Firestone Roleplay is Flawed

Actually it’s not flawed, it’s straight up fucked up.

Tell me, do you roleplay?

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  • No

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If you just voted yes, good job, liar, because you don’t. If you just voted no, then you probably know what I’m about to say.

Firestone is not a roleplay state.

Exactly, screw this “Firestone is roleplay” thing, it’s not roleplay, and it wasn’t for a long time already. If you voted yes, then you will probably say “Oh, but Doktor, we have the FRP guide, and the roleplay rules and all that kind of stuff”. I’ll just say, that it’s useless and dumb. Nobody in Firestone roleplays, and I am 99% sure that if there would be no such rules in Firestone, Firestone would be much better in that sense.

All the people who just voted yes are, I’m pretty sure, people who lie not only to people around them, but to themself as well. So who are you, a person, who just voted yes? Another criminal who just sped off from a traffic stop, and then calls LEOs FRPers because they rushed you with a baton instead of doing HRS? Another police officer, who just ignored several people speeding infront of him, because “they are FRPers and copbaiters”? Another civillian, that pretends to be sick with a random ass disease that causes him to vomit on everyone around him for no apparent reason? Im sure you are one of these people who blame others for not roleplaying when they don’t care about roleplay by themself as well. I do not roleplay, and I am saying that without hesitation, so stop lying and admit it as well.

Now, let me explain why exactly Firestone Roleplay is so fucked up:

  1. The FRP guide. Oh, I hate that thing so much. This is not a guide related to roleplay, this is a game rules guide, and the rules are retarded. First, it is not there to define boundaries between roleplay and what would be no roleplay, it is there to tell you what you just can’t do while covering itself with fancy roleplay terms like “Metagaming”, and then it tells you that you should follow it or else… nothing most of the time, but there is a chance that you will get banned! A lot of actions, that would be considered not roleplay are also not covered in this guide too such as immersion breaking, for example. This FRP guide exists not to uphold roleplay or protect it, but to stop people from being annoying, while mixing in unnecessary roleplay aspects, that, without other necessary roleplay aspects, make them rather annoying, than useful. There should be a roleplay guide instead, that would cover all roleplay aspects and actually protect and uphold roleplay.

  2. Even what FRP guide has is useless, because mods can’t uphold it. They try to, but they can’t, because they don’t have tools to do so, and because a system that relies on people to abide the rules, when people who join Firestone do not care about roleplay most of the time, is retarded. For example, mods in V2 can only view 1 person at a time and people around them, they can’t just, for example, freely fly around the county to see what’s up. They don’t have any flow of information they can analyse either. They don’t have a normal live updated chat log that covers what all the people in the county say. They don’t have a live action log, that would let them track certain things like people shooting eachother or something, so if there is no proof of a rule violation nobody can do anything if the mod didn’t see it by himself. They don’t have a live feedback form or anything like that, where people could instantly report a rule violation to an ingame mod without having to go on Discord. Job of a mod is analysing information and tracking players, not sitting at the bus stop in V2 and looking out for people who are stupid enough to do something near a mod. Trust me on this point, I have enough experience of being a mod to say this.

  3. The game is open access, which means that anybody can join the game. That is not the true issue, the true issue is that the people who join are not guided. They are not notified with “hey, this is a roleplay game, we highly suggest you read our rules at blah blah before you start playing!”, they are not constantly tracked by mods either, who could remove them before its too early. (Refer to point 2) As well, the people who join are not filtered to even be competent, to see if they can even understand what this game is and what to do. This is planned to be solved by making V3 be paid access with 25 robux, however this is not the best decision, since it limits access to only people who have robux.

  4. Using /me’s aka -opens door- kind of things instead of actual tools or gameplay actions is autistic. Using such things should not be mandatory in the first place. If there is no tool for it, you should not be required to do the action message. If there is a tool for it, it should not be required either. Such messages should only be used for actions that just can’t be simulated by tools or assumed like -shakes someone’s hand-, but not -smashes the window-, -opens the door-, -unbuckles the driver-, -pulls out the driver-, -tackles-, and so on, you get the idea, its retarded. For that same reason tools should be improved to either restrict something that would be “FRP” or give ability to do something that could be seen by others more easily. Env said that V3 will have more things reliant on tools, so thats better too, but the rest of the point stays.

