Kerbal's Response

Okay let’s break this down.

All officers and agents of the government are mandated to execute the duties of their
office in some form or fashion.

Response as to Terminology

Kinda messed that one up. Cause I obviously did execute my duties “in some form or fashion” so you could’ve worded that better…

We conducted a review, and determined, that the activities of the Chief Justice thekerbal
may be eligible for potential impeachment proceedings. We base our judgment on the “gross
misconduct, ineptitude, neglect of duty” clause within sub-clause VI of clause VI of Article I.

Response as to Terminology

Chris, you’ve been in Firestone for like God knows how long… you should know that Articles are composed of Sections and Sections are composed of clauses. Either way, you’ve provided no evidence of “gross misconduct” or “ineptitude.” I haven’t done anything egregious nor do you allege that I have, and I’m not sure how I’m inept but um ok go on. I’m guessing this is primarily about “neglect of duty.”

Our basis for this judgment begins in the middle of July of 2021. The Chief Justice
suddenly declared a leave of absence, until late July, due to being unable to connect to the wifi.
About two weeks later the Chief Justice submitted two more notices over the course of the
month. This effectively extended the original absence from early July until almost the middle of

Important Response

Now this is what I call “ineptitude.” This is literally just plain wrong, and either you guys are horrible at investigating or you’re intentionally misleading and skewing a story to make it seem as though I went on an inactivity notice for literally 2 months. I wasn’t on an inactivity notice from May until August whatsoever, and I definitely hadn’t started an inactivity notice in “early July.” The first inactivity notice I went on after May was from 13 - 27 August (2 weeks). I was literally out of the country and hadn’t had an inactivity notice for over 3 months (in this time I opened JMP and did a bunch of cases), so I thought it was suitable to get a break from Firestone… On 29 August I simply didn’t feel as though I could do something productive in Firestone, as I had just returned from the first break in a quarter year. It wouldn’t be helpful to anyone if I went back and stayed sluggish, and I wasn’t feeling motivated at that time.

So I decided to extend it till 9 September. After such, I immediately returned and got back into cases and JMP (I’ll talk about JMP in a bit more detail later).

And, I will reiterate, it is plain defamation that I was on an absence from “early July until almost the middle of September.” I was on an absence from 13 August - 9 September, which is less than 4 weeks. Sure, this is quite a while to be gone for, but there are no strict regulations on inactivity anymore. In my eyes, I could not execute the duties of my office effectively if I didn’t have a break to just cool down and settle back into Firestone. I don’t plan to go on any more of these extended absences any time soon.

During this time, the Judicial Mentorship Program (“JMP”) effectively ceased to
continuously operaterate, and multiple cases came to an effective halt mid-trial. This halt
continued up until approximately 11 September.


Well, yeah… that’s kinda how an inactivity notice works. There’s things outside of Firestone that I can’t control. Trust me, there’s been worse inactivities in the Judicial Branch which have largely gone unnoticed… I’m not excusing my prolonged absence, but I will reiterate that afterwards I went fully back into Firestone and got cases + JMP rolling again. Now, one thing which I do intend to do is allow my colleagues on the Supreme Court to have a larger oversight over JMP. During my absence I did delegate some authorities of oversight to an Associate Justice for the General Overview Mentoring stage of JMP and this was quite successful.

When asked about the reasoning for his continued absence the Chief Justice replied:
“CBA”. He was requested to further define what this meant and declined to do so. We reviewed
the possible meanings for this acronym and found one possible match: “Can’t Be Arsed”. We
located this phrase (and the acronym “CBA”) being used by various other individuals within the
state. Thus, it is highly probable that the Chief Justice was referring to the acronym to specify
that he did not care to undertake his duties. Further, in interviewing the Chief Justice’s
supervisors in the various state departments he is in noted that he cited a “vacation” as the reason
for the long leave. In one department this could be seen in the leave request form.


I love you chris lmao wtf, next time ask me what I mean by that a bit more relaxed and I might answer lol pretty obvious you were investigating me but aight

Anyways um yeah as I said I was on vacation and afterwards I needed to gradually get back into Firestone. If I were to have come back instantly it would only have caused more issues in cases, trust me. It was also the start of a new and important school curriculum for me so I needed a break, ok…? I’m not a robot.

Thus, in reference to Article, I § VI(VI) the legislature - we conclude - is permitted to
pursue impeachment proceedings against the Chief Justice.

