Why the Legal System is Fine (Counter-post)

Well respected POST Director MaximusGXL is very upset and angry of our legal system and is actively criticizing it.

I don’t understand how our entire legal system is at fault because we simply give the right to challenge a decision of an employer to the employees. It is the fault of the employees who seek to challenge everything.

Employees deserve the right to challenge if they’ve been terminated, because it could’ve been a wrongful termination.

Yes, employees should forfeit SOME of their rights when it comes to the job, but they shouldn’t forfeit all of their rights.

As for the Cybervict situation, I do not think he was wrongfully terminated, and even if the case goes through, I will be representing the defendant.

With that being said,

It is clearly not our legal system, but it is our employees who cannot take the fact that they’ve been terminated and are abusing it. If we had good employees, we wouldn’t have to deal with it. But you can’t ruin it all for the good employees.


Upon Director MaximusGXLs complaints about the legal system, I demand for him to give a direct instance where the legal system has failed us. No, cases that are filed for possible wrong termination doesn’t really count in this instance due to the fact that employees deserve the right to challenge their termination(s).

I must point out that there will be something that the legal system has done that is wrong, but it’s the legal system and our legal system is NOT perfect, but it most certainly works and is doing very well.

Department Heads have brought this on themselves. For some reason, a lot of them are under the impression their department is their kingdom, and no one should be able to question them to hold them accountable. This is pretty shady, and DHs who think like this should be removed immediately and barred. Most of the things the employee rights bill requires should be covered under “not being a dick,” but because DHs can’t handle that the law had to step in. I don’t see how it’s unreasonable to tell someone they’re punished, or why they are. I do not see how it is reasonable to fire someone because they disagree with you, or change your code of conduct to apply to a specific incident to then punish someone for it. This is shady, and breeds corruption. And what’s hilarious, is they bitch so bad about the matter, but TWO, TWO whole cases have gone to trial over this matter in the months this bill has existed. Or the argument that people can tell their boss to fuck off, nope sorry. If people would actually read the damn SC interpretation, they’d know that grievances must be addressed peacefully and with a reasonable amount of respect. DHs just seem to think anyone questioning them is disrespect. And the most hilarious thing is DHs are the most expendable people in this system of government. The only reason they exist is because the Governor can’t as one person run 20 departments. Ultimately, the Governor controls all executive departments per the Constitution. DHs are simply figure heads to handle administration. So the fact they think they have so much power and that they control a department at their whim is cute.


Everything wrong:

  1. Loopholes in the BOR and Constitution. I’m not naming some of them to prevent their spread and abuse.

  2. “null and void” at the end of every bill has now created a problem.

  3. People still think they can sue and win against their department if they defy an order or refuse to accept that they’re superior. This is no longer the case…

Insubordination acts are always unnacceptable. So many people have it in their minds that its allowed. I know that is not the fault of the legal system but I had to mention this!

  1. People don’t understand what freedom of speech is. Even if somebody tells their boss “you aren’t a good supervisor”, this is STILL DISRESPECT. Defying orders even with “nah” is worthy of suspension or termination. I’m tired of hearing justices say “well u guys cant punish people for voicing out against you or something else”.

  2. Every law is splattered into a trello board. There is at maximum 266 laws on that trello board. You expect us to memorize them ALL? Remember this is a VIRTUAL GAME. We need a more simplified system. I already explained that in my original post.

Summing that up: We need all charges and their definitions on an official criminal and traffic code managed by the Governor who is responsible for updating it after he signs something. We also should have all charges listed in the game to ensure people are arresting someone for an actual crime. I can’t blame people who arrest someone for an outdated thing because the MDT’s are never kept up to date and it is quite difficult to find something.

Before you say “JUST USE CTRL F”, stop. How are they supposed to know a certain law exists? What if they don’t know the name? You can’t use ctrl+f without knowing the name of something. Nobody is going to spend 15 - 20 minutes of their day looking for something either. Just SIMPLIFY IT!

I’m not trying to preach “join Mayflower”, but please, take a look at their organized and informative MDT. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JqXjZdgMMiQTc-JYcdXwj_t4SBlKPjoGw6ZFe5Glk08/edit#gid=842715947

This is something we need!


No it isn’t, and they should have the right to say that.

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If someone approaches their supervisor and says “your horrible at your job” or “honestly, who wants to listen to you”… this would get someone fired here as well as REAL LIFE?

No, it wouldn’t. I told my supervisor at the part time job I had a little while ago that and he just sorta “meh”ed it. How do you expect people to get better at something if they’re not told they’re doing something poorly?


Well it of course varies. I mean, approach your irl Sergeant in a department and say that. You’ll be punished for sure.

Tell that to a drill sergeant while training and you could be dishonorably discharged.

My grandfather was a JAG Officer is the Army and assures me that is not the case, you’d get a write up or PT at worst, but that’s the military. For civilian jobs, as long as you weren’t being an ass and calmly expressed your complaint you’d be fine.

Wouldn’t it be a violation of the BOR if we striked or pt’d someone for saying that to us?

Yes, we are all entitled to our personal opinions, even towards our superiors. However, it is straight-up disrespect and unprofessional by saying such things as “You’re not good at your job” to your supervisor.

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Yes, it would. As long as they said it like that. If they say “you’re really shit poor at your job mate, 10/10” that would be worth punishment

So you want supervisors who have no idea what they’re doing?

No, we want competent supervisors but calling them out or insulting them will not get rid of them.

That isn’t an insult, if you think it is you should never be in a position of power, ever.

If you’re referring to my example of saying to your supervisor, “You’re not good at your job”, that’s not an insult. That’s an example of calling out your supervisor or telling your supervisor what you really think of him/her. But it won’t get rid of the supervisor, is my point.

You’d go to the superior of the supervisor and complain.

Or, in an effort to not be an ass, try to actually explain to them what you think they need to improve on, like a rational individual.

Yes. But usually that doesn’t work when dealing with people that have no idea what they’re doing.

I feel I’d be more offended by someone not even trying to tell me their criticism and going straight to my superior.

That’s if the supervisor is willing to hear criticism from someone that works under them. That may work in some jobs in real life. I don’t see it working out so well on Roblox.

If someone has a problem with their supervisor, they should complain to the higher members of the command chain.

Going to their face and saying “you know what, you aren’t a good supervisor. i don’t like you” (or something like that) would be completely unprofessional. It’s disrespect. It’s insubordination. It even technically goes against your oath. Stuff like this is not protected by the employee rights law either.

If you had this attitude in a good job with competent leadership, you would be fired immediately by many people. It of course depends on the supervisor. If they did fire you, you couldn’t take it to court in real life. What you said is one of the biggest problems I have right now with the legal system. It’s not true and unrealistic to sue someone for this.

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