A Bill to Bar XanderModel from Public Office

SECTION 1: XanderModel shall be barred from public office for failing to notify the presiding officer of the senate on his resignation, deleting government property (Redwood Discord), and going rogue. For these reason above it is imperative that he may not serve in a public office again and cause no more harm to the great State of Firestone. See section 1A for evidence and testimonies.


SECTION 2: XanderModel shall be defined as: XanderModel - Roblox

SECTION 3: The following positions within the State of Firestone are considered government offices: Court Justice (District - Supreme), County Government Official, County Executive, House of Representatives, Senator, Cabinet, Speaker of the House, Lieutenant Governor and Governor.

SECTION 3A: The following positions within the County of Stapleton are considered government offices: County Government Staff, City Mayor, Court Justice, County Administration, County Council, District Attorney, County Chairperson and County Executive.

SECTION 4: This legislation shall be enforced by the offices of the Governor and County Executive.

SECTION 5: Upon passage, this legislation shall go into effect immediately, and if XanderModel holds a position in either the State or County government he shall be removed from office.

Respectfully submitted to the State of Firestone Congress,

Chief Sponsor:
Senator, Clonemep


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