Arborfield Mayor Special Elections, February 2019

Position: City Mayor of The City of Arborfield

Positions Available: [1]

Signature Deadline: February 27th, 2019

Election Sponsor: County Premier Patchy319



Collect five (5) signatures on a support forum. The support forum cannot have been published prior to February 24th, 2019.


Election Rules:

⇒ Can only post one speech/manifesto/etc, and may not “bump” your thread more than once every two hours. But bumping your thread on the forums is against the forum regulations, so it is not recommended at all!

⇒ Slander will result in disqualification, so dont be a cunt. But know the difference between slander and facts!

⇒ You can have another job during the election period, but must resign if you win a seat, if applicable (Position is considered Secondary, so ensure you are in accordance to Job Law)

⇒ Any twitter posts hinting as a campaign will NOT result in a disqualification, if the poster is a candidate. The media is free to host polls or questions about this election.

⇒ Once five (5) supports have been reached, the candidate needs to reply with their name and speech/manifesto/etc. This will officially place them on the ballot.

⇒ You may have someone else post your election thread and ballot comment, as long as it is done so with your permission, due to you lacking the ability to access these forums.

⇒ Any other rules specified by any law are applied here, including election laws


⇒ Campaigning begins on February 24th

⇒ Campaigning continues from 2/24/19 to 2/27/19

⇒ Voting opens February 27th at 6 PM EST

⇒ Voting closes February 28th at 8:00 PM EST.

Winners announced shortly after and the term will begin January 28th, 2019


If your gonna fucking run, you better not be inactive, actually write a charter, ordinances, ect. COUGH FTLICIOUS, BARON, ECT :heart:

Good luck!
Let your endeavors best be in interest in our great county and state, in order to let them prosper in harmony! URA!

“In the Soviet army it takes more courage to retreat than advance” - Joseph Stalin

County Premier Patchy319


Signed, SevenzYT


@daddy_patchy I have reached 5 votes. I dont wanna repost my stuff but here Mayor of Arborfield!


I have received the amount of supports needed, thank you.


Arborfield Mayor Special Elections will be on hold.