#PR0727-04 - Statement on Suspected "Free-ranking"


Brotix_RBLX, Attorney General

July 27th, 2018

Due to the recent debacle that former Deputy Attorney General JamesDitomosso has stirred-up, I would like to release a statement to the concerned citizens of this state:

In no way was the current Deputy Attorney General, Axovanate, free-ranked. Actually in contrast, and in response to Ditomosso’s statement, being in violation of Executive Order Twenty-Seven (27) is incorrect. As the department has been in a reformative state [office amendments–position amendments] since the day before his resignation.

Executive Order #27 states in Section 1(b):

“If a department has officially declared a “reform” SEC. 1 (a) shall not apply for one (1) week. TheGovernor does NOT need to provide consent.”

In the same token, some may question a “reform” of what exactly–a specific reform is not enumerated.

I am able to proclaim that the actions of myself were within the jurisdiction of the aforementioned order. Simply put, no one did anything wrong.



Where was the governors approval?

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Here you are:

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The department never officially declared reform.
““If a department has officially declared”

I don’t you’ve had the opportunity to view the announcements in our server.


You said since the day before I resigned.
There was NOTHING posted.

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The way I see it, James usurped power multiple times and was given apt leeway. When his actions were justly overruled, he left. When he left, he started spreading rumours and bullshit in order to tear down Brotix’ department and actions.

Pay no heed to James, Brotix. You’re in the right in this one.

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You wouldn’t know until you’ve actually served in the department.
Nor did I leave because I was disciplined in anyway.
I left because Brotix is a terrible leader.

Don’t comment on things you don’t know about, kiddo.

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That does not in anyway, shape, or form, state that you’re undergoing reforms. That lists the reforms you’ve done.

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“declared a reform”

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shut up noob :laughing:

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you are the one that lied about this!

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“If a department has officially declared a ‘reform’”

A reform was never declared.

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The order never enumerated whether such deceleration was to be direct or indirect (which it was in this case).

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as it states you must officially declare, which in speaking means you need to openly declare that reforms are undergoing.

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I don’t need to serve in the DoJ to know that you’re throwing a hissy fit.

You’re a grown man on a LEGO game ranting about & trying to throw hits at someone just because you don’t like them nor agree with them.

It’s not rocket science, nor is it something hidden from the world at large.

You will undoubtedly claim that this is true. I will still nonetheless claim it is ad hominem; that you are on a warpath without a cassus belli, if you will, other than your own ego.

@DannyboyJurist Keep an eye on this topic.

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If I gave a flying fuck about my ego, I’d be the Attorney General, and I would’ve never gone rogue.

I have proven that it is true, because I don’t want a department that I practically made to go down the drain due to some incompetent fool who is in it for the power.

And I’m here for the shits and giggles but why not be professional for once?

Get over yourself and don’t involve yourself into something you don’t understand. Good day.

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If I were in it for the “power” I would’ve initially pursued an interest in becoming the Attorney General.

I was offered the position (while unemployed) and I accepted. There was no power-grab.

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