What truly is wrong with firestone

I know I said I wouldn’t be making another post about this but here we am. My name is Yatoshi, some people know me some people don’t. This past two days when I have been working collectively 13 hours at the posting of this. I am dedicated to DOT and enjoy helping the community. Recently, several people have decided collectively they want me fired from DOT.

I’m going to post some GIF’s of these people.

This is them obstructing me yesterday. After this, when I blew my top they claimed I couldn’t work under pressure. I couldn’t work under pressure.

Then once I finally cracked, they played the victim and cried and cried to my supervisors about how terrible I was and that I shouldn’t be on team.

Just today, I said I blocked him but in reality I didn’t.

Just the SHIT that has been said literally nearly made me explode. I’m in DOT so i have to be professional! :smiley:

Below is just a collection.

maybe its cause you are a literal cunt and I seriously hope you get banned from FS perm
its amusing to you because you have pissed me off and want me to be fired for when I lose my cool
you need to be banned an appeal when you are ready again
because you ARE
Yes ask if its enough to get me off team so if not, the next day you can fucking provoke me again!

With all this posted, this brings me to a simple point. What is the point of working in Firestone if you will just catch some people that want you fired and banned like a fish on a fish hook? It’s a seriously unbalanced system. Criminals can do what ever and all you can request is a ban. Meanwhile ANYONE in a fucking department has to try their god damned best and if they even do something slightly wrong, criminals start screaming and fucking crying that OH MY GOOD HE VIOLATED A POLICY! When criminals do stuff that push people to their edge and start crying about them losing their temper, I lose my faith more and more.

I wouldn’t be fucking WORKING as long and as hard as I do if I didn’t want to be in DOT and in Firestone if I didn’t care about policies.

This is NOT okay. I seriously hope these people (Caedly, Epicswagger04) either get PBanned or banned for a very long time. I work way to hard to let someone disrupt me.


I really like the one where you got rammed off the bridge.

I used to be a DoT and I understand how all the hoes think their the shit when they climb on your tow and things. Gets annoying real quick.
You’ll get annoying people no matter what department you are in, no matter where you are. In SCFD, it was really easy to deal with these people if there weren’t any cops nearby, K12. Of course, they removed the ability to kill as SCFD and the ability to kill SCFD so that sucks.

Ignore what these hoes say. But I am unsure as to the solution to your problem, apart from them getting banned or whatnot. Rammers, trollers, all the things, will always be here. If you are to be in any department, that is part of the things you must accept with the duties you are assigned.

The State of Firestone does have many quality RP moments, I am unsure if you were at the animal farm rp, but it was very fun for everyone (leos, criminals, non-leos, and legals). I suggest you look forward to, and attend, these events. DoT made a campfire lol

I do not preach v3 as the solution for everything, but I feel as though there may be some hope for a simple solution to your problems with the advances v3 brings. Particularly, the possibility of a 25 robux fee to play + improvements to reducing vehicle flinging. I was on there today and it took me and my friend several tries to use the train to be flung by the SUV.


unless v3 finally gives civilians something to do i dont think v3 is going to solve any problems, the problem people now will just move to v3 and keep doing what they’re doing since the mods don’t care about people just causing trouble and not roleplaying
maybe its just a group administration problem where they dont care instead of the actual mods, i dont really know

but the problem that leads to this is not having any legal things for citizens to do. give us non department jobs, give us flipping burgers for money, give us trucking, give us commercial fishing, give us SOMETHING TO KEEP BUSY


fed up with all these “whats wrong with firestone” posts, this is about the 15th one.


then ignore it :thinking:


i cant if they are at the top, this is truly a big issue in firestone but theres only so little we can do to help… us posting these topics daily wont change how people play


I mean it might
, who knows, maybe the founders will finally notice. That is how change has always come about through history, get your voice to be heard. I believe a lot can be done about this. Founders are just not doing much to combat this issue.


