Re-elect TacticalBlue66 to the Redwood City Council

Hello, I am TacticalBlue66. I am currently an Alderman for the Redwood City Council. I am asking for your support in my campaign!

I - Introduction

I - Introduction

Hello! I am the current Deputy Secretary of the Department of Boating and Waterways, Correctional Officer in the Department of Corrections. I am a former Firefighter, Deputy, Public Employee for Public Works, and the Department of Transportation. I am also the City Advisor for the City of Redwood.

II - Previous City Council Term

II - Previous City Council Term

I was elected into the City Council on April 11th. Since then, I have made it my goal to make sure I fix loopholes in the Redwood City Charter and City Legislation. In my short term, I have presented the most legislation and amendments than any other Alderman this term.

This is a list of some of the amendments and legislation I have presented

An Amendment to the New Redwood City Charter Regarding the Office of the Press Secretary - This amendment allowed for the Press Secretary to appoint a Deputy, and gave the ability for the City Council to remove the Press Secretary.

A Resolution to the New Redwood City Charter Regarding the Ratification of the City Charter - This allows for the City Charter to be ratified with a 2/3 vote instead of unanimous. This allows for important amendments to be passed when only one City Council Alderman does not agree with it.

An Amendment to the New Redwood City Charter Regarding Voting on Bills Updated - This was written by me and Mayor Racing. This was to fix a loophole that made it so City Council members were allowed to vote on Bills. Previously, there was a part missing that made it illegal to vote on Bills.

An Amendment to the New Redwood City Charter Regarding the City Council Chairman - This allows for the City Council to remove a chairman without removing them from the City Council. This also fixed a loophole where the City Chairman could basically kill a bill by not putting it up for a vote. This made it so that after 7 days, it will automatically go up for a vote. This also allows the Mayor to nominate a City Council Alderman to be the Chairman. The City Council then votes on that person.

An Amendment to the New Redwood City Charter Regarding the Signing of Amendments Updated - This fixed a mistake that I had made in a previous amendment. I learned a lot from this incident, which I need to make sure I reread it 4 times.

III - Plans if I am re-elected

III - Plans if I am re-elected

  • I would like to work with the other City Council Alderman and ensure we create some V3 laws. I want to make sure we have a safe and set up the government when V3 is released.

  • I would like to continue working with the Mayor and the Community on making laws and amendments that benefit everyone. I have proposed some bills, and the community showed disapproval for them. After talking to them, I decided to say Nay to my own Bill due to the reaction. We are supposed to listen to the Public and I plan to do this. I know I did not do it well sometimes, but I want to make more opportunities for people to make their voices heard.

  • I would like to work with the State and County government on making laws that will benefit everyone.

IIII - Conclusion

IIII - Conclusion

I plan to use my term to be a voice for the people. Lots of officials say this, but fail to fulfill. I will ensure that I respond to all DMs and questions asked of me. I will remain active and continue to propose amendments and bills to fix issues inside the Redwood Government.

Vote for TacticalBlue66!

~ TacticalBlue66
~ Current City Alderman
~ DoBW Dep. Secretary
~ DoC Correctional Officer

If you have questions, DM me at Blue.#2481 OR post below! I will be answering all questions.




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