A Bill to Prevent Criminals in Government


SECTION 1: Citizens with any unspent conviction shall be unable to run for, or to hold, public office.

SECTION 2: A conviction - is where the citizen has been sentenced as guilty by a court and jury for a felony charge. ‘Unspent’ shall mean that the citizen has not fulfilled the needed time to redeem themselves. The citizen with an ‘Unspent Conviction’ must wait for THREE (3) months for that conviction to become ‘spent.’ During the time that a citizen has an unspent conviction, they are not eligible to run for, or hold public office, and any other Departments.

Section 2A: Only citizens who commit a felony, and are proven guilty in court will have ‘Unspent Conviction’ 

Section 2A: If there is anyone in a public office that is found to have an unspent conviction, then they shall receive a penalty. The penalty shall consist of an impeachment.

Section 2B: Public office shall be defined as the following: Governor, Lieutenant Governor, House of Representatives, Senate, and County Executive.

SECTION 3: The election sponsor of any given election shall be responsible for enforcing this piece of legislation.

SECTION 4: This legislation shall come into effect immediately upon passage.

SECTION 5: All laws in conflict with this legislation are hereby declared null and void.

Respectfully submitted to the Congress of the State of Firestone,

Chief Sponsor(s):

Representative QuickHead555

Senator Rolerain
Senator Av_ry
Representative Federal_RBLX
Middle Class Citizen functio_n

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