end to this and put in a new departmental administration, which I’d like to fulfill.

I know, I’ve made countless mistakes in the past and that’s on me, that’s something that’ll forever be looked upon when you think of the name “SouthernMorality”. However, something I will proudly represent was my activity and once will to keep the department going, getting people active.

The Stapleton County Fire Department is a necessity to complete all role-play aspects in the Firestone Community. With it’s inactivity, it can not adequately serve the people of firestone.

About Me
I am Jake Hellman, currently a full-time Supervisor at a humane society and part-time supervisor at UPS. I’ve once served as a Captain in SCFD for a small duration of time before resigning due to some unfortunate events. Unfortunately, due to my work I don’t really have the time to play Roblox, besides weekends if I did indeed come back. However, coming back I would be able to restore what mack and other leaders have lacked.

If brought back to the department, I would work to restore a strong command. A department can not expect much of it’s department if the departments command is not leading by example, something it’s failed to do for some time now. I would work to bring those who’ve worked hard to make contributions to the department back, including inviting CaptainClyde and RyefredPanda back into leadership roles. I also plan to implement a Site Based Decision Making council (SBDM-C) for the department, where all decisions will be discussed and voted on from all levels of the department, by those selected to delegate such decisions.

Unfortunately but understandably, this will be quite controversial. I’ve made plenty of mistakes which I will admit.

Upon coming back, what can be expected from me?
Upon my return if welcomed back, you can expect nothing but the honest, moral, and ethical standards that I shall be obligated to uphold, as well a “lead by example” mentality, that I will encourage strong criticism to ensure I stay inline.

This will likely be my last attempt to rejoin the Firestone community, nearing the age of 19 with a kid due within weeks. It’s time for the people to decide how long will they allow the failing departmental leadership of the SCFD to continue and disappoint the Firestone people.

Former Post about coming back:

Jake | SouthernMorality.




Come back and save SCFD before all medical and fire RP dies.


No support, you simply want back in the department.


Coming back, initially, would be nothing but restoring and enforcing standards. I respect and honor your opinion, however, this would mostly be a task that’d take time on my breaks, in between jobs, etc. This would be less of an in-game task as I’d have an active command enforcing standards, something the current command lacks.

Also, Jake Hellman is my real name, that’s why.


I personally believe the department is restoring itself naturally and help from command, i respect your past work from SCFD but I see activity rising and soon a new class will be in SCFD.

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I’m just here for the free pizza…


I’m just here so I don’t get fined


Oh okay


I agree I know Southern ever since I joined, I can say, he is a dick sometimes, though let me tell you he gets stuff done, he has a crude sense of humor, and he is the one who got me into POST which further led me to join FSP and now, SCSO.

Big boi vouches


southern is big boy now

he can go into scfd if he wants

go southern i support u all the way

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@Ash1835 u gonna impeach mack and nominate south


I really have no say in this but I support whatever outcome happens. Although I think you were gone for a reason. Good luck with whatever happens!!


Full support, SCFD is currently losing more members than gaining, the department is run more by line staff than high command at this point, and we aim to be more of a career department over voluntary. Taking all these things into account, I feel it is necessary to have someone from experience that can effectively step up and lead this department for the better.

Also just to note, legislation is being proposed within the county government to make the ranks Candidate, Firefighter, and Paramedic secondary, but is not yet official. Sr. FF/PM+ will still remain primary.

SCFD Paramedic in Charge
State of Firestone


aren’t you banned from firestone?



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I’ve been offered to be unbanned due to the misconception that lead to the ban. I told them I’ve had no reason to really come back.

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plus you are blacklisted from FFA so even if you wanted to you would hold no certification in firestone thus making you incompetent towards the position.


Any discourse that you wish to commence, please DM me.


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so yeah does there need to be leadership change? yes. from you? I don’t know