What do you want to see in the county government? A suggestions thread,

I have a few ideas that have been in the back of my head for a while but before I get on to writing this legislation I want to know what ideas you guys have that I can add to my to-do list. Ill try to respond to every idea with my opinon on it, and if it’s a good/not completely ludacris idea, ill add it to my to-do trello as well as bring it up with the rest of my fellow county officals. Ill take suggestions for anything county wise, if its not something I can do ill forward it to the County Chairman or the County Exec.

Stapleton County Councilman

legalize gay marriage


I do believe it is not illegalized in the state of firestone but I can look into this if you wish
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Municipal Gun laws

Illegalize Gay Marriage.

I have an f word pass from Marshall I think that covers this.

wheres the evidence you sissy bitch



Yea i agree more gun laws for people who got guns

The second municipalities are able to regulate guns is the second I announce my bid for County Executive to get rid of that crap.

I don’t know who’s idea this was originally but it’s a terrible idea. First of all, how are you going to regulate guns in different municipalities? Seriously, it’s Firestone. Second, municipal governments are known for having the most basic and, to put it nicely, unintelligent legislators. Letting those people regulate guns would be a shit show. Just keep it at the state level.

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I got to issues with your comment. First of all you’re ignorance and second of all the fact that you insult me and other municipal government officials.
Let’s start with that first thing first. Here’s a quote from Section VI of the Bill of Rights: “Any and all citizens of the State of Firestone shall have the right to possess and utilize a firearm. Firearms may be regulated to maintain domestic serenity through appropriate legislation." Does that say that municipalities are prohibited from regulating firearms? No, it does not. When examining other laws regarding gun regulations, you’d notice that this restriction doesn’t exist. That means that municipalities are able to regulate gun use up to a certain point, as they can’t violate or override State or County laws. This essentially means municipalities are able to regulate firearms and since the State and County don’t have that many laws on firearm use, they can actually do quite a lot. So, good luck on running for County Executive I guess.
Now let’s have a little talk about the second thing. I’d bet you quite a lot of money that you have no clue who even is within the municipalities. Actually, I’d bet that you can’t even tell me who the 3 Mayors of the municipalities are. The Speaker of the House, Joshernaut, is the current Mayor of the District of Prominence. This means that you just called him an “unintelligent legislator”. The Deputy Mayor of the District of Prominence is a current Senator. Then you have me. I’ve written two full Charters for Arborfield and Prominence that took me hours to complete and to be frank, they’re the best Charters that the municipalities have had so far and I’d call Prominence’s Charter better that the County’s Charter. I could go on and on about people on the municipalities, but I don’t feel like wasting my time. Basically, you might want to check who you are insulting before doing it.
I don’t know you as a not nice person, to put it nicely. I never had any issues with you, but that might just change now. Does it matter for you? Not really. Do I care? No I totally don’t.


This is gonna sound hypocritical coming from me but, whole lotta words, not a lot of sense.
Think about this within the realm of a game, we don’t have a census, we don’t have housing with designated areas, we aren’t forced to join respective municipal groups to indicate where we live. We don’t have any of that, which significantly increases the workload to attempt to implement municipality based gun regulations.

Atop that, the Firestone Devs have the final say, they way they see it and how it’s been done for many years without query is a fully state based gun system, with a CFL and designating legal vs illegal firearms and their appropriate use. There literally has never been an issue with it nor is there now. Danke.

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That’d be interesting, what would you like to see excactly as far as gun laws?

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Regulate the CE so he doesn’t “micromanage” a department ever AGAIN. MAKE THE COUNTY GREAT AGAIN!


shut down municipal government
shut down county government


YES :raised_hands::raised_hands:


Post Must be

I can work with elite on that, although he only ever steps in when departments are on a sharp decline and no ones doing anything about it.

we pick up where the state legislature very obviously fails/forgets to implement things, which they seem to do more and more often as time goes on.

a bill granting amnesty for people who’s employment was terminated from county departments

If you don’t think there’s a serious issue with competence in Firestone government you might be at least partially delusional. For your information, I have plenty of experience in government at every level. I was the Deputy Mayor of Redwood, a Stapleton County Councilman, and a Representative/Senator.

Want to know which government had the most incompetence and lack of common sense? Municipal governments. The harsh reality is that most municipal councilmen are new to government and don’t really know how things work.

To address your other point, I never said municipal governments can’t regulate firearms. It would just be really, really stupid.

I feel like at this point municipal governments are just grasping at stuff to regulate. Gun laws realistically are state-by-state, not town-by-town. Keep it that way. No one wants to adhere to new gun regulations when they cross a sign, it’s just annoying and pestering. Serve the citizens, not yourself.