[V3] SCFD and FDOH Suggestions

Hello! The other developers and I would like to increase the development support that other departments currently do not receive in v2 and hopefully bring them more attraction.

What are some suggestions you believe would benefit both departments and increase interest in them?

(Please do not troll, we would only like serious suggestions)


NPC Med Calls


@LegitimateIyRyan and I were talking about this! It’s something we’d love to implement.
Its going to be much more sophisticated than ER:LC’s :slight_smile:



  • Kneel animation (for sitting next to patients)
  • Wearable gloves (could be like 3D hat GUI thing)
  • Uniforms in rigs (would give ability to “put on” traffic vest and bunkers) for all ranks, not just FF/PM
  • If possible, a patient treatment GUI, so like any time you call for EMS we can give a GUI that gives you all the prompts with explanation so that it’s not all done in chat
  • Placeable gear (e.g. jump bag, LP15, backboard/SCOOP, etc)
  • If possible, general animations of tasks we commonly do (e.g. holding pressure on a bleeding wound, auscultating w/ stethoscope, etc)
  • More complex/interesting fires with varying spread, interior smoke, etc. Could also place NPCs inside the building


  • Functioning radiology (the machines move and make noise)
  • Wearable gowns (trauma and surgical), masks, surgical caps, face shields, and gloves
  • Not intending to be annoying with this one but the current V3 hospital is a bit simple and plain, it’d be cool to have more interesting/detailed tech/rooms
  • Room call system (a bunch of buttons in the room that make a noise and turn on a light when clicked in an emergency situation, e.g. code blue, patient call for help, etc.)
  • IVs (you click a button and the IV bag appears with a line going into the patient’s arm)
  • Similarly to SCFD, a GUI to aid patient treatment
  • More general animations like SCFD

Tbh, all it simply requires is a few common medical conditions. Make it so the person can see the vitals, patient info injuries etc, then they can treat them accordingly. Then make it so some conditions like strokes, heart problems are more common than others

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Having the ability for things to go wrong if done incorrectly is something we’d love to look for. Yes, a simple system would be good but it’d often become repetitive and get boring. With our planned system, it’d be much more dynamic and allow for more interactive experiences with paramedics.


@colorful_parrots has done a fantastic job at making this possible.
I wonder if @LegitimateIyRyan, @Samtella or I could make them useable :eyes:

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  • Maybe an exhaust ventilation system in the stations that can hook up to the rigs for some realism.
  • Traffic lights turn red or a separate light turns on in more denser populated areas to alert of an incoming emergency vehicle, could work for any emergency service.
  • A little sophisticated hydrant system where you’re required to use a hydrant wrench and all that, just like the FFA campus.
  • An air system for the SCBA where you can replace your air tanks from a rig.


Some more functions for paramedicine. Tools able to be placed like a: jump bag, lifepak, and SAED. In addition to these tools, potentially they could have a visible place on the patient, like a splint or c-collar.

For fire, I’d recommend lines that connect to the Engine and don’t clip through walls, perhaps with a rope constraint to be dragged along the floor, and the ability to flare a line without holding the nozzle and the ability to pick it up or drop it at any time.
I’d also recommend more dynamic fire with characteristics of smoke that fills a room and steam once water is used on a fire, fire that can spread and be pushed back or dies gradually, and roof caving or collapsing (this does not have to be the entire building, but select parts that can un-anchor and drop).
Furthermore, for fire, I’d recommend (working) tools that we can use or place like: cribbing (blocks of wood) for traffic collisions, struts to secure a car, potentially working extrication mechanics with the cutters and spreaders where there is an effect on the car, the ability to open or force open doors with a halligan, and lastly potentially a working hydrant mechanism.

As you can probably tell, I’m a firefighter.


all of these for DOH too!


I’d like to see SCFD get more animations with certain tools such as kneeling while manning a hose or crawling in small spaces such as a car windshield. Also, more animations with medical tools for roleplay such as an interactive stretcher, lifting a backboard/scoop, etc.

I know it has been mentioned before but a more interactive fire system would be nice. Making smoke actually pile up in the building so we can know when ventilation is complete, interactive hotspots during the overhaul stage so we don’t need to make it up, flames in general should be smaller hit boxes and take longer to take out. Roof collapses and other structural failures would also be nice. In addition, I think an interactive utilities box to turn off would be a cool addition during the 360. Finally, I think the hose trails for both the supply line and attack line should be re done to look more realistic. Instead of lines being floating in the air it would be nice to have it leave a trail on the ground behind a firefighter.


