Re-elect A1exCarter to the Redwood City Council

Hello, I am your longest-serving Redwood Aldermen(councilmen) A1exCarter. I am currently the longest-serving Alderman in the City of Redwood since I was first elected 5 terms ago(20 months), during these 5 terms I served as Council Chairperson for 4 consecutive terms, through the first four(4) terms I served as Acting Mayor 3 times.

I’ve stayed with Redwood from the beginning, we “redwoodians” have been through a lot in the last 20 years, we went through like 5 mayors in 2 months, 3 mayors deleted the discord & other government documents serval times, I’ve stayed beside the people of Redwood to serve at the pleasure of the people, to secure voices within the city, & to secure their freedoms & their safety.

During the last term, we accomplished, alongside the other aldermen, rewriting our city charter to be better than it has ever been before, to protect the people in parking lots via lowing the speed limits within redwood parking lots to 30sps, & with the help of our Mayor, County Executive, & Governor, we were able to secure the property & lives of the people of Redwood from riots & other dangerous acts in the last week.

Further plans??

  • We still need to better municipal relations with the state government, I still feel as if the state government or infringing on key county & city rights.
  • Protest designations, rules, guidelines, etc.
  • Drivers yielding to peds, this is just an issue not only is this an issue for civilians, but law enforcement fails to yield to pedestrians as they are walking on a crosswalk.
  • Establishing a Continuity of Operations Plan for the city of Redwood. This is a huge problem as mentioned above, our the city has gone through so much with our Chief Executive Officer “office”, it being vacated every other week, its an issue and I think its time to fix it.
  • I plan to advocate, on behalf of the people, to the county government to allow Municipal Mayors to have a vote within the county board, most likely because the actions of the County directly involve municipal government. Not only will I advocate for that, but I’ll also advocate for Municipal Mayors to serve on the County Affairs Committee, which is a joint committee of some Senators, Reps, & county councilmen, this committee should also be renamed to the Municipal Affairs Committee, mostly because a County also counts as a municipal government. Currently most municipal within the state have no say in actions taken against it, its time the people get a voice and we demand it now.
  • There is plenty more I have planned for this upcoming term for V3.

Remember re-elect Alderman A1exCarter into the Redwood City Council.

Thank you all for the time you’ve shared.

Also go help Alderman TylerEllerbee get re-elected.






Election over