Redwood City Council Elections Voting!

Position: City Council
Positions Available: [5]
Voting Deadline: 6/7/20 (I set the poll to close itself, so when it does that voting is over should be around 00:00 EDT)
Election Sponsor: Redwood Mayor, RacingLemonFTW

Voting has opened after forums was down, thank god it’s fixed! Vote for who you would like as the new City Council members of the City of Redwood. The top five (5) people with the most votes shall take the position of City Council. If you do not have a forums account, DM TTV DominusDrew#5381 on discord. Your vote will be added to the final count.

  • CoolPilotCaio1
  • Isu
  • RodrikSousa
  • TacticalBlue66
  • Gamer_Optic
  • CoopaIoop
  • A1exCarter
  • callme_kind
  • robloxelsuper

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where else was it supposed t ogo


Vote TacticalBlue66! Proposed and wrote the most legislation in the Redwood CC!