Response as to Terminology

Ok thanks FBI for your wonderful “authorization” to a state legislature to do what they are authorized to do under the Constitution… yeah ok

We provide, attached, the major pieces of the evidentiary record used in this review.
However, we notate that most of this record is available forthright to the people of this state with
the exception of the Judicial Mentorship Program channels.

Alright, let’s look at the evidence then.

"i cba"


In the absence of an Inactivity Article, I found it fit to determine to what extent I can go on an inactivity notice without it being considered a neglection of my duties. Based on my own determinations, I found a max of 27 days to be suitable considering my real-life situation, how long I went without an inactivity notice in the past (at that time more than 3 months), and what positive impact I could have on Firestone if I were to return right as my school year started (very little due to inconsistent activity and stress). I returned getting right to work on JMP and my court cases. This screenshot simply indicates my statement at that time and nothing else… there’s not much else to say.


Screen capture - f7bc1b93bd68b8cf69f952cb8822b327 - Gyazo

The GIF shows the #jmp-general chat where all JMP participants can communicate. It’s not really an indicator of how active JMP is as JMP-wide announcements are practically nonexistent as I prioritize one-to-one communications with the mentees. So I’m not sure what impact this GIF has as it pretty much just shows some bland general communications…

Teddy JMP Transcript

This transcript shows hxppyteddyy’s direct JMP communications. It’s approximately the 1st month of them joining the Program using the ABE Initiative. I honestly don’t know how this shows anything bad… within 3 days we cover some ethical questions and get a mock trial finished. Myself and ElloNT then ask questions regarding the mock trial as JMP Management agreed that it was pretty much unsatisfactory (a fail), so we want to go over what went wrong and we want to proof teddy’s abilities. Some of the communications were during my inactivity notice, but we did get through everything and confirmed that teddy would have to take the TAE in order to continue. I don’t think it’s unreasonable that it took a few weeks considering I was on a valid inactivity notice. There were more communications after this ended regarding the TAE and how to continue which are not included here. Overall, not sure what to say as to this “evidence.”

Hec JMP Picture

Obviously I can’t bother with Firestone when I’m on an inactivity notice… I’m not sure how this is incriminatory or how this is considered bad, Hec was first unavailable and then when he was available I wasn’t. It’s just a scheduling issue. I can’t progress him through JMP while I’m on an inactivity notice…

The last 2 pieces of evidence were just a JMP Overview so um I’m not sure what that’s supposed to mean and my DOT employee card which includes the excused absences which I requested there. They’re all in perfect regulatory order so there’s not much to comment on there.

Now for the main issues that I’ll discuss:

The Program

There’s 4 mentees in the Judicial Mentorship Program as of right now. 3 of them are actively under my watch and engaging in a way that I can progress them through. 1 of them is currently in the TAE phase (second-to-last phase), 1 of them is currently in the PAEs phase (last phase), and 1 of them is currently in the GOM Practical phase (third-to-last phase). By rigorizing the JMP system I intend to ensure only high-quality candidates get through and, more importantly, that people put actual effort into becoming a Judge, lest they just go inactive the moment they get on the bench. 2 of the mentees got in via the ABE Initiative which means they had enough experience to skip phases of the Program (which is a privilege). Both of the ABE mentees have, with concurrence of the AJSCs, had issues with practical and theoretical aspects of the Program. I want to ensure these are ironed out before giving out any recommendations.

1 thing which has caused many issues is the image which current mentees portray in public and in private. Much of this conduct is not how an actual Judge should act, so I cannot in good faith recommend these individuals until I am convinced that they have adequate theoretical and practical knowledge and will comply with the Code of Judicial Ethics.

I hope to recommend an individual to the District Court this week.

Objectively Disproving Relative Inactivity

It is statistically proven that I am active in relation to the rest of the Judiciary in terms of court cases which I complete.

The graph below shows the amount of cases I completed between July and September.

Numbers marked green are where I completed MORE or the same amount of cases as ALL OTHER Judges and Justices in the branch combined (3-vs-1).

In September I completed more cases than all other Judges and Justices combined, and between July and September I completed more or the same amount of civil cases 2/3 months, I completed more or the same amount of criminal cases 3/3 months, and I completed more or the same amount of record expungements 2/3 months

(Cases Completed by All Other Judges & Justices)

If case loads were equally distributed, I should only have completed 41 cases (25% of all cases), but I actually completed 70 cases (43% of all cases). Even if you do not account for Associate Justice idot_dannyboy who typically refrains from taking all too many District-level cases, I would still take up 10% more cases than I would be apportioned in an equal system.

