Do you approve of the current actions to fix CGOC?

Do you approve of the things that are being done/changed to improve the CGOC?

What we’ve released so far:

We’ve released the trello:

And the discord is still open:

  • I approve
  • I disapprove

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Do you approve of what we’re doing so far? What more do you guys wish to see?

tl;dr: we added a bill that gives insight to the LTGOV and SOTH to the CGOC, made an entire forum about what happened, what we’re doing to amend, etc., and we also released an investigation that may be controversial.

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im too lazy to read anything so add a “i dont care” option please, because i dont want to be excluded from the poll.

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Respectfully, if you disapprove, please put why.

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Just add a summary so we don’t have to read alot and provide a link for the people who wanna read the whole thing…


To little, to late


I am not reading this too long, add a summary to save time…



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Too little? What else do you want to see?

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“I want change in cgoc!!!”

“The list of changes are too long, pls summarize it”

god damn people make up your mind


Why is it that when the Governor released his poll, it was a hit almost instantly, but when I try to remedy this, no one cares?


Because everyone cares about the governor and what he does, not congress


Literally having to post in every server I’m in.

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If you disapprove, why do you disapprove?

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James james james… You never learn do you? Releasing the trello board to the public must be the biggest oopsie you’ve done recently. In this screenshot of a released classified document regarding an investigation into the new Superintendent Timshep07 on your board shows my name mentioned. But how am I relevant? Timshep07 wasn’t my boss during the incident and are not accountable for it. Also, how is he even responsible for what his Troopers do? If they’ve misunderstood what’s taught in POST you can’t blame him, you could blame him if he didn’t act after it happened but not before. This is just utter bullshit. And here’s an investigation showing once again, utter bullshit. There are pretty much no incidents within DOC compared to FSP and SCSO, why complain? He’s an excellent leader, learn to appreciate that! And another investigation. Time after time I see you do everything in your ability to get as many as possible fired, no matter how ridiculous the claim is you’re still investigating it, I’d say that is only in order to get powers you shouldn’t have over said person. You even accept immature and non-formal requests, you take this as a joke don’t you? It annoys me that you’re bringing Markehabashi under investigation for requesting a warrant, it’s totally legal. Also, why are the C.C.J under investigation? He signed a warrant because it was legal. You’re a friend of patchy and you want to “save” him, but dude, he’s a criminal now, the truth is that he always planned to do crimes. Your plan to get the C.C.J impeached failed, now you’re trying again. I also tend to see @Skye_Jones start each of the biased investigations. Also, even though you dropped out of COC classified documents are still classified? Doesn’t that mean you released classified documents to the public? Right now you’re investigating the Speaker of the House and the Governor, perhaps the two most powerful, and respected people of this state. You just like to see the world burn don’t you? I used to respect you and appreciate your efforts to keep CGOC alive, but after seeing all this I’ve changed my mind.

Get your act together and stop abusing powers to get as many as possible fired. If I ever see any more bullshit from CGOC I’ll do my best to get CGOC abolished and you impeached.

Peace out. :v:


oof mega rip

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bring back FBI please

with a good director ofc

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i dont disapprove cause ive never read anything and idk anything about what cgoc does thats why i want a “i dont care” option, “idk” would work too

cause i dont want to be excluded from the poll!!!

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smh… James you are doing fine. The people who have complains about the CGOC should have written a letter explain XYZ.(xyz is a reference if no one knows that) Know more people are forcing you to do more stuff hmmm.

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I agree with this statement. Some of you people are selfish no cap…


Firstly everything was declassified officially. Your name was mentioned by the requester because you were involved in an instance in which had relation to the situation.

He’s responsible for ensuring troopers are not misenforcing the law. And you are twisting the “investigation”, as it not only was never an investigation, but it was meant to the entire command of FSP.

I’m sorry, but that too was never an investigation. And we don’t let people slide because of their traits if we believe they were doing a wrongdoing.

I’m sorry but that was never even an investigation, it was given to me by a DOT employee and they wanted help. So far, the “investigations” you mentioned were never investigations. I’m not sure how you’ve seen me try to get people removed when A, all of our investigations have resulted in no recommendation of impeachment, and B, I hold no voting power and no power to decide most of what happens. The majority of our investigations are requested.

We accept non-formal requests, yes. Is that a problem? We brought Markehabashi and asked him to testify because we found that he was behind a lot of this, something we wanted to double check on, and something on Canine’s investigation card. The CJ is under investigation because we believe he actually did sign an illegal warrant, and we are currently looking into other factors. No, I’m not a friend of Patchy. In fact, I was the one who criticized Patchy and the County and requested its temporary abolishment. I do not agree with Patchy on a lot, but I think there is more to it than what we see.

We never “planned to get the CJ impeached”. His investigation was dismissed because we saw him be active enough. If you also look correctly, I believe Skye only starts only one investigation. Do not attack her simply because you have a personal hate for me. And as I said, our documents are declassified officially. We just concluded our investigation into the Speaker, and we recommended no impeachment. We don’t “want to watch the world burn”, we want to bring people to justice if needed. I’m sorry you disagree with what you’re doing, but your slandering and libels is absurd. You fail to check up on what you just stated, as everything you literally said was either falsified, taken out of context, or the entire truth of it was hidden. Ridiculous.

Do not ever threaten me again for doing my job. We gave you what we have, and it is clearly evident that we have NOT ABUSED OUR POWERS. You’re absurd and ridiculous.