Discussion on Logs, Activity, and the Community

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What are your thoughts on this announcement?

Thoughts on Fed requiring patrol logs again in V2?

  • Fed overstepped and shouldn’t of done this
  • I am indifferent (neutral)
  • Fed did the right thing in stepping in

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Should employees be required to patrol in V2 while we wait?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I am indifferent (neutral)

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Thoughts on the preference V2/ V3

  • I prefer playing V2
  • I prefer playing V3
  • I don’t have a preference

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  • Waiting for V3 by submitting a LOA request and not playing V2
  • Not waiting for V3 and am resigning from my department
  • Playing V2 on a department team

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I plan on… (ANYONE ANSWER)

  • Waiting for V3 BUT will not play V2
  • Not waiting for V3 and am leaving the community
  • Playing V2 on a civilian

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Make sure to comment below on anything specific you would like to mention regarding logs / the activity of V2 & V3.

Is there anything that can be done to get you excited to patrol in V2?
Are you in the community just to see how V3 pans out?
Do you not care about the actual games but enjoy the discord roleplaying? (Investigations, Court Cases, Department paperwork, etc.)


he didn’t get his money for 2 weeks because no one plays his games anymore megalol

I say we all request mass LOA


Imagine having quota’s in the first place



The activity requirements on the platform are crazy to begin with. Activity requirements should be pushed out on a monthly basis, rather than weekly. Many of us, who have been around for a long period of time are now attending higher education, working full time, have families to be with, but also get some fun out of Firestone.

I myself, no longer patrol or am in a department of that matter as I have real life obligations and let this community and Roblox consume my life to the point people knew my online persona, and not who I really was as an individual.

While we’re in this discussion, v3 development has proposed many false promises over time and I am just sick of seeing posts about it coming, releasing, moving into another stage, more fallbacks, etc. The development and release of v3 was failed since the beginning of it’s announcement in 2018, when I started working on v3 myself.

I could go on and on… However, I believe for v3, departments activity requirements should be lessened to allow people to want to patrol for fun, to spend their free time, and not make it so they put this before outside commitments and their own mental health. As a long time roleplaying community, this is something I’ve always struggled with seeing, and if we all could just understand we’re all here because we enjoy roleplaying and engaging in the community we call Firestone. The forcing of extensive logging requirements and disciplinary action within this community needs to loosen up in my opinion.


was about to do one of those long reflectory posts but then decided that there’s already a shitton of them. so, i just gathered some that are relevant and included them in this message


Time will tell if V2 can become active enough for logs to be reasonable again. If V2 remains as dead as it has been, this will just piss off more people. There’s no easy out of this.


V3 has been in development for too long. It was supposed to be in BETA years ago, and even when it finally released it was underdelivered. I think to some people, it’s not worth waiting anymore.

It’s also clear that V2 has been ignored with major updates over the past year. It’s gotten to the point where I am not playing anymore because the game constantly crashes, bugs are never fixed, and more and more stuff is breaking. It’s frustrating and disappointing.

The majority of the community likes V2. I don’t think V3 is going to bring up activity, it’s just not in enough people’s interests. If it were me, I would focus on fixing and updating V2. It doesn’t make sense working on a new game that will not appeal to the majority of the community.


fed took too long to drop v3 and it ended up being bad lol.


on god we need bi-weekly or monthly logs. Since fed stepped in the least our department heads can do is make it bi-weekly ( @Skeletron19YT @droow ) instead of weekly, makes it 10x convenient for us. even better could make it monthly, but I think at this moment bi-weekly is the way to go.


fuck fed, does he think i want to do 45 fucking minutes every week on a deadass game, just for his liking so he can earn robux from premium players playing? i dont want to play a dead game, i want to be shot at and actually have fun, fuck fedlaw, tell fed to play v2 for over 45 minutes, i hate logging now




One additional thing to note. Before @Kamraxn became Governor, he himself agreed that bi-weekly logs should be a thing due to the current circumstances. Unfortunately the new DPS Secretary @DELTAFOX91 has refused to do so. So we’re stuck in this cycle for god knows how long. Many of us have the same frustrations that DPS will not deal with, despite the previous DPS secretary agreeing that it should be a change that should occur for the DPS departments.


really felt the state started dying after the main dev dude env got sacked ngl just been in a decline from there with poopy updates here and there keeping people happy for literally one day


yeah this situation sucks and it’s not helping that the new DPS leadership won’t help us out so now everyone either resigns or tries their best to do the requirements on a completely dead game, either option won’t help because if we have mass resignations we are fucked and if we do our best with a dead game then our morale and motivation just goes all the way down to 0

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To be crystal clear, I have only refused to force policy upon my subordinate departments. I’ve never been against implementing bi-weekly activity logs.

I don’t appreciate being ‘called out’ simply because I will not reverse the progress that DPS has achieved over the years by forcing policy. I have already suggested the change to the department heads (which I already told you) and it’s up to them to implement it.

Bi-weekly logs will allow for a bit more freedom for employees to enjoy the game (because it is a… game) rather than being on it to grind logs. It’ll also balance the necessary ‘check’ on their activity whilst being more realistic about the fact that people have irl commitments.

Bi-weekly logs are the step forward, but again, it’s not my job to force it and I don’t appreciate you talking bad about my department because I told you I won’t. I was in SCSO for almost 3 years myself, I have been subject to the same activity requirements as you so I understand the frustration.

If you want it to happen, suggest it to your dept head, don’t you dare come at me when I am advocating for it to them right now - it’s not for my own benefit is it?

It’s for yours.


If you really actually cared and are actually “advocating” it right now. Then we would not be talking here right now. If you truly understood our frustrations, we would not be talking right now. Instead of the usual bureaucratic response, you should instead speak to us with actions, especially because I’m not the only one sharing the same frustrations, many of us who all operate under DPS are sharing the same frustrations. It’s clear you practically don’t care since the issue doesn’t effect you and that you never had to work as a deputy or law enforcement officer under the current conditions of what the state of V2 and V3 is. If you truly did, you would had taken action immediately universally.

All you did that you so call “advocating” is simply stating a suggestion, a true advocate would be pushing on all fronts to achieve their beliefs or goals.

Considering you responded to me in this fashion, after our discussion and debating with each other, please don’t lie and act like you care when you actually don’t. I have respect for you but this isn’t it and many of us are extremely frustrated with the current situation and your lack of action.


I have conversed with the department heads. That is the most I can do. I’ve already said this but I’ll say it again for you, I will not force policy.

If I truly didn’t care, I wouldn’t be here right now, wasting my time arguing with you about it.

It isn’t my job to dictate policy of a department I am not in charge of. I only dictate the policy of my department and its essential directives. I will not force policy.

The only front there is… is discussing it with those in charge… which is what I’m doing?

I don’t know why that’s so difficult for you to get.

Did you ever consider that I simply responded with “ok” because it wasn’t a debate, it was just you throwing shit at me for not doing what you want?


if you want to be like that then be my guest, but it isn’t the shit I want, I meet more than minimum requirements for my logs, instead it’s majority of the LEO community that wants this, and those opinions you are clear ignoring if you refuse to take action, im like this because if and when a mass exodus or mass LOA comes around, it’ll fuck up this state.

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i recognize that i was a bit too extreme and i apologize to delta, still though the point still stands that if no one will act (either dps or heads) then we will eventually suffer a mass exodus and there should be steps taken to prevent that scenario from occurring.

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dude… you are acting like it’s such a big deal… if it’s such a big inconvenience to play, why are you still employed in those departments

(not to mention a little birdie would constantly ask for a new servers to play in alone to log, unsure why a dead server would stop you from patrolling)