What happened in an investigation (CGOC)

So, questions have been raised by a current lawsuit, in which I’d like to address to the people in full truth.

So, Ak_lixio is suing three people including me, a Scribe, and Representative Clonemep, for not reading him his miranda rights beforehand of him admitting to doing crimes on an alt. While I do believe the entire thing was legal, it is definitely questionable.

Here is what happened:

On February 20th, 2019 at around 11:00 PM EST, I made a groupchat, involving me and our two scribes.
The reason for that, in which I did not disclose to the committee until a little while later, was to use the Scribes legally to obtain information, as at the time, I was under the assumption of a major conspiracy lurking within all three branches of possible alt usages.
I ordered the Scribes, yes as my position as Chairman, to gather as much information as possible to shed light on this, as Ak_lixio’s case was the first, and so we started there.
Within 20 minutes, Ak_lixio confessed in his DMs with a Scribe that he had done crimes in an alt.
Shortly afterwards (I believe the morning after), Ak_lixio wrote a resignation which entailed his confession of doing such.

I did share the confession and the “operation” with the committee, and he resigned with his confession.

I believe it may sound eerie, yes, and I believe IO is currently investigating it, but I would like for the people to know what happened, and the truth.

The entire conversation: https://youtu.be/Sr7bUlcbM5g

Representative Skye was meant to oversee to ensure of no legal breakage. She played no role into this other than legally overseeing.

spookdan did not contribute either. The Scribe that did was purely under my orders.

The group has been closed.

I would like for all to be of known of it, and the truth to be revealed. I apologize to all for keeping people in the dark, but I was convinced of a conspiracy going on, and could trust no one.

That is all that I believe is fishy or can cause concerns.

Thank you.

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This rises several concerns about the integrity of CGOC as a whole, but I thank you for releasing this video.


No, this only raises concerns into me.

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I mean, the fact that you presided over it, yes, raises concerns into you, but the fact that CGOC as a whole did it shall certainly concern the general populous about your other investigative measures.

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CGOC, as a whole, did not do it.

The only persons in the chat were:
James (Chairman), me (committee member), CrusinThomas (scribe), spookdan (scribe).

Spookdan never contributed to the chat.
I never participated in any activities pertaining to it, I only oversaw to make sure that no law was broken in the process. James wanted it to be a completely legal and just investigation.
CrusinThomas acted only under orders.

Therefore, the only person you can reasonably be concerned with is the Chairman.

The remainder of the CGOC was not made aware of this AT ALL until it was over.

SPT Skye Jones
princess skye!!#9640


1 rusty link doesn’t make the whole chain bad.

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That’s technically evidence tampering since it’s brought to court :woman_shrugging:

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The evidence has not been used in court, no.

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You mentioned civil court?

Isn’t that to bring it to court?

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Yes but it’s not tampering as it wasn’t used as evidence.

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Then what was?

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Check for yourself, since you want to make those claims.

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Woah, hold off my friend.

Don’t you think thats quite hypocritical?

I mean, you are legit alleging in my lawsuit against you that since my letter of resignation that was submitted 13+ days ago doesn’t include what you thought it did is tampering, and make a continuing effort to try and point that out to attack my character.

Also, you might as well stop trying to use the fact that I was investigated by CGOC to turn the case over. This case is about your and other members of CGOCs’ failure to mirandize me.

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And you’re trying to turn personal conversations into your own props so you can accuse us of “not reading your miranda rights to you”. You know just as well that those conversations were not involved with the investigations.

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about four different forum posts with fifty pages of the both of you arguing


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