V3 Suggestion - Car Damage

no cap we should have car damage. we should have a couple levels of car damaging.

one level should be like minor exterior damage.

second should be slightly interior and a lot of exterior damage.

third should be the engines busted, tire pops and/or interior/exterior damage to a moderate level

fourth should be both severe exterior and interior damage, car no longer is able to function.

thanks its just an idea i had in mind, we should have some sort of physical repairy being done by dot with tools to fix the blemishes the vehicle has after going thru damage! it should be like this with damage till they respawn…

THANKFULLY THIS SOLVES THE RAMMING WE SEE. the constant ramming will fix, a head-on collision with a car is automatically a 3 and by then the cops can intercept! boom! lmk what u think

thx :star_struck:


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