Withdrawing from State of Firestone Community

Who whom this concerns,

I’ve been in the State of Firestone for a while now, originally graduating POST Class 2, then again on this account during POST Class 13. I’ve had wonderful opportunities to learn some awesome role-play tactics and really engage in some fun activities, meanwhile meeting some interesting people. I’m very thankful for opportunities I’ve had while in the state.

However, I’ve recently announced my two week notice, in attempts to resign respectfully from the Stapleton County Fire Department and ensure I leave in a civil and respectful manner, as I’ve failed to do in the past with other departments.

Those who I’ve become closer to within the community have known for a little while now, that I have a kid on the way. With this, working countless hours a week, it seems quite stupid I waste time that I could be spending elsewhere, on a game derived for children. With this, I’ve chosen to withdraw from the state and quit Roblox as a whole.

Before being able to leave, as everyone does, I must say some thanks.

SCFD Assistant Chief, CaptainClyde, you’ve always been there to really keep me in line and out of trouble within the department. You’ve always had my back and helped me, in what could have been career ending situations. If it wasn’t for you, I would have never made it in this department.

Deputy Chief, Paramedic123, you’ve also been there for me, when needed. You’ve always been strict and laid down the law for me. However, you’ve also had my back in a stange fashion.

SWAT Captain / Commanding Officer, BeastDaBest, Regardless of all the jokes we give each other, you’re an amazing SWAT Commander and run the division unlike anyone in the past. You’ve also been a good friend all throughout my SCSO Career and had my back when needed.

SWAT Executive Officer, Ryandanderson, You’ve been a good friend and amazing subordinate, during my time as Executive Officer. You are a true leader and wish you well, with whatever you plan to do in and out of game.

JohnathanHWayne, You’ve been a good friend with a rocky start. You’ve always been one I’ve been able to joke around with, on edgy topics and really been able to be laid back around. Good luck wherever you choose to go to.

FSP Major, Fobagosalot, You’ve been a long-time friend, since the Rockport days. You’ve managed to really excel and reach greatness where-ever you go. Best of luck to you.

Engine 35 Crew, You guys are an amazing bunch. Some more autistic and cringey than others, but all amazing employees. From activity to overall performance, you’ve all exceeded standards and really stood out within the Stapleton County Fire Department. No doubt you all have great potential. Best of luck to all of you.

Surely I forgot people, but whatever.

One last thing I must do, is apologize for the disturbance I’ve created throughout the community. From edgy topics brought up to needless drama that’s been drafted, that has displayed me as immature and quite childish. I apologize for these actions and hope I’ve not damaged the Firestone Community in that sense.


Stapleton County Fire Department.

I am not officially leaving until 6/9/2018


Adios amigo


You will be missed greatly within the whole community and especially SCFD. I can not thank you enough for how much you have helped me. I hope your life takes you great places and you will forever be remembered in our hearts.
Stapleton County Fire Department
Beloved Friend


I hate to break the moment here but uh “5/9"18” already passed.

We will miss you.


Was a typo, was fixed. Thanks for catching it.

u werent that bad i guess

goodbye anyways and best of luck


Lieutenant Southern Morality will be leaving on 6/9/18

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nice knowing you, goodbye.

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But no in all seriousness we had our issues and differences but it was great having you around Stapleton man, I’ll miss you a ton.

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Eh I expect my payment! Haha anyways man it was an amazing ride with ya, from the day in SCSO of you and I trying to coordinate my FTO, and you raging, It was hella fun. Gonna miss giving ya a hard time. Anyways southern hope to continue to keep in touch.

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Thanks for all you do/did, I’ll miss you!

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Cryyyy… :frowning: You didn’t fail. Goodbye buddy.

(We should actually start using the cemetery in Stapleton for important Firestone people that quit ROBLOX like Southern and others)


Bye southern. /e wave :wave:

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bye ill miss your good suggestions, and me bothering you until you oc’d me good luck


oofity oof gg

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Damn man. Never see this reason for leaving often. Good luck with the kid.

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You’ll be missed

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