The Firestone Democracy Project - July 2022 House of Representatives Election Report


  • ADMIRAL_RICKY, L_3ee, connor8033, Armaxnii, SirArtemisMarshall, crankyluke, EndocryneIndex, Baconman1499, Hmmm_Poul, Jackfruitism, and CanadIanLaw elected to the House of Representatives.
  • Candidates above the electoral threshold was +3 (a decrease of 1 from the last election).
  • Voter participation was 202 (an increase of 60 from the last election).

Candidate participation

With three candidates above the electoral threshold, sponsors continue to do well in attracting interest in the congressional branch; preventing automatically elected candidates. This can be attributed to the widespread promotion of the elections and possibly to perceived cleanliness in the branch.

Voter participation

With 202 votes, the highest amount since January 2021, voters are getting more involved in the democratic process. Similarly to candidate participation, this can likely be attributed to this election’s ubiquitous coverage.


The July 2022 House of Representatives election was a wonderful followup to the success of the Senate election - both capitalising on a renewed political interest that will hopefully propel Firestone’s democracy forward.

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