  5. A lot of people here don’t want to roleplay and instead use roleplay as an excuse to get themself out of situations and make someone else at fault instead. Mostly this is done by criminals who do retarded shit that would not be considered roleplay if Firestone would have adequate roleplay rules like killing a police officer at the traffic stop for the sole reason of it, and then, when they are caught, they blame the officer for “FRPing”, because they got rushed with a baton after they crashed into a pole and are trying to reverse out. That causes a situation where criminals don’t have much requirements for considering limitations of the game, which allows them to ram armored humvees and drive away just fine and realistic, but when police officers are using their cuffs on a running person it is unrealistic because apparently they did not say -tackles-. This is just a form of using roleplay as an excuse by people like the ones who voted yes on the vote in the beginning.

And so, Firestone only has 2 choices to improve the situation with roleplay. The first one is to actually improve it to make sure there are conditions for roleplay to happen at all. Second, is to do what Mayflower did. Stop making “roleplay” mandatory, and instead just add 1 simple rule that protects people that roleplay from outer interference, while everyone else is free to do whatever they want. But pretending that we are still a roleplay state, and everything is fine is wrong, and people should stop doing it.

Commence the shitstorm.


I’m a bit busy at the moment, and I’ll read this later, but I doubt v2 will ever have 100% roleplay again. At the moment, Firestone is cops and robbers. I think v3 will fix lots of the issues Firestone has in terms of roleplay, though.


All roleplay went out the window when the game went free, if you was around for when v2 was in alpha it was rather enjoyable to play


@Cuxle something I hope you understand is that it’s not only LEOs who FRP. Criminals FRP just as much, if not more more.

I hope you don’t think I’m singling you out, this is just another argument to your post about batons.

And I don’t think you’re the type to FRP (I don’t think you are since you are a pretty active member of the community), but other people do.


imo I believe that roleplay should just be completely replaced with game mechanics

wanna kidnap someone? cool buy twist ties and tie somebody up etc

also right now, new players join the game try to roleplay properly get bored and start to drive reckless because theres nothing else to do so um might wanna get that fixed in V3


Yes. This will work. I think this is basically how v3 will go.


This is also why V3 should forever remain in paid access, it will assist in preventing exploiters, alts, trollers and noobs since most people won’t go through the effort to buy robux just to mess around for a few minutes on a lego game to end up getting banned. I’m not saying that it will completely remove all of the above listed issues but it will definitely assist in the reduction of them.


Yes, because non-game mechanics roleplay only works for small communities, like Firestone before V2 was released to the public. Now it does not work anymore.


It doesn’t have to be paid if you make it like I said. After all, you could just make it a whitelist.


That would just be a lot of unneeded scripting to make an entire whitelist system that needs to constantly be updated. It would just be easier to make it paid access and anyone who wants to get access to V3 can either buy 100 robux or get it donated to them


Not really, you could just sync it with the trello like it is already and it would work just fine.


The russians actually right,


ROBLOX wasn’t built as a role play platform, sorry for getting your hopes up. If you want an actual RP community, save up some money and buy a decent PC to run GTA V. Then, go join one of those communities. You’re never going to get a decent role play community on ROBLOX. This entire post seems like a waste of breath.

  1. Good roleplay is possible on Roblox, its possible everywhere, even in Discord. Only thing that differs is the quality of immersion.
  2. Thank you, I have a PC that can run GTA V on Ultra settings.
  3. I already have a place where I can get good roleplay, and it’s not GTA V or Roblox.
  4. If this would be a waste I would not type all of this text.

Let’s be realistic, this is a waste of text. Nothing’s gonna change. Those FRP guides is still gonna be there, and so will the endless amounts of cops vs robbers scenes.


As I said, waste.


Cool, then I practiced my essay writing skills.


I think LEOs will still FRP a lot though. The only way to fix it is to have more game mods watch over LEOs rather than only watching civs. I see LEOs FRP on a daily basis.


While I don’t agree with many of the things said in your post, the overall message is that the roleplay needs to be improved and a lot of people can’t even roleplay right, and it is true and something needs to be done about it. Thank you for bringing this up.


yes officer, this post right here is too accurate.

i’ve been saying it forever. maybe this time people will get the idea.

who am i kidding