Thoughts on Embassies

I haven’t put this in dev suggestions because the State Department would need to make a decision on this and work with foreign entities before we could even consider putting buildings in games - this is simply to see if people would support the idea or not.

So irl the State Department has some pretty cool embassies in other entities, and other entities have their embassies in the US. Why not do something similar in Firestone - the law already covers embassies (see An Act to Establish the Department of State).

Firestone could have embassies in other entities, and other entities could have embassies in Stapleton County, most likely in the City of Prominence. There are two ways that we could get buildings in-game, depending on how dev teams like things.

  1. Firestone builds an embassy for DoS and sends the model to the foreign entities devs to put in-game and vice-versa.
  2. The foreign entity’s dev teams make an embassy for us and vice-versa.

Pros of embassies:

  • Gives ambassadors a bit more to do than just attending meetings and communicating with entities through official channels.
  • Gives the Firestone National Guard more things to do as they could provide protection for the embassies.
  • Adds to roleplay.
  • Gives us some better places to meet, especially if the meeting is an emergency meeting instead of a well-planned summit.

Cons of embassies:

  • Managing them might be easier said than done, requiring a lot of negotiations with foreign entities and their dev teams, etc.
  • Dealing with trespassers may be more difficult, although that could be smoothed out in a treaty.

I can’t think of anything else to add to the pros and cons lists, but I’ll update them with your comments.

Of course, there would be a lot more to do than just putting buildings in-game, such as making a treaty similar to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, but it’s just a cool idea that the State Department would like your input on.


how about, yes, yes we should


Support. This would be a cool thing to have ingame and to make DoS better.

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Department of Defense supports this


I’ll be sure to fit in a small DoD office in the embassies too :slight_smile:

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support yes

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sounds cool, support the idea

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This sounds very like a great idea that will greatly increase RP. Support!

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can i get a tldr please

The Nation of Minionia has established our embassy and capital in the City of Prominence at the Meme Shack.

please ignore the sudden presence of guardsmen outside the meme shack

Basically FS could have embassies in foreign entities, and foreign entities could have embassies in Firestone.

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benghazi in the mayflower embassy

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Or just get fed to put the DMV under DoS, like it is in most states in real life.

That would be kewl too, but embassies would be just as kewl if not kewler

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Questions from people that were asked in the DoS Discord (in relation to this thread):

Q: How will we staff them?
A: They wouldn’t be staffed 24/7, instead they would mostly be staffed during events, times where diplomatic tensions are high, etc. We already have a system where each Firestone Ambassador has a team of staff under them - that would be the team who would staff embassies, and we’d most likely have certain activity requirements for them (i.e. they have to be at the embassy at least once a week)

Q: If there were to be embassies from other entities in FS, would they be able to provide their own security?
A: I mentioned in the pros list that this would give FNG more to do by getting them to protect our embassies.If we send our own security to secure our embassies, it would only be fair that they can provide their own security too. I appreciate that this creates the concern of foreign entities having a “garrison” in our State, thus when creating the treaty that would govern embassies, we would set a reasonable troop limit (i.e. 10 troops).

Q: How would we ensure the same style of building, since the style of buildings differs across FS, AG, MF?
A: The style of the building doesn’t matter. A good example is the British Embassy in Washington (image below), which is very different to other government buildings in DC.

This list will be updated with more questions and answers as I receive them.
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In the real world, nations that sign onto the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations agree that a nation’s government entering another nation’s embassy without said nation’s consent is interpreted to be an act of war.

Are you sure you’re ready for that kind of spontaneity in violation, particularly on a platform like ROBLOX?

Also with Embassies they’re considered the land of the country that operates it. Do you want Mayflower criminals to escape to the MF Embassy and be completely inaccessible to FS LEO’s/LEA’s without getting express permission from the relevant members of Mayflowers executive branch?

Great idea!

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That section can be ignored as it would be difficult to enforce for a Roblox RP game.