A Bill to Officially Departments

A Bill to Officially Departments


PREAMBLE: Plenty of departments on here have already been defined using other bills, or have been “loophole defined”. This is to be a hub that officially defines things that need definition, such as FITE, as well as things that have already been defined, such as Firestone State Patrol. This bill is made to clear up any legal loopholes involving departments.

SECTION 1: The following are departments in the State of Firestone, and shall be officially defined as such:

SECTION 1A: Firestone State Patrol (Firestone State Patrol - Roblox) is responsible for patrol and response to calls within the entire State of Firestone, though they generally patrol highways.

SECTION 1B: Firestone National Guard (Firestone National Guard - Roblox) are Military personnel ready to deploy at a moments notice against threats, foreign and domestic, to the state.

SECTION 1C: Firestone Department of Transportation (Firestone Department of Transportation - Roblox) is responsible all traffic needs, such as vehicle maintenance, transport of broke down or impounded vehicles. They also manage all snow removal operations.

SECTION 1D: Firestone Department of Homeland Security (Firestone Department of Homeland Security - Roblox) is responsible for statewide security, including protecting Firestone citizens, combating terror isim, an protecting government or important figures

SECTION 1E: Firestone Department of Justice (Firestone Department of Justice - Roblox) is responsible for all the legal and court side of things. Ensuring Justice is served, and is served properly. They are responsible for all lawsuits and sentencing procedures for repeat offenders, or an offender in which as caused a severe crime or terror isim threat/attack.

SECTION 1F: Firestone Department of Corrections (Firestone Department of Corrections - Roblox) is responsible for the Firestone State Penitentiary ensuring inmates are behaving, nourished and given yard time. Corrections is also responsible for patrol in near proximity of the prison to ensure no potential break ins, or break outs occur.

SECTION 1G: Firestone Department of Commerce (Firestone Department of Commerce - Roblox) is in charge of business relations with various companies all over ROBLOX.

SECTION 1H: Firestone Department of Public Safety (Firestone Department of Public Safety - Roblox) is responsible for ensuring the public safe and secured from all potential threats, by all police, fire and medical operations. In an instance that the public safety is at a low, and civilians of Firestone are in grave danger, the department will make necessary actions to resolve it. This department acts as an internal aff a ir s of all public safety operations.

SECTION 1I: Firestone Department of Public Works (Firestone Department of Public Works - Roblox) is responsible for the upkeep, maintenance, and trash disposal. They do operations such as trash pickup, street sweeping, and the overall upkeep and beautification of the state.

SECTION 1J: Firestone Courts (Firestone Courts - Roblox) is t h e c o u r t s f o r Firestone. The group holds all the Bailiffs, and Judges, and ensure justice for the State of Firestone.

SECTION 1K: Firestone Department of Health (Firestone Department of Health - Roblox) is responsible for the well being of the Firestone Citizens. They work within the hospitals and clinics and treat symptoms, and illness that any ROBLOX i a n m a y going through, and providing resources and medic cat i o n t o those who may be in need of it.

SECTION 1L: Firestone Department of State (Firestone Department of State - Roblox) is for the functions involving diplomatic relations with other Ro-Nations. The state department works to found new diplomatic relations and increase the stability of current diplomatic relations with these other Ro-Nations, and the easy access to communication with diplomatic leaders.

SECTION 1M: Firestone Department of Aviation (Firestone Department of Aviation - Roblox) takes care of all air traffic operations. From movement on the airfield, to movement in the skies.

SECTION 1N: The Department of Boating and Waterways (Firestone Department of Boating and Waterways - Roblox) is responsible for all bodies of water within the State of Firestone, and the boats that might cross over them. They take care of boat regulation, jurisdiction, and incidents that may occur on Firestone bodies of water.

SECTION One (1) O: F i r estone Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) (linked is getting hashed) is responsible for the training and preparation of Firestone citizens interested in going into the field of Law Enforcement

SECTION 1P: Firestone Infantry Training and Education (FITE) (FNG: Training and Doctrine Command - Roblox) is responsible for training and retaining information to citizens interested in becoming a Firestone National Guardsman.

SECTION 1Q: Staple ton County (Stapleton County - Roblox) is the government body the for the County of Staple ton, as well as housing the residents of S t a p l e t o n County. They pass legislation on a lower level, which is to be enforced only in Staple ton County.

SECTION 1R: Staple ton County Sheriff’s Office (Stapleton County Sheriff's Office - Roblox) is responsible for patrol and response to calls within the entire county of Staple ton.

SECTION 1S: Staple ton County Fire Department (Stapleton County Fire Department - Roblox) is responsible for all Medical needs of individuals, and Fire dangers and outbursts within the entire county.

SECTION 3: The Firestone State Congress shall enforce this legislation.

SECTION 4: This legislation shall go into effect immediately.

SECTION 5: All laws in conflict with this legislation are hereby declared null and void.

Respectfully submitted to the Congress of the State of Firestone,

Chief Sponsor:
Representative OfficerVideoGame

Speaker of The House, Virginian_State
Senator, Sir_Mr
Firestone State Patrol Lieutenant Colonel, FS POST Director, buford1842
DHS Temporary Deputy Secretary Airplane1222
DHS Intelligence Office Chief, LeaderAFL
DHS Intelligence Office, Secret Service, kale566

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