Hobo_Bear & B_ear - Paintball Event!


Hobo_Bear & B_ear Paintball Event!

Hello Firestone!

B_ear and I, alongside our amazing campaign staff, would love to invite each and every one of you to a paintball event at Triumph Stadium this Saturday!

The event will start at 22:30 GMT (5:30PM EST), 30 minutes before sign ups, to allow for businesses to offer their services and to give attendees more time to join the correct server. We would be pleased to invite all businesses and even offer employees the chance to represent their company during the match!

The match will start at 23:00 GMT (6:00PM EST). Before and throughout the event you may ask the bear administration any questions or concerns you may have.

1st place will win 20,000 FSD.
2nd place will win 10,000 FSD.
3rd place will win 5,000 FSD.

We wish everyone the best of luck and I hope you all have fun. See you there at 22:30 GMT on Saturday 15th January!

Please keep an eye on this thread and our discord!

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Signups start in 20 minutes!

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Thank you all for attending the event, it was a pleasure to meet you all and I hope you all had some fun.

1st place is ExoticShepherd
2nd place is sxmpIyyjj
3rd place is LegitimatelyRyan

Congratulations all! It was brilliant to see paintball up and going again.

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