Public Opinion Poll; Felon Workers in Public Employee Departments

Recently, some discussion has been held regarding the prospect of allowing criminals (felon workers) into Public Employee Departments (DPW and DOT).

It has been discovered that the only credible statute that prohibits this is Executive Order 33, which Governor Floatmanjason has happily said he will edit to accommodate such changes.

I have decided to host this poll to gather the public opinion on this matter.

Should Public Employee Departments allow felon workers?

  • Yes, allow felon workers in public employee departments
  • No, keep it how it is with the current entry requirements

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This is a good idea, I don’t know why it wasn’t allowed in the first place!

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Last thing we need is more rogue DPW and DOT employees. This is why we have the courts and record expungements, and QUIET blaadam!


being crim doesnt mean they’ll go rogue lmao


big doubt

Yes good idea

If you’re doing it as a way to reform (after an appropriate process to be accepted) then sure, otherwise I don’t think it’s gonna go well. Also keep in mind fed might not approve of any of this. I also don’t really see the need for this but ok


Felons have an opportunity to join businesses which would also help businesses who struggle for members which is a problem public departments don’t have

In my experience, rogues don’t come from criminals, they come from alts of banned users.


So basically I would like to know more about how this would work because just allowing any felon to join DOT/DPW, with just a single app and no expungement, doesn’t seem like a good idea to me.

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currently for crp you can do public employee community service which allows you to do dpw community service

And yes, but by allowing felons in, it will be much easier for alts to join. Also, if they commit crimes while on duty, what is gonna happen to them? Ban? Or just an arrest and termination of employment? There’s a lot more that needs to be discussed

Committing crime on duty would constitute termination

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Yeah, as I said I don’t really see the need for this change, but if it’s something people want and it can be done safely then sure.

That would not be enough to stop people from joining just to commit crimes. And I don’t wanna have to chase DPW trucks around RW yknow

Either way, pretty sure fed is not gonna approve

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Everything is still in discussion, looking at the poll at the moment it doesn’t seem like it will happen

There’s a risk in some of this.
If a criminal were to get their hands on heavy machinery, what would be the next thing they do?

If they’re known for causing accidents and injuries through vehicular assault and running from the scene of the accident, how would they act operating a Street Sweeper, Garbage Truck, an F-150 Tow Truck, and such?

If there were a set of rules or prerequisites for a felon to meet before being granted entry into the department, then I’d be in 100% agreement with this, especially if it’s for a felon to reform from their life of crime.

I get where you are coming at and why people may think its a good idea, but really how do we determine what is fair and what isnt, what if your a LEO and in DOT, what if your a felon you murder a DPW then casually hop on team and carry on playing as if it never happened and literally that guys there sweeping the floor with you. Bad idea.