It’s also worthy to note that in August and part of September I was on a valid inactivity notice, yet I still managed to complete more or the same amount of record expungements and criminal cases as all other Judges & Justices combined in the month of August and in September I completed more cases than all other Judges & Justices combined.

The Summary

These statistics are not meant to “incriminate” other judicial officials.

We are all doing the best we can to keep this system running. It’s a tedious fucking job, so no wonder I and other hard-working lawyers and judges alike want to take a break every now and then.

Instead of punishing the judicial and justice systems by skewing the facts and finding a scapegoat, we should work collectively to find the larger issues which plague this community and cause so many to lose interest in it.

Fedora and many others dislike and misunderstand us in so many ways. We’re literally trying to impartially roleplay realistic proceedings and the only reward is geting berrated by those who know the least about how we function. This has been the truth in the justice system since a decline which has been continuous since 2018.

We need to fundamentally change the expungement system. I’m currently working on an Act to accommodate streamlining such. The Supreme Court is stagnant, and this must be fixed. But in all reality, the Supreme Court cases which we have now are practically irrelevant to Firestone, unlike how it was in 2017 and 2018.

We also need a reason to exist. The more v2 degrades, the more it seems laughable that we still have court cases on this 4-year old game. It’s hard to put effort into cases when the only substance behind them is this dying game which no one really likes to play. It really demotivates me and I’m sure others when I remember that I’m doing this for v2. It’s the obvious and only reason no one wants to be a lawyer. Why would you be a lawyer in a game with (1) practically no roleplay, (2) Founders who don’t want the organizations which they created to exist and function as they should, and (3) no real development supporting the idea of suits and legal actions. At this moment I would say that Mayflower is a better alternative to those people, but we know how that turned out…

Can we also normalize that sometimes people want to have a break from this Roblox game? Yes, I believe if you sign up for a position you can’t always use this excuse. I also dislike the excuse that there’s “no one else” capable of doing it. Perhaps, but that’s not why I’m Chief Justice (I hope). Trust me when I say that I want to do everything to change the Judiciary for the better. I’ve got plans, and I’ll get these in motion (and, aye, finally finish the Traffic Code) after 21 October.

FBI info is blatantly lying about how long I was on LOA for
I’m statistically active
DCJ nomination hopefully this week
JMP slow because I care about quality
Taking a break ≠ neglect of duties

thank you everyone. Thank you danny, ello, zhukov, and all the lawyers and DOJ. yall make the roblox courts run (i gotta go eat now theres probably mistakes in here ill read ur msgs when im back)


Select all squares with Traffic Lights:


If there are none, click Skip.


I agree and I am very upset that this picture I sent to a trusted colleague of mine was used in this report to try and defame you


There is no defamation going on here hecxtro…

Won’t lie, a very thorough response that raises some good key points that need to be considered in this whole “drama”.


>the malicious and unjustified harming of a person’s good reputation


well actually that’s the definition of character assassination because its what most people mean when they say defamation

if we use the definition of libel (written defamation):
>a (1) published (2) false statement that is (3) damaging to a person’s reputation
and the similar legal standard of a false, damaging statement


sort this out before i step in with the chancla

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crown vic and srt drivers



My professional takeaways after reviewing all ends of this shituation:

  • Chris is hilariously incompetent and I never quite understand why people give him jobs, it’s like if we let dogsandpuppies be Governor
  • This investigation is a witch hunt into a nonexistent issue

AMEN. jmp is literally moving but we barely have any new people passing the bar exam these days. there’s little to no motivation to maintain this overworked and completely underappreciated branch. i have no clue what chris was thinking.


i do not understand how both the AG and Director of FBI read this and were like “yeah sure good”
where was the due diligence
this is quite literally trying to use an office for personal gain, political or otherwise


Makes me laugh that someone had to be attacked in a chat over a lego press release. I completely don’t understand that the fact of this whole drama when it’s over a lego press release of an investigation, some people just need to learn this is a game and that they are acting like there life is at sake lol.


this is why i quit firestone. people are so pathetic and go after others for no reason. i wish you the best of luck sir.


we should be lucky we have a chief justice period, especially someone as good as him. i dont see the problem with kerbal as he is doing his job and he is doing his job WELL


impeachment was retired by rep cooldudesub


dont worry these kids are just tryhards tryna tear someone down because clout


who would win in a war fbi or courts


Clearly courts




yes there is

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