A Bill to Give the Stapleton County Government Purpose

A Bill to Give the Stapleton County Government Purpose


PREAMBLE: In order for the Stapleton County Government to successfully operate, they need
to be tasked with certain jobs. Making it actually have something to do will create success and
realism within the State of Firestone.

SECTION 1: The Stapleton County Government (defined in section 3) shall be tasked with
legislating county departments and regulating its roads.

SECTION 2: Legislating county departments shall be defined as: Acts, Amendments, Bills,
Confirmations, Ordinances and Resolutions that impact the Stapleton County Departments
(defined in section 3)

SECTION 2A: Regulating its roads shall be defined as: Acts, Amendments, Bills, Ordinances
and Resolutions that impact Stapleton County and its roads (ex: speed limits, driveable cars,
bikes, etc)

SECTION 2B: The County Government shall be tasked with passing a Charter, as a governing
document for how the County Government is to be run, and how County Departments should
operate. The Firestone State Congress may strike down the Charter with a 2⁄3 supermajority in
both chambers of Congress.

SECTION 2C: All State Law will overrule County Legislation, and State Law can nullify County
Legislation with a 1⁄2 simple majority in both chambers of Congress.

SECTION 2D: The County Government can make legislation that doesn’t follow SECTION 1’s
guidelines, however, requires at least one (1) member of the State Congress to co-sponsor the

SECTION 3: The Stapleton County Government shall be defined as: The ranks of County
Justice and all ranks above, except for “Founder”

County departments shall be defined as:
Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office: Stapleton County Sheriff's Office - Roblox
Stapleton County Fire Department: Stapleton County Fire Department - Roblox

SECTION 3A: SECTION 1E of “A Bill to Recognize Local Councils and Governments” shall be
declared null and void.

SECTION 3B: SECTION 2A of “A Bill to Amend A Bill for Secondary Jobs” shall now state:
“All positions within the following departments, and governments excluding the exceptions
mentioned, shall be considered a ‘secondary’ job:
i. Department of Health
ii. Department of Transportation
iii. Department of Public Works
iv. Department of Aviation
v. Department of Boating and Waterways
vi. Department of Commerce
vii. The Stapleton County Government (except: County Executive)
viii. Any other department or position regarded as a “secondary” job as set by the
state legislature”

SECTION 4: This legislation shall go into effect immediately.

SECTION 5: All laws in conflict with this legislation are hereby declared null and void.

Respectfully submitted to the Congress of the State of Firestone,

Chief Sponsors:
Governor OfficerVideoGame
County Executive Nehxtro

Lieutenant Governor PwnzorSausage
President Pro Tempore Sir_Mr
Senator NotoriousAmerican
Representative CanadianLaw


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