County Executive Elections, 2019-4

County Executive Elections, 09/10/2019

General Information

Position: County Executive
Positions Available: 1
Election Sponsor: Governor CanineEnforcement

Your Speech

You must collect a minimum of ten (10) signatures on a support forum. The support forum cannot have been made prior to 09/10/2019.

Election Rules

⇒ Individuals running in the election may only post one speech, and you may not “bump” your threads.
⇒ Slandering others running or campaigning for the election will result in a disqualification.
⇒ You are allowed to hold another occupation during the election period, but must resign if you win a seat.
⇒ You must post ONLY a link to your speech under this forum once you reach ten (10) signatures.
⇒ Any other rules specified by any law are also applied here, that includes elections law.
⇒ Committing crimes or holding a criminal record will result in immediate intelligibility from running.

Election Schedule

⇒ Campaigning begins: 09/10/2019
⇒ Voting begins: 09/12/2019
⇒ Voting & campaigning ends: 09/14/2019
⇒ New County Executive will be announced at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, 09/14/2019

Message from the Election Sponsor

Please, do not run when you know you’re either ineligible, only doing it for memes, or know you won’t have the time to undertake the duties as Stapleton County Executive. This shouldn’t just be a notch under your belt (for your resume), you should run because you know that you’re capable of being an active, committed, and dedicated County Executive. When you’ve accumulated ten (10) supports on your forum, comment the link down below and state that you’ve reached ten (10) supports.

Governor of the State of Firestone

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I, Joshernaut, have reached the required 10 supports.


I, ThalliusReborn, have reached the required 10 supports.


I, Chaserdude123, have reached the required 10 supports.

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Election over, ThalliusReborn has won the position.

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