Firestone County Executive Special Elections June 2024

County Executive Special Elections of June 2024

Position(s) Available: 1
Required Signatures: 20
Election Sponsor: Governor scriblelz

Election Guidelines

  • Candidates will be responsible for attaching a link to their post AFTER receiving the required amount of supports (20). It shall be the candidates responsibility to check that they have received the required amount prior to posting.
  • Candidates may not commit any crime against democracy, as defined in Chapter 12 of the Firestone Criminal Code.
  • Candidates may not have an unexpunged, unpardoned, or otherwise unremoved felony arrest or conviction.
  • Candidates may not violate any section in “The Elections Act” or violate any other election requirements or rules set by law.
  • All regulations permitted under The Elections Act apply.

Election Schedule

  • Campaigning shall be open from 06/12/24 @ 7:15 AM EST - 06/19/2024 @ 3:00 PM EST
  • Voting shall open on 06/19/2024 @ 4:00 PM EST
  • Voting shall close on 06/20/2024 @ 4:00 PM EST
  • Newly elected shall take office immediately upon closure of voting.

Should no more than 1 individuals run and qualify, voting shall be voided and the candidate will be elected.


Governor scriblelz




I will be running, it’s time to Restore Prosperity!

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I have reached 20 signatures.


rats! there goes my campaign…


Repost only if you obtain the required amount of supports.

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I have reached the signature requirement. Thanks to all those who have supported as I am unable to campaign much due to my exams!!


I have reached the required supports and look forwards to the opportunity to support our great state/county in this role! Thank you to all who supported. M_rBigHead for County Executive | Bring back Simpler Times - #28 by ryanwilson747


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