Unrealisticness of car damage

Car damage should be implemented in v3 where a car can be damaged from the following:

Light damage or car problems, non severe

  • Car gas (already implemented) however car gas should save when you exit the game, and jerry cans should be created

  • Tire air pressure and air pumps should be added into gas stations. Your tire would slowly drain of air as you drive. The developers should make it so that it takes a long time until your tire runs out of air. (maybe 4 hours worth of driving time). The air pressure in the tire should be saved and not be reset when you reset your car

Medium damage or car problems, severe

  • Tires: When you are hit by a civillian car and the civillian car hits your tire, your tire should get damaged and the only way to fix the tire is by buying a Tire pump (can be added to be bought from stores) or by DOT Tire damage from police or civilian damage should also be saved.

  • Car accidents When you are hit by a car badly your car should be damaged. If a car scratches you your car should be scratched. If your car is badly hit your car should be disabled, etc Both the person that hit the car and the person that got hit would take damage. This would make car accidents more realistic and would make people try to drive more carefully. *Car damage should be saved and not reset when car is respawed. For medium car damage you would have to take the vehicle to a auto care to repair it.

Severe damages

Your car should be completley destroyed when the following happens:

  • Your vehicle falls down into the ocean or a river

  • Your vehicle is destroyed by a gun

Completley destroyed meaning it is unable to be repaired. Car accidents would not completley destroy a car in v3.


The implemation of a more realistic impoundment of vehicles.

This will make users less likley to park their car in the middle of the road or park incorrectly or park in a handicapped space.

When DOT tows your vehicle, or is in the process of towing your vehicle. You will not be able to respawn your vehicle until you pay a certain fine at the nearest police dept or DOT location This would be more realistic than respawning your vehicle after it was towed.

Car Insurance

Car insurance would be implemented as a optional thing in firestone.

How it would work:

Lets say you damage your car due to a car accident that was not your fault In real life you would exchange insurance with the other person and you would have to deal with all that insurance bs

To make it more simple I think if you damage your car you would just have the option of going to your car insurance provider and asking for a replacement vehicle or for the vehicle to be fixed or the money to get it fixed. there would be no penalty for a car accident or other vehicle issue to make things simple.

So basically they would give you the amount of money it would be needed to repair the vehicle. Or a full replacement.

How much it would cost:

For every 5 hours of ingame playing time You would have to pay 40-100 dollars insurance for each car you would want insurance on. (Depending on cost of vehicle) If the insurance is too expensive for you, you can choose to not have insurance or only have it for the cars you use. Since people would go to their own insurance for a car accident but you would have to pay out of your own pocket to have car fixes.

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I did talk about car damage in another post but not in detail. This post explains it in full detail


im ganna laugh when the devs just keep adding shit like this, scripts and all that an when v3 is released no one can enter the game cuz its so laggy,

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But its realistic and im sure the developers can find a way to place this in without lag

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It can also prevent reckless drivers.

Fed already talked about car damage. Our vehicles will only take damage whenever we hit a solid object like a light pole but not from another vehicle.

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