Call for Tor_Laws' Impeachment/Resignation

So I do not like getting involved in subjects that are delicate and controversial, but this needs attention.

It has come to my attention that this was posted: Condemnation of Representative Tor_Laws's in Response to His Impeachment Attempt

After looking at the impeachment itself, which is found here, it seemed to me as the Representative who filed this probably filed it for personal gain.

Why do I think this?

I’ve never seen one complaint about the Department of State, let alone the Secretary of State. In fact, all I’ve seen is praising because they’ve done really well so far with getting in touch with Mayflower. So why does Representative Tor_Laws pick the Secretary of State?

I am not perfect. I could be wrong. But it seems to me that that is the case. Especially after he immediately did so after obtaining office, almost like he planned ahead for it.

I also did notice this:

It’s almost as if he’s acting as if he has authority over the Cabinet member.

I feel like it should, to the least, be looked into.

This will be closed because I am simply voicing my opinion to the members of Congress. Anything can be forwarded to my DMs. Thank you.


I actually agree with your point where. I haven’t heard shit about anything negative regarding blat. He has done more then any other SoS (including @Skye_Jones )

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Tor_Laws is new to congress and how Firestone operates. Give Tor_Laws a second chance because everyone makes mistakes and we learn from those mistakes.


I think he’s actually been around for a while. Not sure.


OP rq

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