Whilst we would love to have a realistic fire system, it’s not feasible with the Roblox Engine.
Particle Emitters are not treated as objects and they will go through any surface regardless. We’ve discussed this before, amongst me, Chief Zepplin and @LegitimateIyRyan. We can try our best to make it more realistic and “fill” rooms and have the player reduced visibility, however there is so much we can do.

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That’s understandable. Personally the greatest addition to the fire system I think would just be if the fires spread faster (I think they do spread in V2 but only if the fire is left for like ages). Would also be nice to see fire spread through the interior of a building and for stuff inside to ignite. A little pointless doing “interior” attack when the fires just hug the walls and roof in v2. The FFA campus allows fire inside buildings so definitely possible. Not sure who scripted the current version of the campus though.

TLDR the main issue with v2 fire system is it’s piss easy and not randomised enough. There should also be a wider variety of buildings that can catch fire (in v2 most structure fires tend to be in arborfield and redwood). Also HAZMAT stuff. Like if a container takes x amount of damage there is a x% chance it can “leak” and deal damage to players in a radius of so many studs unless they have PPE on.


In v2 rogreens actually used to catch fire, but I haven’t seen it do this for a very very long time so I’m not sure if it still works or if it was removed (I know CD used to catch fire but they removed that because civs were always being stupid)


Whilst for 2022 Release 1.2 we want to have an immersive experience, it is likely it will be a basic fire system like what it is currently in v2 to preoccupy SCFD and give them something to do. Closer to the actual v3 release will we revisit the system and give you guys everything you need.


I haven’t readball the suggestions on this page, HOWEVER boy oh boy am i thankfyl tysm devs ily

anyways here are my suggestions:

  • for firefighters, as you move the hose gets laid down instead of remaining airborne

  • an MVA system (ie, you get in a crash you get a fracture)

  • a patient GUI

Now, this could go two ways here. Either:
a. the patient gets a list of medical conditions and the game will fill in matching symptoms for the patient
or b. the patient gets to decide every factor, and we just kinda got to cope with it.
This could be decided at the beginning of the interaction, the patient could decide which system they prefer.

  • make some meds usable (ie versed!)
    versed for context is midazolam which essentially sedates combative patients or stops seizures. this is specifically for combative patients. make them slow down or pass out or something along those lines.

I’m excited, tyvm friends


Suggestions from Ponch2007:

  • I think it would be cool to have more sophisticated calls like maybe CO alarms, natural gas alarms, electrical hazards, etc. Along with this could maybe be more sophisticated tools such as gas meters and different extinguisher types to extinguish special fires.
  • it’d also be cool if maybe there could be special response vehicles (I know this might be too much to ask for because making a new vehicle is A LOT of work) like air trucks that carry spare SCBA bottles, hazmat truck, water rescue truck, etc.
  • it’d be nice to be able to put on bunker gear or bunker gear with vests on inside the rigs
  • it’d be very cool to have tools that actually work and make noise and have special effects when used and such.
  • for fires, it would be cool for visibility to lower, fire to spread more and be more ‘violent’ I guess and maybe even partial collapses to give us more to do. Maybe a working TIC for hotspots, but maybe it is too laggy.
  • randomly generated incidents would be nice. An example is if there is construction nearby, maybe a scaffolding collapse call or similar
  • it’d be nice for there to be a large range of NPC calls from EMS calls to water rescue and MVAs etc
  • more tools to handle MVAS (cribbing, struts, etc)
  • for hazmat calls, maybe the different classes of hazmat suits and decontamination equipment. This can come in handy since I believe there will be a nuclear power plant in V3 unless that’s been changed
  • if there is severe weather, maybe flooding or fallen trees/light poles or maybe flooding
  • new animations for when we do things (both fire and EMS related) and new EMS equipment that can be placed down (jumpbags, Lifepaks, medication box, O2 cans, etc)
  • based on the amount of gun violence in FS, maybe equip SCFD and DOH with ballistic vests and helmets for standby calls on violent calls

oh god please no

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I absolutely agree with everyone’s implements here, with these inside V3 the EMT and FF spectrum would much funnier!.


Problem with NPC calls is that you can’t properly roleplay with NPCs, unless it’s a really really sophisticated system.