ok its 2 o clock in the morning and i should really be asleep
i just dont understand the problem that the majority of the firestone playerbase has
do they want to have fun? sure
do they want to do pursuits and stuff? yeah
do they have to annoy every single person on the fucking planet in order to do so? apparently yes

even as SCFD i would have to yell at people to get the fuck out of my bus (city slang for ambulance) or theyd get arrested, and even then the LEOs would just get shot at and take off down the street
and then theres people who piss and kick and punch and step on your patient and run the entire fucking scene over and you have to tell the patient that theyre fail roleplaying and to just ignore them
whats worse is if youre a freshly minted paramedic or firefighter and dont realize that half the actions can be deemed frp and voided and instead have to deal with compounding problems including but not limited to those listed above, plus perhaps getting shot at
and when you do have to use OC idiots are stupid enough to run up get in the way and then start yelling and screaming at you for name and badge since they got caught in the crossfire
dont even get me started on people purposely driving in front of us while we were responding in the damn emergency rigs, i had to start telling my staff to drive defensively and swerve out of the way of any vehicle that doesnt appear to be moving away in opposite lanes on two lane roads
SCFD DPW and DOT are the three particular core departments that cant defend themselves and dont have the ability to deal with FRPers as much as LEOs can, which is why theyre such a god damn problem and cause so many people to burn out

i think during my time as game mod i earned a reputation towards the emergency services since i particularly catered towards them in dealing with LTAA, RTAA, and everyday FRP, especially on fire and medical scenes and whenever i came across DOT, especially since i came from the FD background
the fact that these people are here and are still recurring daily does not mean anything can be changed, its not like the founders and cofounders can literally regulate the types of people who we let into our group, or run a psychological scan of every citizen to make sure they actually know how to rp properly
we either need to step the mod game up (PUNS) or allow some sort of method for these departments to properly counter FRP without having to resort to waiting on an LEO or pretty much just getting their vehicle flung to hell and back


lol this is why i shoot people


I’m not sure if this is actually a problem the people can fix. I noticed almost all of your clips had drivers in CV ram into you and I don’t think we can do anything about that because even if we kill them they’ll respawn and do the same thing again. V3 is becoming more and more playable while it’s paid accuses so let’s hope that can saw halt of your problems


honestly just give dot, dpw etc permission to just blow the brains out of those dumbasses


VERY SAD when people ram FDOT, FDPW or even SCFD. SCFD helps save LIVES, why ram them? FDOT pumps your tires, makes sure that the roads are not obstructed by any vehicles and they tow them to get traffic flowing. FDPW cleans the roads and sidewalks. I don’t get WHY people ram these departments, its not fun for them. It just ticks me off.

- b0org


nobody cares cranky. if there’s so many posts about it, id assume there’s a problem

and why aren’t you, A GAME MOD trying to fix this?


Firstly, the department of transportation / public works / fire department all have a radio in which they should call for addits, if either no law enforcement comes or it is happening multiple times and basically allowing them not do their duties, then that is when we step in, game moderators are doing all that they can to fix the problem but we can only do so much.

Secondly, it is a problem, it is a big problem but we can’t do much to solve it, kicking them will just result in them coming back, arresting will result in them eventually being able to come back, its an endless cycle… the only hope is that version 3 can some what possibly fix this issue.


Well tbh mods can’t fix idiots mods can only do things they are allowed too. A game mod only has two eyes and it’s hard to watch 50 different people at once, but I understand your point


i know im just giving him a hard time


This thread is just another I hate exploiters so to compensate for my stress I’m going to let it out on forums and over-exaggerate this to the point where I make it seem that it affects all of Firestone, when in actuality, it doesn’t.


incorrect. for as long as FS has remained F2P, it’s had this amount of FRP and it’s progressively gotten worse. exploiters are just the tip of the iceberg, and departments that have to handle all this are constantly fed up but just remain silent and suck it up.


In my honest opinion, this is not a problem that should be dealt with by the Founders. I understand how annoying it is to have civilians preventing you from doing your job. A small team of moderators can only do so much to make sure the standard of roleplay is upheld. This issue can be resolved by increasing law enforcement efforts to protect public services. This should be something that should be prioritized by law enforcement department heads.


theres not much LEOs can do when theres SRTs doing donuts through RW ramming tow trucks
enforcing FRP is a moderator job