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I’ve seen quite a lot of people start to wonder why there hasn’t been a major gang in Firestone for a while. As someone who has played this game for years and partook in some of these gangs, I suggest the reason behind there being no large gangs is there is no incentive for criminals to organize and form sizable and lasting groups. You are almost guaranteed to be RICO’D and get screwed over by the somewhat unfair systems in place if you decide to scale-up. It’s more efficient for criminals to stay in small groups to do crime, as there are no gameplay-supported things that require large groups to be created. You can also lay low and keep larger cuts after robberies in small groups.

If there were large scale activities that criminals could do with higher stakes/yield, I could then see large groups banding together to do them. This would open the opportunity to some really interesting roleplay situations. And an overall win-win for the legal/illegal sides of this community as it would diversify the somewhat stale roleplay in v2.


SMUGGLING - Criminals will have to manage supply lines, delivering weapons to Paws and
other dealers so they can stay in stock. Each weapon/item sold to the dealers yields a % profit.

CARTELS - Dealers can be criminal controlled, gangs would have to fight over key locations to
control things like the weapons market, drill/knife dealers, etc. Upon successful
capture, the criminal/gang will get a % cut of every purchase made at the dealer
until it is taken over by another group.

BETTER ROBBERIES - Very difficult robberies could be implemented, for example raiding the FNG base and breaking into a weapons cache, which yields the recipient a lot of high grade
weapons that you normally couldn’t get through regular dealers.

VEHICLES - Illegal vehicle modifications could be sold to users who can afford it. These special vehicles could be used to perform crime at the cost of being arrest on sight if seen.

GANG STASHES - Joint gang wallets/storage would help groups distribute weapons and funds to
their members more efficiently. A dropping system for weapons and items could also work in place of this mechanic.


This could also be implemented with your vehicle size, for example if you have a box truck then you’ll be able to smuggle more goods at once.


wasnt this post made like a week ago

Some good ideas here. While we have plans to implement group-recommended crime jobs for v3, it wouldnt hurt having a smaller scale on v2. I’ll check in with others and see whats possible.


Some really great ideas and would boost the activity with FBI in terms of proper unmarked surveillance etc.

In terms of V3, another high risk, high reward robbery can be found in this post: Container Ship . Utilises the water a lot more.

Again with smuggling, gangs could choose to transport via the waters from port to port in order to avoid risking being stopped on land.

Overall, I hope something happens with this topic. If they can create the script for smuggling then they’ll also be able script legal cargo transportation for the civilians who have nothing to do and want some extra cash.


Genuinely a great idea. I know plenty of criminals that just get bored of doing the same thing, and want something different to do. As Env said, this is planned for V3, however I think it’ll also boost activity if added to V2. Finally give criminals a better game mechanic, and let them have some fun with it. We’ve seen other groups do well with this, so might as well add it into V2.


Sweet :smiley:

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thats what I thought but anyways, this should be more of a reward for good gangs which I dont think we have any rn?

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This could do well with the port authority in v3. They can maybe search cars for any illegal items.


Add betting to the paintball shit and gangs can have it rigged to have someone lose and make rival gangs lose money. Along with this there should be warehouses in where goods are stored such as high grade weapons, high grade ammunition, etc. This will allow mafias/gangs to have a source of income rather then robbing a bank and the success rate being based off luck. This would make properties useful and as said before give FBI to do such as raids and give them an actual challenge to shutdown. Rather than the typical fucking “infiltrate into a gang discord”


I forgot paintball is even a thing

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