A Bill to Prepare Employees

A Bill to Prepare Employees


SECTION 1: Certain departments within the State of Firestone shall now be required to teach the necessary laws that pertain to their job. They shall be also required to teach the Bill of Rights and the Firestone Constitution.

SECTION 1A: The necessary laws for each department shall be defined by the Governor and/or department head.

SECTION 2: All Firestone department heads shall be permitted to teach laws whenever they so choose, however it must be taught to every employee within their respected department.

SECTION 3A: Should anyone from any department be convicted of violating a law, then the Department of Public Safety (if that department is under the Department of Public Safety) and/or anyone else necessary must investigate the department as a whole to determine if that said department is teaching necessary laws.

SECTION 4A: If a department is found to be violating this legislation by not teaching the necessary laws within 15 days of the passage of this legislation, the department is subject for temporary suspension by the Governor.

SECTION 4B: A department that has been temporary suspended by this legislation can become unsuspended when it is determined they have taught the necessary laws to their employees.

SECTION 5A: Such departments shall be defined as:

Firestone State Patrol: Firestone State Patrol - Roblox
Firestone National Guard: Firestone National Guard - Roblox
Firestone Department of Transportation: Firestone Department of Transportation - Roblox
Firestone Department of Public Works: Firestone Department of Public Works - Roblox
Firestone Department of Homeland Security: Firestone Department of Homeland Security - Roblox
Firestone Department of Corrections: Firestone Department of Corrections - Roblox
Firestone Department of Public Safety: Firestone Department of Public Safety - Roblox
Firestone Bureau of Investigation: Firestone Bureau of Investigation - Roblox
Stapleton County Fire Department: Stapleton County Fire Department - Roblox
Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office: Stapleton County Sheriff's Office - Roblox

SECTION 6: All laws in conflict with this legislation are hereby declared null and void.

SECTION 7: This legislation shall go into effect immediately upon passing both chambers of Congress.

SECTION 8: The Governor of the State of Firestone shall enforce this legislation.

Respectfully submitted to the Congress of the State of Firestone,
Chief Sponsor(s):
House Representative, MrEmote

Speaker of The House, NicoloSkrt


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