An Act to Standardize CFL Holds

A Bill to Standardize CFL Holds


PREAMBLE: It is necessary to maintain one’s right to bear arms, although we must have limitations to support the common welfare of the county. “An Act to Standardize CFL Holds” will prevent the infringement of one’s right to bear arms. Gun control is defined as the act of taking measures to reduce the risk of armed crime, as per C.IV.V.

§1: The amendment to the current legislation shall be defined as an addition to Section Nine of the [The Uniformed Control of Firearms Act]

§1.1: The amendment shall be described as this legislation Revised [The Uniformed Control of Firearms Act]

§2: CFL Standards will be primarily changing in order to promote gun control which in part, will promote the common good of our county. CFL holds a Standard that is met within the State of Firestone which is a two-part course within CFL at the moment.

§3: Under current law, you receive a CFL license by attending the CFL Class and taking the quiz.

§4: Under this proposed law, you will be eligible to receive a CFL License is by attending the CFL Course, then taking the Quiz, and renewing your License every six (6) months by taking the process over again.

§5: All current CFL license owners will fall under this regulation and will renew their licenses in about six (6) months of this law being passed.

§6: Upon passage through both chambers of Congress, and signature from the Governor, this legislation will become law and become effective immediately.

Respectfully submitted to the Congress of the State of Firestone,

Chief Sponsor(s):

Representative, Nows23.


Representative, IrrelevantCosmic

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