[OBSERVATIONS] TACTlCALHAWK's Assistant Warden hire-in


As a Lieutenant in SCSO, I have gone through 8 months of working up to my position. Also through the development of reading the “Habitudes” series which invokes leadership and opportunity, I have come upon the following observations.

Throughout my time in SCSO, I have learned several things in a department.

Hiring from the outside

If you hire from the outside, it causes a disturbance. Just like now, people are angry about the situation or simply caught off guard. This causes corruption from the inside out. Not saying the TACTICALHAWK is corrupt, I am saying that bringing in outside hires for a management position may result in a few things.

Firstly, it may cause major policy or department changes. Whether good or bad, changes aren’t good if they are fast. Fast changes catches people off guard and requires extensive feedback from individuals being affected.

Secondly, ANY outside hiring, no matter their background, can compare to a promotion within the department. For example, even if a Walmart executive with experience was hired in right away as a Target executive, target has different policies, a different lifestyle, and this can result in culture from Walmart mixing in with Target.

Promoting from the inside

It is MUCH BETTER to promote WITHIN the department. Doing so causes a sort of apprentice effect. HICOMM members of DOC have been training and learning and experiencing things within DOC, taking in the policies and feeling for the ropes of DOC, enabling them to expand in a larger position. Promoting within the department causes slow changes, if any, and allows little to no disturbance at all. Again, promotions are natural, but hiring management positions are sudden.

Apprentice Effect

Gonna touch on this a bit more. This is something I have gathered from one of the “Habitudes” readings I have read. In a company (or department in this case), promoting from within allows a few things. First, prior to being promoted, the person is learning from someone. They are taking in the policies and everyday life of the department. They are embracing the culture and innerworkings of the department. Then, when they are promoted, they are experienced and have a SET PLAN on what they will do with the department.

If you hire from outside, the person doesn’t necessarily have a set plan and can make major changes that affect the people working in the specific department.

Doesn’t matter the person

I don’t care what you think about TAC, or what you think about his experience, this sort of observation can be seen ANYWHERE. In companies, departments, gangs, or sports. Any leadership can be affected by this sort of “hiring from the outside”. Mixing and changing the culture of that company, department, etc.

CONCLUSION Promote from the inside so people know what they’re doing and don’t cause major changes and cause little disturbance. Hiring from the outside brings a disturbance and may cause major changes and a new work environment.


Lieutenant Mxtt_Bear

p.s. I am neither FOR or AGAINST his hire in to DOC, he MAY have potential, but again, it is BETTER to promote from within.

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I understand the frustration that many people have, however here’s the deal.

  • There have been many “occasions” of free ranks that have been covered up or not talked about
  • I have actual plans, experience, and most of DOC wants me.
  • I’ve asked for one to two weeks to prove myself worthy by setting up relationships with members, etc.
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Sometimes you need someone from the outside to change things up and revitalize the department. Sure, you can run on what works, but don’t you think that’d get boring after a while? Someone from the outside can come in and look at things with a fresh pair of eyes, and point out things that one may haven’t noticed.

Give him a chance, the toxicity and hatred against this isn’t helping anyone.

Edit: not saying this forum was made to be toxic, speaking in general.


Very well. I am only suggesting the fact to which promoting from within is usually the more considerable option. This aroused much conversation and controversy amoungst both DOC and other departments.

I am not the one causing the arousing, so all I can say is some of DOC and other departments are concerned, to which I suggest this.

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Completely agree. Outside eyes can serve as a set of GUIDANCE to a situation and a department. I feel that this sudden change of administration was a bit fast, with little consulting within the department. I see little hatred towards him, and even if there is, I feel it should be merely ignored.

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In par with Gibson’s letter,

I’ve seen more than enough to obviously accept the request of assistant warden. I have worked in so many departments out of DOC, to realize what needs to be fixed, changed, etc.

DOC is known for “immaturity, etc” and I indeed plan to somewhat fix that reputation. I’ve done it before with SCSO, I’m sure I can do it with DOC.


