Freedom of Information Request Regarding the Dismissal of Secretary of State Wolf_RBX

In accordance with BoR.X, I hereby submit the following freedom of information request for the following information:

  • The exact details of the request of the aforementioned foreign policy including also the evidence of said request being late to your standard
  • The aforementioned foreign policy in its entirety to view the contents and determine how said policy doesn’t meet the supposed standards of the administration
  • The number of issues regarding recent actions and activity issues as so mentioned within the letter of dismissal

Whilst there is no time limit set in the law, should this request not be fulfilled within a reasonable time, legal action may be pursued.



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who’s the governor and lt gov

five characters

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well i surely did NOT expect this but yes please we deserve to know why our favorite cabinet member was fired!!!




lettuce riot in the streets


Support! We as citizens of the State must understand what decisions our elected officials make.

SPT OliverSteph

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they have cabbage shields bro it’ll never work


I furthermore ask for all records of said complaints and so forth as stated in this quote:

I furthermore ask for all records of these conversations

y’all wilding :rofl:

had me in the first half

I don’t really see the point of this, it’s literally Josh’s cabinet he has absolute control and it’s ultimately his decision, who cares about the reasons he provided.

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Not to mention, it states here that only information that is actively collected has to be released. It’s not reasonable to make the man sort through hundreds of DMs that are not actively collected by the Governor


i like josh and how he’s been doing as a governor. i’m also not saying this was a bad dismissal, as we don’t really know the full story.

however, let’s assume wolf is right and it was a bad dismissal. imagine working your ass off to lead and improve a department, then you get fired when you don’t deserve it based off of false information.

A dismissal doesn’t need any information, it is completely up to the Governor to control who is and is not in the cabinet. If josh didn’t like wolf that’s perfectly good reason to fire him, he cannot be expected to work with someone he does not like but is doing a ‘good job’

i do acknowledge that. i still think dismissals should have valid reasoning, even if it’s not legally required. it’s not necessarily common practice to dismiss cabinet members, it usually has reasoning behind it.

i’m not saying this particular situation had no reasoning, i’m speaking more in a general sense.

and yeah, i realize it’s his cabinet. but this isn’t real life where cabinet members are dismissed every term. dismissing cabinet members in firestone has different effects and is not common

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