Call for Senator Automationeer to resign


Our politicians are supposed to represent the people, they’re supposed to serve the people, and most importantly, respect the people. However, a specific Senator refuses to do any of those things and instead abuses their office for personal gain. In other words, corruption. This individual has demonstrated several times that they are unfit for office and do not care about the people one bit. Therefore, I call for Senator Automationeer to resign from the Senate.


Senator Automationeer has a history of corruption, and it’s a shame that this Senator decided to try and use their position to assist his friend in an extremely corrupt act. This included the Attorney General attempting to abuse their power to gain oversight over DHS, FBI, and FNG. Automationeer was a huge part of this and even had a whole protest against himself within the county. Many say the reason Automationeer does this is that they seek revenge from the arrest for Brandishing. - claiming B_ear is corrupt - Automationeer claiming “im gonna fucking strike that power” - Automationeer claiming there is not enough evidence, however, continues to go after B_ear for it

Screenshot - 317db2710b6e91990556c36ca83275e5 - Gyazo - POST Director agreeing

Screenshot - d4ab52be2770ce418d4777518fc15f4b - Gyazo - Automationeer and Wolf_RBX plotting to amend legislation for their own personal gain (corruption)

Screenshot - 43418b50b4da3ddd296522708ef0578a - Gyazo - Automationeer claiming they can “swipe” power away from the FBI Deputy Director


Senator Automationeer is not only extremely disrespectful to citizens, new politics, and other politicians, however, is just overall an extremely toxic person. For example, cussing out new politicians trying to start their career, or constant harassment and toxicity. It’s very upsetting and concerning and is not how a Senator should be presenting themself.

Screenshot - 9af62015a29f70b7da7e231fbf4fa0ca - Gyazo - Cussing out a candidate, and claiming they have no chance on the ballot

Screenshot - 788fc630ba72ffc33a3d7f95e04f34ea - Gyazo - Rep. cooldudesub’s response

Even if you just look at his messages within general chat, anyone could conclude that Automationeer isn’t a great guy.

Constant Harassment

Senator Automationeer has constantly been harassing me within the City of Redwood chats, Firestone State Legislature discord, and even in my direct messages. It’s honestly a shame that a fellow congressperson has the audacity to take time out of their day to harass me. Proper evidence can be found below;

Screenshot - 663b18c6172eda7041da615a506ed82f - Gyazo - Making up allegations in an attempt to damage my reputation within the council

Screenshot - bb6c3fed5a7c785644f75e817ca84e8a - Gyazo - Banning me from the communications server in which I am a part of the council

Screenshot - 803ef8f3b9370a0735a8e17dcefba722 - Gyazo - Abusing moderation powers

There’s even more, (DM for more).

Claiming my supporters committed crimes in v2

While I was at the movie theaters, Automationeer and etry_playtime dressed up as my supporters on v2 and shot at a vehicle. Automationeer then sent me an image of such, and another photo of them trolling me and harassing me in DMs.


I tried to keep this remarkably short, and there is way more evidence and things Automationeer has done in the past as well. However, I hope you realize this isn’t a good person to be a Senator. If you have any questions, be sure to let me know.

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Even then, when I was sent the picture it clearly looked as if you were committing crimes in v2 as my supporters.

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Going into public chats and claiming those people (which was you and auto) were committing crimes isn’t cool.

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I was very clearly referring to the time you did that, and simply reminding you how fucked it was.

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Tis different when you go in game, provide a screenshot of shooting a vehicle, and make a whole shirt for your gag

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:open_mouth: das crazy jit trippin

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to say what you do every time approached with criticism


for the record i’ll type up a response when i catch a minute


do you got a little butthurt and are now asking for their resignation???


representative “can’t do his job” wants to have senator “different from the others” resign, what a fucking circus


It’s funny how you claim the shit she did “different from the others”

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she’s different in the fact, she has a brain lad


your telling me all that shit auto did means she has a brain

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Publicly calling out another congressperson, particularly in a public forum, particularly to seek their resignation, is a measure typically reserved for the most extreme circumstances; this is only the second or third time in the past year that this has occurred in such a format. So, let’s analyse the circumstances.

Out of context. Not getting into it since it’s something in the past.

Not how corruption works.

If you want to dig up old graves and call corruption, I can do the same.

Harassing LEOs as a DPS investigator, and then creating your own DPS investigation card and assigning yourself (circumventing the typical complaints procedure, is a blatant COI, and a blatant, unethical, and malicious abuse of your position). Then-Associate Secretary Kasterix even testified in the Senate about this.

That statement was made as good faith advice. I later retracted the statement.

Nobody cares about your response.

Implies that vague evidence exists where it does not and says ‘just trust me bro’.

Wasn’t even directed at you. It’s called a joke.

No, actually, you made an active effort to prevent two other chairman nominees from being confirmed and then put yourself forward for chairman. That is quite literally sabotage.

You bragged that you were going to pass the bar exam, twice, yet demonstrate no legal knowledge whatsoever. To quote one individual:


These are matters under investigation therefore I am not at liberty to make any statement.

These are all jokes. You do the same and have never before expressed dislike at it.

In fact, one of your friends even sent a senator beastaility (which nobody but him thought was funny) and then used the excuse it was a ‘joke’ and implied that the senator should get a sense of humor.

You were the only online representative :)

My response to this is simple:

Vehicle was VAing therefore force was authorised by FCC § 4.18(c) (Self Defense Extension Act). This was even confirmed to you by Lieutenant Governor Stamose, Esq. - who has been a BCA, State Attorney, and Firearms Committee Member since March 2021 - you apparently then got mad at him because he told you a truth you did not agree with.

Your post is a pisspot at best and a malicious witchhunt at worst. If I were any less polite, I would make a compliation of all the (actually serious) things you’ve done for public viewing; and tbf I might if the need arises. It does genuinely shock me how you hold any kind of elected career when you conduct yourself in such a nasty manner.


The accusation against me that I “failed to comply with orders” was taken out of context. Deputy Sid_552 was asking me why I needed to enter the building, and ‘what do you need’. I said ‘how about no’ to these questions as I did not want to speak with Sid_552 as there is an investigation that I had just conducted on the deputy. Also, the story that says that I said ‘how about no’ to Trooper jackfrojpg holds no water to it. That message was meant for Sid_552 and Sid_552 only. In no way did I disobey any LEOs orders that incident.


when you just provided one screenshot without context in my dms, what else am I supposed to think.

you were trolling me

you accused me of that without any proof, and its quite frankly untrue.

its different when we arent on good terms

actually a lot of people did, as it got a positive response

Kast told me in DMS that it was all politics, and didn’t agree with it

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so NOW you’re saying that, when ive told you to stop participating in jokes before on that basis, and you didnt



those who live in glass houses shouldn't cast stones

maybe if you didnt harass me all the time I wouldn’t have said any of that

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I dont support this
Shes the “best” senator


mans marked his own post as the solution LOL