A sudden change in administration can be bad, but I haven’t seen much outrage from DOC, most of it seems to be coming from departments that aren’t DOC.

Anyways, this will all blow over when the next big thing happens, whether it be for good or bad.


Again, besides your past experiences, how well do you know the culture and inner-workings of DOC?

In your statement, you say you have worked with many other departments to get them back on their feet. However, in my time here, I have seen you under the radar, helping out of the way. Stepping in as assistant warden aroused disturbance.

If you were to possibly help the warden under the radar as you usually do, would that have not started this? A title is for glory and power. Helping someone is for the feeling of satisfaction that you succeeded in helping a cause.

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It’s time for change to come, and if it takes “free ranking” to do it, so be it.
It’s time that people toughen up and play fair. If someone on the outside is seeing trouble, and then the department head wants them to fix it with them, so be it. I’ve accepted this position with no previous knowledge of me going to be made this position, and I do indeed plan on fixing the “Bad” reputation that DOC has been given from previous events.

It takes time, which is why I’m willing to give my valuable time to help change and shape this department to what it really should be.

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Which is why I’m not bragging about the position, nor have I done anything with DOC except started speaking with correctional officers with personal things. It’s all about building bonds and then gaining their trust. This is what I’m trying to do now to prevent further incidents.

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Going to just put my word out there now, I don’t have much experience with DOC HICOMM and how they work, other than Droow was acting assistant warden for a while, so help me understand.

Why, YOU, stepping in instead of an inter-promotion better than Droow or another HICOMM member being promoted?

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Thank you for helping me understand.

However, I see two views on this, so help me also understand.

You have worked under the radar A LOT correct? Helping departments and investigations go underway. You may be known as the FBI head, but you also do undercover work that many people don’t EXPLICITLY and DETAILEDLY know.

Don’t get me wrong, having the title is great for others to know you have the position and can submit feedback to you, but how is this any different than your past experiences?

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As previously stated, HICOM and Wolf thought it was time for a new set of outside eyes to step in and help.

If you look in real life, there is no “free ranking” when someone gets a position in a business, etc. Firestone strives off of realism, and this whole shabang with the complaining, etc is not realistic.

Nobody in real life “complains” if someone who hasn’t worked in McDonalds before, gets manager (with the appropriate training, etc)

It’s about time, building trust, and overall respect and willing to work for the department. Trust me, I didn’t know I’d be working for DOC today, which is why I’m quite actually stunned I’m able to work with this position.

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Again, back to my Walmart and Target connection. If an executive from Walmart leaves to work as an executive for Target, people may certainly NOT complain. In fact, many may care less.

However, it changes the culture of the business. The Walmart exec is now bringing new things, good or bad for the business, to Target.

Similar to FBI, bringing the culture of FBI over to DOC. This could make DOC more strict, but could also result in less correctional officers, causing resignations, which in turn causes inactivity and the department’s downfall.

Again, getting into the extremities of it, but is all possible.

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TitanNation, please stop posting off-topic information on this forum post. Thank you.

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If the correctional officers don’t want to be responsible and mature, then they don’t deserve to work for the department. I’m sure that’s how all other departments work. Changes are coming, if they disagree, we can talk and handle it. As far as I’m concerned, DOC is somewhat supportive of the new changes, and are willing to work with us while we transition.

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Also to add, I didn’t really intend this to be going into your personal experience, but to show that getting from the inside is may I state USUALLY better than getting from the outside.

I am all for a better DOC, but which way is a higher percentage of success.

  • Bringing from within
  • Bringing from without
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I have seen you have stated several times that you have experience. Therefore, I can conclude I trust your decisions and being hired in, but again, THIS FORUM POST is to remind of the possible pros and cons of the situation.

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Well, good question.

When you’re trying to get a better prospective on the department, ranging from exterior operations, ranging from what the public see of DOC, I’m sure that’s better than having a person from the “inside” handle it.

It’s much more beneficial to bring someone from outside that knows the issues that a department, agency, or business is having and then assist them with it.

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